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[Finished] Worker 31 - Just Another Friday



Runs right in the web broswer.

You are Worker 31.  Your job is to help maintain the sewer systems for the city.  On this particular Friday, you happened to have a little accident.  You were swept away into a current in the water flow system.
When you wake up, you hear water splashing behind you.  You look around and see a flashing PC just up in front of you.  Can you make it back alive?


WASD movement.  K to activate PCs.   L to jump.

This was created as an original game for a final for a university game design class. 
Credit to:
Adam Saltsman for the original artwork(I modified some) -
Ansimuz for the title screen dude -
All music was created by me in Fl Studio.
All sound effects created by BFXR.


Nice ending there!


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