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Tutorial - How I Make My Music.

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--- Quote from: Q.K. on January 11, 2007, 02:18:16 am ---The cheapest (read: free) way would be using a program, and inputting your notes with the mouse, and only the mouse.

--- End quote ---
With Anvil Studio, you can use the computer's keyboard to input the notes (Q is do, W is re, E is mi, R is fa, T is sol; and so on). It's much more practical than using the mouse.

a keyboard costs next to nothing these days, just get a MIDI keyboard
even if your only doing music now and then

Sir Cyrus:
Great tutorial, though I think enough people know how to MAKE music (as in the technical side of things), just it's the melody that people like me can't get.

Nice to see your methods outlined. In relation to Step 1 & 2, generally the way I come up with melodies is just sitting there and playing on my keyboard until I get a little sequences of notes that I like, and then just try and adapt it.
I also generally play and record it straight into Fruity Loops using my keyboard, and then just Quantize and clean it up by hand.

Right, you guys bring up some good points. Firstly, the computer keyboard method of input. While it's certainly a fine way to make the MIDI, I personally don't use it. For some reason, I just feel more comfortable working with an onscreen piano than with a computer keyboard. To each their own I suppose?

@Gonzo: Sounds alright, but it's a bit.. well, I would have to describe the sound as "scratchy" really. It's probably just me since I'm not really fond of synths and such, but you could probably try substituting some of those for a softer, less "buzzing" sound. I like it though :P

@A Storm in the Desert: Right, you can use the keyboard for a number of things. Placing notes is just the "main function" of it, but it can be used to automate volume, pitch bends, panning, and all sorts of things. I think I might have skipped mentioning that you can use it to place the notes directly into Fruity, because I had already mentioned that you can use a MIDI keyboard to insert notes into Anvil Studio/your MIDI program, and figured it would hold true to other programs. Maybe I should have been a bit more detailed there, my fault.

@Sir Cyrus: Yeah, a lot of the time people struggle with getting a good melody. Like I said, it's not really like I can write a guide on how to come up with a melody, but, one thing you can do if you're really stuck, is go listen to a bunch of music from the specific genre. For example, game music. Go listen to tons of RPG soundtracks, and you'll start to pick up a small "library" of almost...stereotypical melodies, chord progressions, and harmonies commonly used in that kind of music. I'm not saying to copy off them, but there are in fact certain things that end up being used in quite a few RPG tracks. I can count 2-3 in my song up there, actually. Heh, not saying it's the best way to come up with good, original work, but it can still give you ideas. Other than that, just do what Dayjo said... just plunk around on a piano, preferably a real piano or keyboard, but a "virtual" piano might work... and just see if anything sounds interesting. One last thing you can do... learn music theory. A long, tedious, and at times boring process, but you can learn all sorts of chords progressions, and interesting things about song composition to help you out.

@Dayjo: Yeah, I do that sometimes too, but I find that when I'm at the keyboard, it's like I'm forcing myself to come up with a melody. So, I find just doing a simple, mindless task lets it come out easier. Then I just sort of hum it, and work on it. Both ways work fine though, really.

Anywho, thanks. If there's any more questions, or more explanations wanted, just ask...and stuff. Thanks for reading.


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