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I saw this demake map ( for lttp and I really want to make a game out of it but i only really know how to make sprites and MAYBE items and stuff and i dont know how to use gamemaker soo can someone give me advice?

I started making a Minish Cap styled BotW fangame by using Youtube videos to learn to use GMS1, but then after a couple of months I decided to switch over to GMS2. Bought it, and then got a £10 course off Udemy on making a Zelda styled 2D ARPG.

There's mountains of tutorials out there, free or otherwise on how to code in those programs, but others exists too. Best thing to do would be to hop on YouTube and watch other people do it. Takes a lot of time and effort but I went from totally clueless to building my own cutscenes and implementing dialogue systems and all sorts so it's certainly doable :) Best of luck!

Thanks for the advice! i'll try it :D also I believe gamemaker costs money so do you recommend any free programs?
Also I would love to hear more about that botw minish cap thing :P feel free to message me details


--- Quote from: shadowlink360 on April 04, 2019, 04:27:25 pm ---do you recommend any free programs?

--- End quote ---
Godot is a really great choice for a solid, free game engine, imo:

It'd be really cool to see that demake come to life. Best of luck to you!
I hope you're able to find ways to limit the scale at first and to take things step by step, letting little bits of successful work motivate you all the way to the finish. :)

Thanks! :D


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