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During the start of the application process I hinted that I would be hiring just one moderator, but near the end of it I extended the possibility to a little more than one.  I decided that due to the quality of some of the applicants that I would indeed expand the number of incoming moderators to three.  I was looking for candidates that would strengthen the current team as well as improve on it.  Anyway, here are the ones chosen and why:

Retro – is reasonably active, seems deserving of the position, and is intelligent.

Ricky – is active at a broad range of hours, multilingual, and is mature at a younger age.

InvaderLupus –  is highly active, is intelligent, and has had previous experience.

If you were not selected and you want to know why then send me a PM.  I will respond as best I can and in a reasonable time frame; I am packing for college, so it might be a while, but I will try.  Do not think that if you were not selected that you were necessarily a bad applicant.  There were a lot of applicants that were considered good and had extremely good single attributes, but I tried to pick out what was best for the job.  And hey, I even chose three, two more then I said I would.  This was partly due to me thinking about it later and also the subconscious reason that it made all applications well thought-out.

Also, do not think that my decision was mine alone.  The current moderation team gave comments on all of your applications, and we are in agreement; with one exception.  That is where and how I made the call.  If you have any questions or concerns, again, send me a PM.  Thank you for your time, and may the new moderators do well.

Thank you very much.
I hope I can do well, and keep my activity here, with added responsabilities. :)

Thanks for the opportunity, hopefully the forum won't blow up anytime soon.



Nah j/k thats Foxys job.

Funny how I was just gone for a week of vacation. XD

I'd like to thank all the mods who thought I was right for the job. I'm happy to be working with all of you, and it's great to see my name in blue once more. :D

a Hint of Lime:
Congrats Retro, Ricky, and Lupus!  yay :D

(lupus, you were my top choice :D)


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