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.TakaM ordered BrokenArrow to be the new managament-leader of this whole project.

Okay, since the last topic turned into 5% sprites, 5% sprite discussion and 90% idiot, I decided to follow through on what I said.
I've gone through the entire topic, and gathered all the sprites that have potential, but still need a bit of work done.

this topic is for work only, if you want to discuss anything, do so in this topic.

Finished graphics:
Current Tilesets:


Current Palette:

Current Sprite Sheet:

Current Mockup:

Needs Refining:


So, remember, this topic is for work only, and as in the last topic, I still will decide which graphics will be made part of the final set

and as always, all credit goes to zfgc as a whole

Tried to make a magic jar.

not bad, it looks like its facing up though
I'll post my little deku link here too, I'm not happy with it, incase anyone wants to fix it:

you mean the neck of the bottle is too high (do you call it the neck of a bottle in English? you do in Dutch :P )?

Slight edit to the Gorons:

WIP that was put on hold, whilst I holidayed in Spain:

Might finish it, might not.

More WIP stuff to come if I can be bothered cleaning them up a bit.


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