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Zelda Projects / [3DS patch v0.8.65] Tri Force Heroes - Purple Link
« on: June 08, 2017, 10:30:04 pm »
Hello again, everyone. It's been a spell since we last got together. Today I bring to you:

The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes - Purple Link restoration project
A working 3DS game patch that brings our beloved Vio back into the fold!

Using this patch requires:
1) A 3DS with Custom Firmware and the ability to install .CIA files
2) A decrypted .CIA copy of the Tri Force Heroes V2.1.0 update (US version only), a free update which can easily be dumped if you have Custom Firmware, or found on a warez site.

Download: TFH_Purple_RomFS_v0.8.65.rar (27.4 MB)
This archive contains the files and instructions to decompile, modify, rebuild, and reinstall the V2.1.0 update with Purple Link taking Green Link's place.

Current patch version: 0.8.65
There are still some remnants of Green Link, which will eventually (hopefully) be patched out. See the included README.txt for more info. Requests for custom Miiverse stamps are also being taken.

Additional screenshots:
Show content

Important Note!
In late May, Nintendo dropped a worldwide banhammer on modified 3DS systems, preventing them from playing online. After some community sleuthing, the theory is that Nintendo checked their server records for systems that had used software with unauthorised Title IDs (16-digit hexadecimal numbers) while connected to the Nintendo Network. So, a future ban can be avoided by always turning off wireless communications while using unauthorised software and clearing your Activity Log before signing in. See https://gbatemp.net/threads/regarding-the-recent-3ds-banwave.471781/this GBATemp thread for more info.

This patch can safely be used online, provided that you erase any traces of actually installing it. It uses the normal Title ID and doesn't modify any code that affects gameplay. The modified textures/colours are only seen on the user's side, so anybody you meet online will see Green Link as usual.

Zelda Projects / The Midnaphone
« on: June 02, 2010, 12:04:04 am »
Sorry for the crappy, quick post. Got no internet access at home and I only have a few minutes left at the café.

Coming to you 3 years after its time:
The Midnaphone

Download - 4MB

Enjoy! There's a feedback form included in the zip.

Entertainment / Majora's Mask now on VC
« on: May 18, 2009, 11:40:10 pm »
Ahh, clever job, Nintendo. Waiting to make Majora's Mask the 300th release for us North Americans.

Anyway it's finally out on Virtual Console, 1000 points as usual, runs in progressive scan and has the music and freezing glitches from the GameCube emu'd version fixed. MM was tied for my favourite Zelda game yet I never even owned the cartridge or Cube version. Feeling good tonight.

Discussion / GM versions
« on: April 30, 2009, 07:10:59 am »
So which versions of Game Maker do people here use the most? I've got a ton of old engines and examples which I'm thinking of revamping and repackaging to leave my mark and the beat this joint, but they're all from the 5.3 and 6.0 age; some have several different versions of each including registered and non-registered versions. I never really got into GM 7.

No way I going to make versions for every different kind of GM user out there so I'd like a little consensus of who uses which version and how many are registered. Is it safe to say that GM 7 is the standard now thanks to the YoYo Games thing?

Entertainment / Zelda music is mathematically golden
« on: December 18, 2008, 05:32:14 am »
Not new, in fact almost 2 years old, but I just found this after some intense web surfing. Anybody who particularly loves the Zelda series music (head count?) should find this interesting; anyone who's also a math and music theory nerd should grab a change of underwear.


This writer, a student of music, did some major research and describes, using applications of the mysterious "Golden Ratio" and some specific musical terms, how it's beyond coincidence that there's a reason why many Zelda tunes seem so magnificent, aside from powerful melodies and chord progressions. Results are decidedly awesome.

Don't worry, he summarises in simple enough wording, so that the mathematically-impaired or anyone who doesn't know a lick of music theory can still understand. Audio samples are included, naturally.

I would worship Koji Kondo if it made any sense to do so.

Coding / Web help: a simple rating system
« on: September 13, 2008, 03:38:54 am »
Over at the Zelda Sounds archive I'm going to be adding a section with viewer-submitted content. So far the entire site is coded in JavaScript, which I'm quite proud of. But I was hoping to add some kind of rating system where visitors could rate the content from 0 to 5 in three categories, and preferably log their IP so they can only vote once per item per IP.

I am willing to forget this and just update it manually with e-mailed rankings but that's a bit behind the times. Problem is I have no idea where to start looking to make this happen. If anybody can suggest a coding language that would work best, or point me to a basic tutorial site, that would rock.

