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TANK TACTICS is Finished! I did the thing!



Hey everyone!  I did the thing!  My team and I finished making a game after 10 plus years of messing around with the concept.  Thought I would post here since I used to be a fairly active member here and even talked about this project who knows how long ago.
TANK TACTICS is available now on STEAM:
Game Play Video Link:

About the Game:
Tank Tactics is classic arcade throw back as a top down action shooter puzzler. You are the hero in a world overrun by the ATTF (Autonomous Tank Tactical Force) which has "Almost" completely erased human society. Little do these robotic overlords know in a secret human base was developed a powerful new human controlled prototype tank capable of fusing any two weapons together to create overpowering combinations! Save the world with you and a friend to free humanity with your skill, quick thinking, and smart calculations of trajectories because... Bullets bounce!

Single/Local-Multiplayer Campaign
Arcade Mode
Battle Mode
In Game Store (None IAP)
Loads of Unlockable Content
Prologue / Epilogue Story
Semi-None Linear (Pick Your Path Through Each Area)
Complete Level Editor (Used By Our Team to Design the Game)
Customize Keyboard/Mouse Controls
Great Classic Graphics+ (turn on shock waves for a neat effect!)
Xbox Controller Support
PS4 Controller Support

About the Development:
Tank Tactics started out on the GMC forums in the late 2000's back in the GM7 & 8 days when I was learning to make games as a hobbyist. I also came here to ZFGC to learn and share knowledge about game maker and this community was a perfect place for learning back then! Tank Tactics has evolved and developed immensely over the years until now it has a full coop campaign, battle mode, an in game store, and a complete level editor all finally ready for release on the windows platform with STEAM. Something I always wanted to finish, but life kept getting in the way... Until Now! I can happily say Tank Tactics is ready for release. I hope you all enjoy playing it as much as I and my team enjoyed making it!

Do you enjoy Tank Tactics, want to give constructive feedback, or just talk about the game? Please rate and leave feedback & reviews on STEAM, or talk about it here as well! We would love to hear what you have to say! You can also reach us at but there are only a few of us so please be patient if we don't get back right away but we will try! I hope we will hear from you one way or another! Thank you!

wow! congrats on the steam release!

Thank you MG!  I remember you from back in the day!  I appreciate it!  It had always been something I wanted to finish so it feels nice to finally be able to check that box!

TANK TACTICS is now on sale through the holidays! Deep 80% discount!  Now is the time to check it out if you haven't had a chance to yet!


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