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Author Topic: [Screenshots] Legend of Zelda: Fall of Hyrule(Zelda 1 Remake.)  (Read 4699 times)

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[Screenshots] Legend of Zelda: Fall of Hyrule(Ze...
« on: December 10, 2013, 02:09:13 am »
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Hello, and welcome to my topic. This is about a fangame of Zelda i am creating. The details can be found in the monster post below.

Hello, My name is Richie, and in short, i am a giant Zelda nerd. I started a project a long time ago to make my own Zelda game, but it failed, as i didn't have a set goal and was too ambitious. Later i revisited what was coded and realized there was a lot there, from weapons to movements and all that good engine material. With some of it, i started a new project. To remaster the original Legend of Zelda, a game which was so great, only to be held back by a lack of technology. I am not only giving the game a graphical update, but also changing much more. None of the core is being taken away, just upgraded to something more interactive, user friendly, graphically appealing, and more. With this items like the stepladder will be replaced with say the hookshot, as it could be used in more situations. The dungeons will also be revamped, with varying room size, more Zelda type puzzles, and just better design and graphics. With this you may ask, how is this even Zelda 1 then? Well. The Items used are mostly the same/have the same function. The overworld has most of the same layout. Dungeons can be completed in almost any order. You may be seeing a trend here, as what i plan to do is sort of upgrade the whole game, but that doesn't mean i won't give it its own flare of originality. Although this is a zelda game, i do plan to incorporate some of my ideas. Enemy AI will be updated, Bosses will be more complicated, and everything will just feel more complete than the original, as technology doesn't really stop anything. Bats won't just fly around, but behave how they would in say OOT or WW. This wont just be a newly mapped clone of the other 2D games. It will have more side-quests and exploration that makes a Zelda game a Zelda game, but new elements will also be added. So with that, I enter you into the world of Hyrule, although this is at a decline, as the land is almost fully a wasteland, with Ganon having so much power that he drove what's left of civilization to cower under ground, as he rules much of the world.

"A long, long time ago the world was in an age of chaos.
In the midst of this chaos, in a little kingdom in the land of Hyrule, a legend was being handed down from generation to generation, the legend of the 'Triforce'; golden triangles possessing mystical powers handed down by the gods. One day, an evil army attacked this once peaceful kingdom and stole the Triforce of Power. This army was led by Ganondorf, the powerful Prince of Darkness who sought to plunge the world into fear and darkness under his rule. Fearing his wicked rule, Zelda, the princess of this kingdom, commanded her most trustworthy nursemaid, Impa, to secretly escape into the land and go find a man with enough courage to destroy the evil Ganondorf. Upon hearing this, Ganondorf grew angry, imprisoned the princess, stealing the Triforce of Wisdom with her. At this he had been so overwhelmed with power that he had lost any connection to a human form he once had, and is now a complete monster, known as Ganon. Ganon then sent out a party in search of Impa.
Braving forests and mountains, Impa fled for her life from her pursuers. As she reached the very limit of her energy she found herself surrounded by Ganon's evil henchmen. What could she do? ... But wait! All was not lost. A young lad appeared. He skillfully drove off Ganon's henchmen, and saved Impa from a fate worse than death.
His name was Link. During his travels he had come across Impa and Ganon's henchmen. Impa told Link the whole story of the princess Zelda and the evil Ganon. Burning with a sense of justice, Link resolved to save Zelda, but Ganon was a powerful opponent. He held the Triforce of Power, and the Triforce of Wisdom. And so, in order to fight off Ganon, Link had to bring the scattered eight fragments of the Triforce of Courage, the last piece of the triforce that was almost forgotten over the years of the worlds decline. together to rebuild the mystical triangle. If he couldn't do this, there would be no chance Link could fight his way into Death Mountain where Ganon lived. With the land of Hyrule being diminished down to wilderness and a few survivors having shelter in the undergrounds, Link is on his own to take up this quest.
Can Link really destroy Ganon and save Princess Zelda? Only your skill can answer that question. Good luck. Use the Triforce wisely."

Frequently Asked Questions:
I don't have many yet, as this is the first full public view of this. Ask away please! Somebody else may have your same question. Any and all questions are encouraged, except none of the “When will this come out” “How can i play this” questions.
   -The game is being made in Game Maker 8
   -I am in the process of getting it into Game Maker Studio
   -I do not have a team to work with. Yet.
-The game does not have any deadlines. Neither do demos. I will only release new content when i feel it is quality enough to release.
-If you are wanting to help me please contact me! I could use all the help i can get, mainly in music composition and spriting/artwork.

