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Hello everybody.
As my first post, following up some graphics in  Minish Cap style
I hope you enjoy and help me to make it bether.

those look nice, i like wolf link xD

Welcome to the forum.

They look nice. With the train the perspective is somehow wrong. The wheels of the train are also of different perspective then the rest.


--- Quote from: Niek on February 12, 2010, 09:46:39 pm ---Welcome to the forum.

--- End quote ---
Yes yes, welcome! And you come bearing sprites! XD

All of them are very good except I have to agree with Niek that the train's perspective is messed up. The two parts of the train don't even match each other in the perspective. The train is really the only one I think needs a redo IMHO.

For the Thorned Fairy Island object, the outlining is a tad bit too dark (look at the house next to it and you should see what I mean), but besides that it is wonderous! And the Wolf Link is amazing work!

They are really not bad. However there is much you could improve. First you used for everything black outlines. In MC black outlines were used at the bottom of sprites, so everyone can see that the sprite is another object. Sometimes they were also use at the top of the sprites to highlight something. However there were never used black outlines on a whole sprite. So you have to fix this. Use a very dark color for the black outlines and after you finished changing the color use black outlines where they are supposed to be, especially the Thorned Fariy Tower needs a little bit of work. Furthermore black outlines were mostly used on enemies and NPCs.
The Wolf Link has too much black outlines.
Don't use black outlines on buildings and other big objects, use instead a nearly black color.

Anyway so all in all they are really nice sprites, though you have to improve them a little bit.

And I agree with Niek.


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