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Discussion / Zelda Dungeon Design YouTube Series
« on: September 29, 2016, 03:14:40 am »
So, I came across this YouTube series where this guy is studying the dungeon design of every Zelda game and analyzing it- it's super interesting and probably could be relevant here : )

Boss Keys: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLc38fcMFcV_ul4D6OChdWhsNsYY3NA5B2

Music / [Submission] Kokori Forest
« on: June 15, 2016, 10:29:15 pm »
So also I did something I kinda like for Kokori Forest. It probably sounds pretty familiar, it's just a couple zelda themes moved into a different time signature over a couple chords, lol. But I think it's got a pretty mysterious feel and would work both when the forest is all misty before the dungeon and also after when it's sunnier. When I move this one into the Minish Cap soundfont, the marimba will sound less electronic, too.

The other think I was thinking is that we could do something sort of like the lost woods did in Ocarina of Time- the lost woods bit I've got on here played on strings could parhaps fade in and out depending on Link's actions. So like, when he's near a Kokori Ghost or a Kokori site in the forest, it could fade in, but it'd just be the other two parts otherwise. Anyway.


Fun fact: the bird sounds are just me whistling. I sampled it at like midnight when I was working on this and my roommates were like, "Max! Aren't you in bed!? Why are you whistling!?"

Music / [Submission] Deku Swamp
« on: June 15, 2016, 10:19:45 pm »
So, I also tried something for Deku Swamp. I'm not 100% on it yet, but I'm fairly happy with it and I feel like it can be listened to ad nauseum in the background for a pretty long time. It's got a few intervals from Ooks theme from Twlight Princess, which was fun to work with.


So let me know what you think?

Music / [Submission] Hyrule Field
« on: June 15, 2016, 10:16:49 pm »
So I've been doodling around musically a little in the little spare time I've had and found out when I finally updated the garageband app I have on my tablet there's all these orchestral sounds. So I did some king of thieves music that we could maybe use!

Anyway, Hyrule Field, draft:


Probably obviously, it isn't using the minish cap soundfont yet, I just find it easier to work on my tablet and then set it up with minish cap sounds after I've got the problems in the composition worked out. So anyway, feedback is appreciated! What works, what doesn't, if it feels annoying after five minutes, etc.

Concept Art / [Submission] Hero's Shade concepts
« on: December 07, 2015, 11:03:27 pm »
I did these a while ago but never posted them. I think my thought was "I'm gonna get back to this and do some more," but that never really happened so I figured I'd put this up here. Anyway, we should start thinking about what the Hero's Shade looks like at some point. He's kind of a difficult one, because he should look at first like he could be a bad guy, but once you realize he's an old incarnation of Link you should be like, oh, his appearance still makes sense. His past is that he was the hero, and (presumably) after defeating Ganon or something, he kept living his life, probably as a knight of some sort. He's been brought back since Ganon is up to more shenanigans.

I was trying out various helmets from Darknuts and Iron Knuckles and such. It's probably pretty apparent that I like the scarf thing- I thought it looked pretty dope in Hyrule Warriors and wanted to carry it forward. I also played a little with the idea of his sword being broken, which would be kinda cool I think. I steered away from a straight up skull face for some reason, but I feel like that could work too.


Music / [Submission] Hyrule Town
« on: December 01, 2015, 01:37:00 am »
So, this is one of my first tries at more orchestral or instrumental songwriting, but I wanted to play with some stuff and try video game composition. I'd really love to hear some feedback on this, probably more for my own learning- I don't know if I'll learn enough to get anything good enough for the game, or if I even have software to produce music that'll work. Or what format we need.

But anyway, I did a melody aiming for the feel of Hyrule Town or Field:


What do you guys think?

Bosses / [Submission] Mushaboom, replacement Forest Temple Boss
« on: November 17, 2015, 11:01:30 pm »
So, our accepted Forest Temple boss (Forestos) doesn't fit with the swamp/forest's plot, since we decided there was a mushroom monster causing the fog and spores and everything. So I figured I'd make a boss that's sort of based on the mechanics of Forestos, but is fungal based and fits with the story we have now.

