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Do IT!

Definitely got my Switch pre-ordered, along with BoTW. I myself am going into the game blind as well. I have to be home to answer the door when the package is delivered, so I definitely took next Friday off of work.

Also, I ordered the grey switch. What colors did you choose?

Grabbed this fo' sho.

I had GM:S Pro too, but this bundle includes the Pro after they added MAC OS X and Linux export.

The source code for all the other project included is interesting as well. PLUS Android export?


I almost feel like I pirated this it was so cheap.

Also, their website is basically DOA from the massive amount of traffic they're getting.

Discussion / GDI+
« on: July 19, 2015, 04:15:05 pm »
I've been using game maker since I could remember. I'm wanting to branch out to something where my skills can contribute to the computer software field at large. I've taken college courses on Java, C#, C, and Visual Basic (oddly no C++).

I've been thinking of getting http://www.amazon.com/Visual-Basic-Game-Programming-Teens/dp/1435458109 just to get my feet wet. I see that the author uses VB with Windows Forms and GDI+.

Is GDI+ still widely compatible (Windows 8, and possibly 10 for instance)?

I really like that the author uses D&D systems for combat, and teaches using VB to create your own editors is another plus.

What do you guys think?

Zelda Projects / Re: [NEW DEMO 10/30] Legend of Zelda:Unamed Quest
« on: July 18, 2015, 02:29:46 am »
Things are still coming along guys. This is just a little status update.
There is a title screen with working name entry/save select/delete menu. The game saves automatically when you die or quit (this is temporary). There is also a map system that looks like the original (I haven't done one for the dungeons yet). I'm currently working on the overworld between the first and second dungeon. I've added 3 new enemies also and I have 4 more planned. I've found lots of bugs this year, and I believe I figured out why your demo froze FISSURE. I'm thinking a second demo might come around the time the second dungeon is complete.

Zelda Projects / Re: A Link Across Time
« on: July 05, 2015, 03:00:19 pm »
Looking pretty good. You should make an actual game out of it. It could be like that FPS that used time travel that people apparently didn't like that much. The one that's not in the Call of Duty series.

Updates / Re: Unfortunate news today
« on: May 24, 2015, 04:17:10 pm »
Same here you guys. I've maybe spoke to him like 2 or 3 times total.

I joined ZFGC around 2003 I think.

We'll miss you man. Rest in peace.

Zelda Projects / Re: [NEW DEMO 10/30] Legend of Zelda:Unamed Quest
« on: May 09, 2015, 11:35:10 pm »
Yea the next version will fix the mob spawner glitch, and the boomerang shouldn't freeze the boss. I fixed that 5 minutes after I posted the demo :(

Fissure, would it be possible to get a screenshot of the door  glitch you mentioned?

Saves are working in a rudimentary sense. I was wondering if I could get some ideas from you guys on encrypting the save files. They're saved in plain text currently. Validating the data before I load the save is necessary but not currently not implemented. I'm okay with you guys editing the save state, but it's too easy at the present time.

Zelda Projects / Re: [NEW DEMO 10/30] Legend of Zelda:Unamed Quest
« on: April 23, 2015, 03:10:03 am »

I can do stuff on the wiki.

'Cept I have no idea.

Can someone give me some tips?

Like how to not have my screenshots be ginormous.


Also, has anyone beat this demo yet?
I need feedback on the boss. He's very lackluster at the moment.
Has anyone found all(any) of the items?

If 10(ten!) people comment on this game after this post, I will tell you guys where everything I hid in this demo is :)

-Edit: It appears I jacked someone's page on accident. I reverted it. I made my own.-

Zelda Projects / Re: I made a thing.
« on: February 13, 2015, 12:10:22 am »
What do you mean when you say "states"?

Zelda Projects / Re: I made a thing.
« on: February 12, 2015, 11:57:10 pm »
I like it.
Does the screen tear on your PC?

(I'm on a school PC soo this may not be an isue.)

How long did it take you to write?
What part took the longest (Mapping maybe?)?

Zelda Projects / Re: [NEW DEMO 10/30] Legend of Zelda:Unamed Quest
« on: February 05, 2015, 10:46:22 pm »
Any criticism guys?

I took the last bit of the year off to focus on school, and my wife. (I got married on Halloween last year.)
I started programming this a bit more. (I'm working on saves, and another secret feature.)
I found a bug in the demo I released to you guys. There are two enemy spawning objects in the southern and center portions of the room, where the enemies are generated in opposite Cartesian corners, if you walk into the direction the enemies are spawning the spawner follows you into the new screen  :(
That is fixed now.
I haven't got much feedback on this. I have been pretty curious about what you guys think.
Also, I may post a poll in the original post.

Zelda Projects / Re: [NEW DEMO 10/30] Legend of Zelda:Unamed Quest
« on: October 30, 2014, 08:07:36 pm »
Alright, it's been four days.....


Updates / Re: NCFC 2014 is coming!!
« on: October 28, 2014, 03:39:48 pm »
Is it too late to register?

Updates / Re: Projects and Wiki
« on: October 28, 2014, 03:26:57 pm »
Alright sweet, I was gonna do this last night, but I was in class.

Updates / Re: Projects and Wiki
« on: October 27, 2014, 11:56:16 pm »
I'm seriously interested in this.


Don't know jack about wikis.

Also, if in the future, I decide to change the title of my project, how does that work?

For instance now : wiki.zfgc.com/LoZ:Unnamed >> wiki.zfgc.com/LoZ:Some Cool Title

Zelda Projects / Re: Legend of Zelda:Unamed Quest
« on: October 27, 2014, 03:27:42 am »
Small update:

Removed ~400 lines of redundant code.
Fine tuned some enemies.
Ripped enemy splat (FINALLY!) [Thanks NasiDe, but you'll see what I really meant in the demo soon enough.]

Seriously close to a demo.

Coding / Re: Coding in Music Zones
« on: October 27, 2014, 12:29:50 am »
No problem, glad you could figure it out.

I just got GM:Studio Professional today; time to go back to making click the clown for a couple days!

Coding / Re: Coding in Music Zones
« on: October 26, 2014, 12:34:59 pm »
Don't forget you have the d s _ set _ region function as well

Coding / Re: Coding in Music Zones
« on: October 25, 2014, 05:38:46 pm »
the for loop i gave as an example runs across individual pixels, but you could adjust it to increment any number you wanted say 4,8,12,16,32.

you just have to have link check the same increments on the grid

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