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so i tried gamemaker and godot and none of them are working for me ;-; so i really need to know a good easy to use game making program thats completely free :(

I'm afraid what you're looking for is quite impossible, there are no easy to use game making programs if you haven't put in the time and effort it requires for them to become easy. Tutorials, tutorials, tutorials!

As for my project, here's a very brief gif of Link opening a chest and finding a Korok in a test area;


--- Quote from: shadowlink360 on April 10, 2019, 06:33:45 pm ---i really need to know a good easy to use game making program thats completely free :(

--- End quote ---
Hmm, the best thing I can think to recommend then is Scratch:

But, instead of it being the thing you'd make your Zelda game in, it'd be more of a thing to help ease you into getting the hang of how games are made, then maybe something like Godot wouldn't be so difficult, and you could then move on to making the game.
Adding to what Jacob said, the unfortunate truth is that most games do take a bit of knowledge and effort to create, and 2D overhead Zelda-style games are certainly not among the easiest and least complex. So, at the very least, it will take a somewhat complicated game creating program to make what you want, as a simpler one - such as Scratch - won't have all the features needed to create it.

But I do urge you to move forward; few good things in this life come easy. If you have passion, don't let it go to waste. Don't miss the opportunity to make something you love. It'll be worth it all in the end if you don't give up.  :)


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