Name: Mushaboom
Location: Forest Temple Boss

Mushaboom looks like the decaying body of a dinosaur or rhinoceros, taken over by the fungi growing throughout it (Kind of like an undead Bulbasaur/Rhyhorn mix). Growing out of its back is a mushroom (a dorsal mushroom) which is its weak point. Mushaboom moved into the decaying remains of the Deku Tree after it'd been uprooted in a war with Ganondorf. It is the source of the poison mushrooms and the dangerous mist that's been pervading the Forest and Swamp as of late.


Battle flow:
The battle will mainly consist of dodging its attacks until you can get on top of the mushrooms that it grows throughout the field, then you hookshot around until you can get on its back, and attack its mushroom.

When Link enters the boss room, Mushaboom is burrowed in the ground, and you can only see the mushroom growing out of its back. The only thing to do in the room is attack the mushroom, which will cause Mushaboom to shake and rise out of the ground, raising Link up. Link jumps off and the battle begins.

Mushaboom’s first attack is Spore Spit; it shoots spores around the room which grow up into mushrooms. Once it’s spit the spores, it stomps around the room and will charge at Link if it sees him.

In order to get to Mushaboom’s weak spot (the mushroom on its back), Link will have to stand in the space where a spore landed. When it grows into a mushroom, Link will be carried up on top of it. While Mushaboom is stomping around the room, Link can hookshot from mushroom to mushroom to get close to Mushaboom. When in range, Link can hookshot to Mushaboom’s dorsal mushroom and get pulled onto its back. There, you can wail on it with your sword. After 3-5 seconds of beating up Mushaboom’s mushroom, it’ll roar and Link will jump off automatically. Mushaboom will then return to the Spore Spit phase and the cycle will start over.

If Link doesn’t get carried up with a growing Mushroom, or if the mushrooms crumble before he gets to Mushaboom, he’ll have to avoid Mushaboom, who stomps around the mushroom grove and will charge at Link if it sees him. After the mushrooms turn grey and crumble, Mushaboom will use its “Shark Attack!” attack until Link can hit the dorsal mushroom with his boomerang.


Spore Spit – Mushaboom spits fungal spores around the room in a kind of random grid pattern. If any hit Link, he takes .25 damage and is briefly frozen. Once the spores hit -either Link or the ground- they’ll grow into a mushroom after about 3 seconds. The mushrooms last about 20 seconds before they turn grey and crumble into dust.
If Link is standing on a spot where a spore has landed when it grows into a mushroom, he’ll be carried up on top of it as it grows. When on top of mushrooms, Link can hookshot from one to another.

Charge! – While stomping amongst the mushrooms, if Mushaboom sees Link, it will charge at him. If Mushaboom hits Link, it’ll toss Link up in the air and deal 1 damage.

Shark Attack! – After the mushrooms die, Mushaboom will treat the ground like water and dive down, with just its mushroom sticking out. It’ll move around the room quickly, looking for Link. If Link gets hit by the mushroom, Mushaboom will pop out of the ground, tossing Link up in the air and dealing 1 damage. The Shark Attack! attack can be stopped by hitting the dorsal mushroom with the boomerang.



Once Mushaboom’s health has been largely depleted, instead of stomping around the room amongst the mushrooms, he’ll go straight to the Shark Attack! Attack, which is faster and more difficult to avoid.

While Mushaboom is in the “Charge!” phase, if Link hits it with his boomerang, it’ll stop for a few seconds to try and figure out what hit it.

Usually, Link will have to do the whole climbing on top of mushrooms and hookshotting to Mushaboom’s back cycle three or four times to do enough damage to kill it.

Side Quests / [Submission] The Ghost House
« on: November 10, 2015, 09:05:55 pm »
An idea for what could go in the building the the terrace which only has a roof entrance. Alternatively, it could be an unobtrusive cave hidden the Death Valley.