Help Needed:
You got the talent to help me out? Ask away! Ill put down some positions that may need some help, in order of most important to least. Some of these such as writers aren't really needed, but maybe you have a great idea for a sidequest or want to help me elaborate on some ideas i already have. But first and foremost i need:
   -Spriter(s): I suck at this to be honest. and there is a lot to be done. If you can maybe do one or two, i'll take it! If you want to help with large loads, go ahead!
   -Composer(s): Music in the old game had only a few tracks, and one of the greatest things about Zelda is the music. Some of it is obviously just spins on classic themes, but stuff like dungeons and boss themes i want to have all new.
   -Sound Effects: This may mingle with the one above, but sound effects are needed. Hitting stuff, throwing, shooting, etc all need noise. Not very important because i can always reuse from other games, but thats not as original is it?
   -Coding: This is a bit different, as i have my own style of coding and wish to do as much of it on my own as i can. Now i cannot do everything, and someone may be able to do it better. Things like enemy AI, i may not be able to do as other people can, and so sometimes help is good. GML language obviously.
   -Story/Quest Writing: This is an odd one, as I already have the story there.(The one above is not the full thing.) But some people just have cool creative bursts on small things like dungeon background, small side quests, character ideas, and more that a single person can't imagine. These are always fun to hear from other people, and give some depth to the game. Im one of those people who will spend hours reading on the little details of dungeons that were given a background story or something!

Now for the fun part! Eye Candy. Now these screenshots usually run in order of date, but just take note that many graphics are unfinished, and so anything is subject to change. But i usually like to show lots and lots, so here we go. Big images ahead.
Show content

Overworld(Partially scaled)
Show content

I don't have any yet, as i want to get more progress(probably well into dungeon design) to show some videos. Nobody wants to see me run around Hyrule killing random enemies and throwing all the weapons i got, when i can just release something for you to play around with!

   None yet, as i don't want to release many demos that don't really have much. Im trying to get everything sort of cleaned up and get rid of many filler sprites before i give a demo. Most of the coding is there, the game just feels/looks so much better when it doesn't have random blocks and stuff for enemies and such. Soon though, so be ready!

Extra Tidbits:
My checklist for coding sort of, as i always like to have a list on what i am working on!
-All of Link’s actions(Walking,Rolling,Swimming, and all that good stuff)
-All of Link’s weapons(Boomerang to Bow, Candle to Shield)
-Overworld graphics(Most of it is there, now making it fancy and starting to fill in big empty spaces.)
   -Red Leever(Done)
   -Green ChuChu(Done)
   -Red Leever(Done)
   -Beamos(Needs some touch ups)
   -Deku Babas(Done)
   -Deku Sprouts(Done)
   -Armos(In Progress)
   -Electric ChuChu/Variants(Not Started)
   -Stalfos(Not Started)
   -Bats(Not Started)
More will be added here as i see fit. Note that much work has been done besides this, and the list of enemies isn't the full list.

Credit to all the people for the sprites or tilesets or whatever i may be using, mostly
Master Yoshi

Note most of the sprites im using from MaJoRa and Master Yoshi are not final, and if they wish will be taken out immediatly. Most are just fillers though.
Check out my other topic here in recruitment!
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Re: [Screenshots] Legend of Zelda: Fall of Hyrul...
« Reply #1 on: December 18, 2013, 03:24:25 am »
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I wish you all the best with this, Whitay.
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Re: [Screenshots] Legend of Zelda: Fall of Hyrul...
« Reply #2 on: December 18, 2013, 04:29:12 am »
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Thank you, soon i have winter break and i may be able to get a demo out
Re: [Screenshots] Legend of Zelda: Fall of Hyrul...
« Reply #3 on: January 03, 2014, 05:18:30 am »
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Been a bit slow with being on break and wanting to just sort of relax, but still have made some big progress. fixed lots and lots of glitches, got some more enemies in(Redeads and LikeLikes:D) and finally got around to coding in a minimap sort of thing. this is where i want suggestions, do you prefer the style i have setup(crude metroid style) or something closer to Link to the past(where it has a sort of tileset to it?)
This is partially what the menu will look like. The map sprite is a placeholder, but if i keep that style not much will change, just making it look neat and adding objects to show the differences in each area. the pink will be the sort of clouded out areas, and various tingles will sell you map upgrades which will show the location of the dungeons in each area. im thinking of using the LTTP tilesets to make the map more detailed. But i also want to stay with zelda ones theme of an unguided exploration. what do you guys think?
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