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Legend of Zelda and Soul Blazer Collaboration?


Everyone Like Legend of Zelda and Soul Blazer Collaboration?

In "Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past", Link defeated Ganon and returned to the Hyrule after regaining the glow of Tryforce, but somehow Link ended up in the World of "Soul Blazer".
Link meets an emissary from the sky in Grass Valley.
Link fights to bring life back to the world while cooperating with the messenger from the sky.
Looking for clues to return to Hyrule...

I haven't played Soul Blazer yet but the nature of Enix SNES games in that "trilogy" (specifically Illusion of Gaia/Time) had elements skin to Zelda that I liked; namely the music and characters. For some reason it's just easier for me to *want* to follow the character/NPC stories because they are introduced subtlety but leave a lasting impression. Concepts from Enix games would breathe a lot of fresh life into Legend of Zelda beyond the Zelda tropes.


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