When Link enters the Ghost house, it appears that there's just a single, unfurnished room. Broken furniture is strewn about, and an empty frame hangs on the wall. However, using the shadow medallion reveals a hidden door that, when using the medallion, Link can go through.

On the other side, it's just a small sitting-room. There's a fire crackling in the fire place, a large, eerie portrait of a man on the wall, and an elderly figure wrapped in cloaks sitting in a chair by the fire. Link goes and talks to the elderly figure. "Ah, back from the store? It took you a while. What had I sent you to get? Oh yes... one dozen ghost souls." The figure giggles. The fire blows out, darkening the room. The eerie portrait on the wall changes from the man to a skeleton.

If the player hasn't encountered Poes yet, the old figure just sounds crazy. There's a treasure chest in the room with some rupees and that seems like maybe that's all that's here. However, if you've encountered Poes before, you can collect their souls after defeating them (like you collect Chu Chu jelly.)

If you have 12 Poe Souls in your inventory, the old figure will continue after giggling. "You have them? Well come along, let's do our chores." The figure giggles again and disappears in a puff of smoke and the eerie portrait of the man fades away, revealing a doorway behind it.

Behind the doorway is a mini-dungeon with just a few rooms. It's full of ghost-type enemies (Poes, Redeads, etc.) and creepy traps (trap doors to fall through, those false doors that slam down, etc.), the Shadow Medallion will come in handy.

At the end of the dungeon, you encounter the cloaked figure from the sitting room again. It's levitating in an empty room. The door closes behind Link and the cloaked figure transforms into a miniboss or strong enemy. Defeating it will cause a chest to appear with the Quartz Talisman, which when acquired slows the rate of magic consumption for the Shadow Medallion.

Mini Games / [Submission] Box Brothers' Obstacle Course
« on: November 10, 2015, 08:16:28 pm »
Box Brothers' Obstacle Course

The Box brothers are a couple older kids who've set up shop in the empty building next to the thieves' hideout in the slums. They've collected a bunch of boxes a boards and fences and stuff and, building on their childish habit of building forts, set up obstacle courses, charging kids to test their agility skills against the clock.

They set up different courses throughout the game depending on Link's agility skills and tools, but the basic premise is the same. You have a time limit and in it, you have to race through the course and complete a certain goal. Their first course, available right from the beginning of the game, is a simple race from the beginning to the end. You must climb up walls and go across tightropes to get to the end. Later courses will incorporate the hookshot, magnetic gloves, bomb cannon, or fire/ice arrows, and have goals of hitting three different switches before time runs out or something.

The Box Bros reward competent racers with rupees for easier challenges or challenges already completed. For completing more difficult challenges the first time, ammo or wallet upgrades could be doled out.

Concept Art / [Submission] Ganondorf
« on: November 07, 2015, 03:59:31 am »
So, I was thinking about how the Gerudo King's appearance might change when he's revealed to be the ancient Demon Thief, Ganondorf. So I did some concept art, mainly about his clothing. It's more detailed stuff, plus little drawings of what the sprite might look more like with less details. Basically, he's wearing a topcoat/jacket thing, which he would toss aside revealing shoulder armor which makes him look more badass. We could also make his hair a different color when he's "disguised". I tried a few color variations too, I think I'm most partial to the top one.

Lots of doodled variations on the right side too, if anyone things something in there would be useful.

Side Quests / [Submission] Kokori Ruins
« on: November 06, 2015, 09:40:55 pm »
The Kokori Children vanished after the Deku tree was destroyed in a war long ago. Their village has decayed through the years, but their spirits still haunt the ruins, playing childish tricks on those who wander through.

In the shadows of the remains of the central building is a staircase leading to a tunnel woven into the roots of the village. However, it is blocked off by thorny vines. Upon investigating it, the ghost of a child appears. "I was playing hide and seek, but I couldn't find anyone. I've been looking... for a long time. Will you help me?" This will prompt other ghosts to appear in other houses.

In the other ruined houses, Link can find the other ghost children hiding under boxes or behind bookshelves. As Link approaches, he can hear the ghost giggling. When he moves the box or bookshelf, the ghost will appear and circle around him, saying "Can't catch me!".

