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Emergency Alert System Generator

I'm sure most of you have seen, or at least heard of Emergency Alert System broadcasts.  It's a system used to send alerts over TV, radio, and other forms of communication for things like tornado warnings, presidential messages, or most of the time, just tests to make sure the system is running when the time is needed.
I got bored today, and after watching a mock EAS broadcast that admittedly creeped me the heck out at first, I decided to make a little app so I could generate my own.
Anyways, this program allows you to generate realistic looking EAS broadcasts.  You can type in the name of the threat (Default is Tornado), type of threat (Default is Warning), group that issued the alert (Default is National Weather Service), and the message that scrolls along.
This is not to be used as an actual broadcasting tool, and it is just for fun.  I am not responsible for anything that results from you using this program.
Space (Hold) - Static Effect
Enter (Hold) - Blank/mute broadcast
F4 - Toggle windowed/fullscreen mode
F9 - Screenshot

- MoaCube for their Film Grain Example
- parabolix for his EAS warning tone
- Jace for his continuous static sound

Fixed your link. This is !@#$% creepy, though. Reminds me of this: lol

Made a tiny update to it, increasing the font size/window to match the swf file in my post.  Also made a new banner.

Hah, good for pranks I guess!  XD

But why is it 5 MB? It seems rather large.


--- Quote from: DaSpirit on April 15, 2012, 11:47:18 pm ---Hah, good for pranks I guess!  XD

But why is it 5 MB? It seems rather large.

--- End quote ---
The EAS tone and static sounds.


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