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Goals for next release

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The minish cap sprites you provided (I think it was you?)

yes it was! :D

Almost there, guys..shield is almost working!

Looking at a 1.2 release by the end of the week if everything keeps going smoothly.  The Gibdo is about 90% complete and the Rope will probably be pushed to 1.3.

And 1.2 is released!  There are some things that will be improved on in later versions.

Release notes:
Gibdo is functional and can drain the player's health - Mash C to get him off.
Shield can be raised by holding shift.
Floor tiles can fly at the player - this isn't great, needs refinement
Rupees are now a thing! Press T to spawn a rupee to the top left of the player.
The treasure chest can be opened by pressing C when facing the front of it.

Known issues:
The shield has a higher draw priority in all directions than the player.
Treasure chest doesn't respond 100% of the time (more like 90%)
Shielding sprites for Link are hideous


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