Link has to hit the ghost with his boomerang to still it, upon which it will say something. "The Deku Tree told us to play hide and seek a while ago. Have you been looking this whole time?" "You aren't as scary as the other people who were looking for us." "I didn't know if anyone would be able to find us! Who told us to hide again? Is he still here?" The implication being that the Deku Tree saw the war coming and when Ganondorf's troops showed up to destroy the tree, it told the children to hide so they wouldn't be killed. And they've been hiding ever since, even though the Deku Tree was uprooted and the children became ghosts. (If we're feeling fairly dark, we could have little piles of bones under the boxes or whatever, as if the children died waiting to be found.)(That's pretty dark though.)

After finding three ghost children, Link goes back to the central building and can talk to the first ghost. "The Deku Tree told me I was it because I was the strongest. My friends were hiding for a long time. But I don't know if anyone won the game..." The ghost fades away and the thorns disappear, allowing Link to access the staircase.

Link can go down to the tunnel, which has some enemies and a puzzle or two. At the end is the Acrobat Talisman (or if we don't decide to use the magic talismans, some other reward).

Concept Art / [Submission] Goron Village
« on: October 30, 2015, 09:02:06 pm »
So, idea for Goron Village's layout. I picture it on the side of a canyon, which they have dig out over years of mining. So you'd go through a short tunnel and come outside onto the canyon via the cave at the bottom of the village.

The Gorons have a network of steam tunnels under the village (I think the bottom left building access it and if for maintenance), which powers the machinery in the buildings. That's why there's so many smokestacks with steam coming out of them on the buildings and occasionally, coming out of the ground sort of like thermal vents.

The grey bridge things are minecart tracks, and although no carts are running since mining was shut down, Link can walk across them as bridges. Enemies, particularly rock wasps, live on the far side of the canyon.


Concept Art / [Submission] Kokori Forest Layout
« on: October 14, 2015, 08:20:43 pm »
Rough draft 1

So I think things are mostly clear, there's a couple points to elucidate though:

 There's some ghosts. You have to hit them with your boomerang or else they'll mess with you when you try to go through the log tunnels, you'll go through one and come out a different one into the "room" you just tried to leave. Like Scooby Doo running through doors style. Ghost #1 you just hit with your boomerang, ghost #2 you have to climb the tree and go across a vine to hit him because he's higher up/will dodge lower boomerang tosses.

Which brings me to my second clarification, there's a couple places where you have to climb into a tree. Link climbs up the trunk like a ladder and disappears into the leaves, then can walk out onto the attached vine and tightrope walk across it into wherever it goes, into another tree or onto a tree stump nearby or whatever.

We should also put a few other climbable trees around where they don't have vines, but if you climb into them there's some rupees up there or something.

How's it look?

Concept Art / Interesting castle I found
« on: October 12, 2015, 05:21:35 pm »
So, Spritonic happened across this game with Minish Cap graphics, and I found they used King of. Thieves graphics for their Hyrule Town. At least, I think the buildings and stuff were done specifically for King of Thieves, but those graphics were before my time.

Anyway, in the top right corner there's this sweet castle. Maybe it's the temple of time, I dunno. But it looks sweet and makes me kind of want to redo some of our castle to have cool parts like this:


So I dunno, what do you guys think, should we redesign some of the castle or just keep what we already have? I'm just inspired by this.

Friendly & Neutral / [Submission] Wendell the Woodsman
« on: September 15, 2015, 06:16:29 pm »
Name: Wendell
Age: 36
Race: Hylian
Location: Hyrule Field

Wendell lives in the field and fancies himself a woodsman, an integral part of the timber industry. He is very macho and says things like "For breakfast I had six eggs. Because I'm a MAN. That's MAN fuel!" He encourages Link to work out and get stronger and stuff.

For all his talk about lumber and stuff, he's sort of in an existential crisis because he doesn't own a saw (it's unclear how he managed to chop down the few trees he has.). Link can find a saw that a Goron has up on the mountain. The goron briefly considered going into the lumber industry, but Gorons are just all about rocks and he decided he shouldn't challenge the status quo, so he'll give Link his saw.

