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Tutorial - How I Make My Music.

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This is an interesting tutorial. I don't follow it exactly, but I tend to do this kind of thing subconsiouly, but I guess that's because I have a natural knack for music, especially since I've been doing it for so long. And this song is really good. The Crystalline River soundtrack I've noticed is mostly quiet, ambient stuff, with a lot of reverb. It's pretty cool.

Anyway, good tutorial. And can you post some links where you got your soundfonts?

Right, like I said, even I don't follow this strictly. I mean really, if anything, this is more of a general guideline than a ruleset. I remember writing a whole piece with live playing once :P  Some slight timing issues, but I worked that out in the end. In the end, just follow what's easiest for you, but I hope these will help some people with their music production.

About the Crystalline River soundtrack - yes! It's a very ambient track really, but I feel it really fits the game's theme and mood. I wanted to give this track a large, almost epic feel to it, which probably explains why I used as much reverb as I did. I mean, a lot of older games sound fairly "flat". I wanted to give the soundtrack a wider soundscape, so I created some "artificial space" with all the reverb. Hopefully you guys will like it - there's not a whole lot more for me to do really though. I've finished 13 tracks I believe, out of 22. I should hopefully be done around June, July?

As for soundfonts... hmm. Here's a decent list.


You can find all sorts of soundfonts and VSTs there. Hopefully it helps you guys.

hmmm just wondering, can you sing the sound with a microphone and then adapt it so it sounds like a song? That would really make me happy :D

I'm wondering, what wind instrument did you use that had the main melody? It sounded like a flute. Whatever it is, can you PLEASE send me that soudnfont? It sounds awesome!

@Kren: If you mean record your voice and use it as vocals, yeah that's totally possible. If you mean something like a voice recognition program that converts the frequencies in your voice to MIDI notes, then there's nothing that I know of that can do that. It would be nice though.

@Scooternew: Right, it's a flute, and I've sent it to you. You'll have to work with EQ and reverb to get it sounding good though.


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