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Hey guys, just a request from all of you!

Our current plan for the forum's projects is to eventually bring them all to the wiki.  That said, I hereby request everyone who has a project that they care about to post a wiki article for it.  You are free to format the page however you want!  We've kind of facilitated this recently through requiring Featured Projects have a wiki but we'd like to move forward a bit faster with it.  We can't make the call on which projects are still active so that's up to you guys!

Here's an example of a project on the wiki:

So if all you guys that have posted a project at some point could do that, that would be fantastic :)

I'm seriously interested in this.


Don't know jack about wikis.

Also, if in the future, I decide to change the title of my project, how does that work?

For instance now : wiki.zfgc.com/LoZ:Unnamed >> wiki.zfgc.com/LoZ:Some Cool Title

That's a damn good question and I actually don't have a good answer for it.  For now I would say copy everything over to a new article and delete the old one.

Also, if you're unsure how to write the article, click on the edit button of an existing article and copy its format.  We also have some help articles floating around somewhere on there.

Alright sweet, I was gonna do this last night, but I was in class.


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