Passing the saw onto Wendell will allow Wendell to work as he always sees himself. He'll reward Link with a piece of heart of whatever.

Concept Art / [Submission] Deku Swamp
« on: September 15, 2015, 05:20:30 pm »
So, giving the swamp a shot. We don't have a ton of content for this area, so it's not super full of stuff, but it's also one of the first areas you go to and you don't have many items.

I have a concept I included which maybe we can't do, but I imagined a large flower which opens when you hit it with the boomerang, and then you can jump inside. Down there would be a cavern, with puzzles and treasure. There'd be that light that levitates you back up at one end of the cavern. Back on the overworld you'd shoot out like Deku Link. Except no flowers, you'd just flip and land. So basically those "shoot you up" flowers that opened during spring or summer in Oracle of Seasons.

There's also a bunch of wetland grass, which I don't know if we have already in Minish cap, we might need to modify something else or sprite it ourselves. I'm imagining it isn't destructible and is a permanent obstacle.

The Deku village is still a little blank. I'm trying to decide if the Deku live in houses or if they are just individually burrowed in the ground, as Deku do.

Side Quests / [Submission] Stanley's Repair Business
« on: September 13, 2015, 11:37:46 pm »
As mentioned in this topic: http://zfgc.com/forum/index.php?topic=41383.0

Stanley is a man in the slums with a propensity for fixin' stuff. Link can find/steal various items from across the land and bring them to Stanley, who will fix them and pass them on to whoever needs them.

Items Link can steal include:
A broken rocking horse found in the attic of a house in the nicer part of Hyrule Town. Stan will fix it and give it to Sebastian.
A broken mannequin found in the Old Town tailor's shop. Stan fixes it and gives it to Ester.
A discarded toy boat the Cleaner picked up. Stan will fix it up and give it to some kids who play pirates in the little river.
Scraps of lumber taken from the Deku craftsmen. Stan will use it to build a better bridge over the river in the slums.
Some cauldrons Syrup doesn't use anymore because they leak. Stan will patch them and Aladdin will use them to make more soup.
Some old metal hinges from minecarts on Goron Mountain. Stan repairs them and makes a gate for the fenced in area of the slums by the well. A woman starts keeping cuccoos there.

Some of these items Link brings to Stanley will directly affect Link in a positive way. For example, the cauldrons Aladdin uses to make more soup perhaps mean that Link can buy different kinds of soup, or cheaper soup, or what have you. Perhaps a new mannequin will be part of a sidequest helping Ester make Link a new tunic that gives him more protection.

Others, like lumber for the bridge, don't really affect the quest one way or another, but alter the environment and the player gets a visual reward of how they're helping the slums. Seeing a better bridge, or seeing Sebastian playing on his rocking horse, are sort of the equivalent of games where you can collect trophies based on certain achievements. The improved lives of the people in the slums are visual trophies for the player.

Friendly & Neutral / [Submission] Olrey and Rira, helpful rumor spreaders
« on: September 13, 2015, 10:28:59 pm »
Name: Olrey and Rira
Age: 7 and 10
Race: Hylian
Location: Hyrule Town

Olrey and Rira and a brother and sister who live in Old Town and play all over the city. Olrey is a gregarious fellow, and he talks to everyone. His older sister Rira is more reserved and standoffish, but better at reading people and understanding them. Their parents run the tailor shop in the square. They're pretty busy, thus the kids have lots of time to themselves to run around town.

Talking to the kids works as a hint system, with the hints encrypted slightly as they relate their observations of the world through the lens of their childish understanding. Hints pertain to sidequests (main quest hints are managed by the fortune-telling sisters), but mostly only the quests in Hyrule Town as that's where they live. Each day and/or time you leave town, they move to play together in a different place, and have a different hint. They move through a regular cycle for locations. Each of them has something independent to say, but they always are both talking about the same sidequest.

