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It took 3 years of letting the concept sit on a shelf, but it looks like this will finally be a game...

Working Title

A Mini Zelda+Metroid-like.
A very tiny love letter to two of my favorite game franchises.


A little dude garbed in green wakes up to find himself on an otherworldly island after being on a ship that was picked up into the sky by a terrible magical storm and dropped there.

After blacking out, our little dude awakes to an eerie silence and a deep feeling of unease. But what's that? Something seems to be calling him from a nearby cavern... a spirit?
"It's dangerous out there. You'll need a blade by your side. And I'm not talking about some cheap wooden crap.. gah, I hate stingy old men and their magical shooting fire."


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ORIGINAL POST (from waaay back)
Show contentOkay guys, would you like to see a small Zelda fan game that uses my 12x12 tiles/sprites that are restricted to using the Pico-8 palette?
It'd be graphics like the attached 'sort-of-a-mockup' screen.

I don't really know where I want to take it exactly if I make this a Zelda fan game, but here's what little I do know that I'm wanting to do:

* I want to 'try' to make it as atmospheric as I can, giving feelings of seclusion, mystery/intrigue, and melancholy epic (if this even makes sense, haha)
* I want to keep the game small scale, which I understand is very unlike a normal Zelda game, but whatever
* Link will probably just have a large sword called the 'Luminous Midnight' (sword title subject to change), which is a type of phantom/spirit sword, and he will not acquire any other items like a boomerang, bombs, bow, etc., but the only other possible items to include would be upgrade types - things that do not introduce new gameplay mechanics, and on that note, I'm not even sure I'd want upgrades either, so maybe just get the sword and not get anything else after that at all?
* The character you get the Luminous Midnight from would be the spirit of a kind-hearted and reformed pirate or some kind of warrior spirit that you interact with in the start of the gameAnd here's some ideas I'm not settled on at all:

* The quest would somehow revolve around the sword Link has, maybe having Link seek out certain items to restore the sword's power or to increase its power beyond what it has ever been in order to accomplish some task with the sword's powerful abilities. Possibly Link is seeking to deal out some heroic vengeance on some kind of injustice that has something to do with the pirate/warrior, and possibly the pirate/warrior can't rest until you accomplish it for them (yeah, pretty standard stuff I guess), and of course it just so happens that it's something a hero like yourself can't say no to. So maybe it's saving children who are frozen into statues by some terrible curse, or securing the recipe for the almighty banana smoothie. I dunno, pretty open to ideas here
* I want to have a sort of "stamina" bar for the sword. Swinging the sword uses a power called 'Spirit Power', which is SP. SP recharges over time
* The SP bar can be increased in length by acquiring SP containers, giving Link more maximum SP, and there would also be Soul Crystals which would increase sword damage output and it may also increase the speed at which SP is recharged, depending on if it proves necessaryThe reason I'm not so set on those last things is because they're more "quest-like", and I have no idea how to make a sort of quest-styled gameplay without it becoming too large scale of a game. So yeah, I'm really not sure what I'm expecting to get by posting this, but I guess my thinking is that maybe someone will say something that will give me the direction I need to have inspiration to make this into something cool.

pxl_moon (dotyue):
 XD Sounds Great!
But if you use Stamina, i would suggest you make it a Metroidvania-Level Type of Souls-Like... (Look at Salt&Sanctuary)
So what i mean with that ist, even if youre Levels are small scale, they would grasp into each other, making it a Labyrint with a much larger feeling than it is. Doors which open after you beat a challenge, may it be a quest or a boss, open a new area...
And Souls-like, doesn't have to be dark, just use a Cute-one (like the mockup) using only the stamina based gameplay, that limits your actions and challenges you to use tactics in battle

The SP-Crystals could be the equivalent of the Souls


--- Quote from: dotyue on March 29, 2016, 11:06:43 am --- XD Sounds Great!
But if you use Stamina, i would suggest you make it a Metroidvania-Level Type of Souls-Like... (Look at Salt&Sanctuary)

--- End quote ---

Thanks, I looked up Salt & Sanctuary since I've never heard of it. I think I need to watch some gameplay to really get what you mean though, so I'll keep this in mind and look into it further later.


UPDATE: I just started working on designing the starting point of the game (seen in the spoiler below). Obviously still quite incomplete.
I'm trying to make a wooden pirate ship that's old and totally wrecked, and not under water or even near water for that matter, so no crustaceans or sea weed or anything like that on the ship.
My initial graphics for the ship are too detailed compared to my already existing graphics, not fitting the target style, so I made a couple other tiles, attempting to figure out how I can do a simple wood look and I guess I was making it harder than it needed to be, cuz the one all the way to the left appears to work pretty good, even though it has no real texture to it.

So yeah, I'll continue to fumble around a bit with the graphics until I get the main stuff knocked out. Gotta figure out how to do cannons that actually look like cannons, and masts, etc. I'll probably just get it 'good enough' and move on, and I'll just plan to fix it up later. I want to start working on the actual engine ASAP, since I don't really get a lot of time to work on this, and still got to decide on a few things before starting the engine.

EDIT: Had some more time so I worked on the boat some more today (added second pic in the spoiler below). It's shaping up I guess. I'm drawing it as a complete ship first, then I'll make it look destroyed. I kind of have to do it this way because I'm an inexperienced artist and I had trouble visualizing. Gotta help myself as much as possible, haha. :P

EXIT x2: BTW, after posting, I did notice some tiling errors but they're not worth updating the pics with fixed versions. So I'm just saying, yeah I see it, I see it. All I can say is that I definitely should've gotten more sleep.

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Alrighty, got the busted up boat done enough (see pic in spoiler below) to move on. Though I'm really not at all happy with the masts, especially the ropes, and not sure how to fix this stuff, even if I try, but hey, video game graphics are my weakest area of game development so I guess I did okay, considering I don't really know what I'm doing. XD But this is actually why I'm making custom graphics, to push myself to improve.

Some reasons for the setting:
The reason why the boat is wrecked in this way (as shown in the pic in the spoiler below) is because it was carried and thrown during a torrential rain storm which was created by some bored and nasty demigods who live in the sea. The boat ended up getting thrown by insane winds and it fell into the giant pit... thingy... place? So yeah, Link is on an island in this game, and most of the game will take place underneath the surface of the island.
But how did Link get on the island and what is even going on here?.. I do have some ideas for the backstory and all that, but no reason to spoil.

So anyway, some other design choices I've made:

* I'm going with a small scale Metroidvania style, with one single map that is at most 11 x 11 screens, meaning the total number of screens to explore would be 121
* The native res of the game will be 384 x 216 (5x this is 1080p)
* At game start, Link is able to jump slightly over 4 tiles from the ground, meaning he can jump on top of walls no more than 3 tiles high
Next up is a little more planning to figure out what I want to do for a prototype and to also to get a more complete general idea of the entire game - how it will play from start to finish. I'm likely going to go ahead and include some kind of abilities, because I want that Metroid thing going on with the skills that give both tactical advantages as well as ability to overcome certain obstacles.

I'm open to any ideas from anyone about anything or just tell me what you think about the project. Not sure anyone has anything to say at this point though.

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pxl_moon (dotyue):
For a Prototype idea:
You could do a "Proto-Map" which has two from each other enclosed areas, you have to do a puzzle to open the other area where you'll face a boss...

or maybe a combination of this idea but instead of a special map and a boss you could make those areas, using them as a start/tutorial area later where you created obsticals to overcome by using the technics you want the player to use


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