Sometimes their hints are obviously about the same quest, but each give a different part of the clue, for example:
Olrey: You know Mister Ingo? He's always writing in a book, but won't show anyone. I bet he's making a treasure map! But... in a book format.
Rira: People say bad things about Mister Ingo, but I think there's more to him. I saw him looking really flustered and digging through his trash. He's probably trying to divide everything up so he can recycle! He cares so much about the earth!

Other times, their hints seem to be about different things, but are different parts of the same sidequest ,for example:
Olrey: There's this guy at the cafe who controls lightning! He has a little box and when he pressed a button, it went click FLASH! And blinded me! I can't see! I'm blind!
Rira: You know the chemist? I think he's getting really old. I saw him through the window the other day just spilling chemicals onto pieces of paper, over and over. I don't think I should take the vitamins my mom gets from him.

They never talk about two different side quests though, so in the above example, you can steal the chemicals from the chemist's shop but might not know who to give them to, but could deduce it's to a guy with a camera from their two comments.

King of Thieves / Piece of heart distribution
« on: September 03, 2015, 05:09:29 pm »
So Link has the ability to get 20 hearts, right? (From the maximum in the demo.)

If he starts with 3, we've got 4 dungeons (so 7 hearts are mandatory) meaning there's a total of 13 heart containers for finding. So there's 52 pieces of heart to hide.

I don't think any should be hidden in dungeons, so there's 12 areas (Field, Town, Swamp, etc.), some bigger than others. So if we have 52 heart containers, we can put an average of 4.3 pieces of heart in each area. We could also make a piece of heart a standard reward for each of Blind's Vaults (which I think is a good idea) so there's about 7 of those, maybe more.

Anyway, just to give us a rough idea for map designing, I'm assigning each area a number of heart containers (out of 52). Areas I think should have Vaults are marked with an asterisk. Obviously, there's some room for shifting around and it'd be nice to discuss this.

Town*, 9
Field*, 8
Deku Swamp*, 5
Kokori Forest, 3
Zora's domain, 4
River*, 4
Lake Hylia, 3
Goron Mountain*, 5
Goron village, 2
Death Valley*, 3
Sheikah Fortress, 2
Gerudo Desert*, 4

There's really a lot more than I thought. I figured, less should be found nearer the end of the game, as Link won't visit those areas as much (there's 4 in the desert because it's big and has a vault). However, the town and field he's going through constantly, so there should be a bunch there.

I'd say a decent rule of thumb is that when there's 4-5, 3 should be available during the first visit, the rest Link would have to come back for later with new tools. When there's 3, 2 should be available at the first visit, when there's 2 they would both be immediately available (except the desert, where there's no real reason to go back and you won't get any more items really).

So also, this is a decent time to talk about the location of Blind's vaults. The vault in the field is closer to the eastern side, so getting to Zora's domain should be pretty easy. The vault at the river would be near Lake Hylia, and the one on Goron mountain would be pretty close to the village. So any thoughts on that either? Should there be more? Less?

Concept Art / Forest Temple Layout
« on: August 19, 2015, 06:43:54 am »
So, thought I'd give this a go. I spent a long time looking at dungeons, but this is my first educated attempt at one.

Basic layout is attached, I did forget to add a legend to explain my scribbled markings, but is basically as follows:

| |.  Doors are parallel lines through walls
Doors marked with an X need a puzzle solved or switch hit to open.
Doors marked with an S are hidden but not locked, in this case behind vines you have to cut.
Doors marked with a key (looks like an o with a sideways F ) are locked
Keys are drawn below their chests, big chests are marked with their contents.
The path through the dungeon is marked with a colored line, it starts red, turns green, then turns blue, so it wouldn't get too confusing.
Stairs are highlighted in yellow and have a letter corresponding with their other end.
Enemies aren't usually marked, but would be in there.

Anyway, looking back over this, it might be a little bit short, but it is the first dungeon and I don't know if we want huge sprawling dungeons, or more concise ones so we don't bite off more that we can chew. Also, I'd love to work more on this with feedback, which could add content.

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