Entertainment / Question for those with the USB Wi-Fi Connector
« on: April 24, 2008, 04:56:20 am »
I got the Nintendo USB Wi-Fi Connector a few weeks ago and my Wii is now all shiny and onliney, but often when I watch my computer screen, the connection seems to cut out for a moment before re-establishing and giving me the "user connected" pop-up. It does that quite a bit, even though it says the connection has best strength (3 bars).

At other times, the connection has 0 bars, and it reconnects every 15 seconds or so, only to disconnect a moment later. I haven't been moving my USB thing or my Wii. Nintendo's support page only covers generic problems. Does anyone else have this issue? Is it pretty normal? Any suggestions?

Note that my computer is one floor above the Wii in my home - in fact, directly above it. One would assume that going wireless through a floor could explain a lossy signal, however the problem defies that theory. I either get a constantly-strong signal that happens to cut out momentarily once in a while, or a crappy signal that keeps turtle-heading.

BTW: I'm glad to give out my general Friend code (I have no Wi-Fi games yet) but preferably only to people who think they'd keep in touch.

Audio / Help HelpTheWretched!
« on: April 24, 2008, 04:37:55 am »
HelpTheWretched has supplied you all with well over 2,000 Legend of Zelda sound effects for your games and other projects over at his site, http://noproblo.dayjo.org/ZeldaSounds. Now we can help him get even more.

Recording clear sounds from Twilight Princess requires finding locations in the game with no music, background noise, or echo. A very quiet level of background noise is okay, as long as it's a resonant sound like wind or heavily-flowing water, since those can sometimes be removed by noise reduction, and a slight echo is acceptable and can be mostly removed with a fade curve.

I'm currently about 1/3 the way through the game and have only found several of these locations, none of which have allowed Link to make many actions. HTW realises that some cutscenes or specific in-game moments also go silent, but he hasn't been keeping track of them.

So if Twilight Princess experts can list any such locations they know of, being as spoiler-free as possible, and possibly even mentioning what sounds could be obtained from them, HelpTheWretched would be very thankful and will do his best to record them in time.

1) Kakariko Village - lookout tower building. No "indoor actions" by Link except pots to be thrown and rupees to collect. Room has ladders and a large treasure chest.
2) Kakariko Village - building across from the store. Has several crates, one noisy object which can be removed, and targeted-jump spots for Wolf Link.
3) Before "fights" with Bo and Gorons, music cuts and an announcer's voice is heard. (by the way, if anybody knows if these "fights" can be revisited later in the game, beyond the mandatory ones, please let me know!)

For the most part I'm playing through the game to enjoy it, so some recording sessions will have to wait until a second play-through. Many thanks in advance!

Note: We do not have multiple personality disorder.

Entertainment / Req: identifying Tetra's crew
« on: March 31, 2008, 02:33:55 am »
OK, now that I'm gathering sound effects from The Wind Waker, I need some help with the names of Tetra's crew of pirates.

I know the bottom-left one (red/white stripes) is Niko and the big green-shirt one is Gonzo,
I think the one with the book and glasses is Mako,
and the other 3 are Zuko, Nudge, and Senza, but I have no idea which is which.

I don't have the figurines in the game and won't be able to get them for a while, so if anyone has them, could they please check who is who? Thanks and appreciation..

Entertainment / Dexter
« on: February 16, 2008, 09:11:51 am »

Does anyone else besides Racoon Boy watch or enjoy this show?  My brother got me into it over the holidays and I've just blazed through all 24 episodes (two seasons, 3rd in the works).

Okay, for the unfamiliar, I'll paint the picture. Dexter is a likeable, borderline-genius, 30-something guy who works as a forensics investigator and blood spatter analyst for a police department homicide unit. Dexter is also a serial killer. For reasons that would serve as minor spoilers to the 2nd season if I wrote them, he was basically left emotionless as a child and raised by his adoptive cop father to always blend in, fake social interaction, and follow a code of taking out those who deserve it. Essentially, a somewhat-inadvertently yet well-trained serial killer who only kills other killers.

So each episode consists of Dexter hunting and brutally killing freed murderers and other "bad guys", hiding his own tracks from the PD, dealing with co-workers who have it in for him, faking and bumbling his way through relationships, developing and struggling with feelings and his personal identity, and following the season-long story arcs.

The Dexter character also narrates parts of the shows, in the sense that you hear what he's thinking, and it gets really witty and twisted. Sometimes he just doesn't have a clue, other times he's pondering who the hell he is and why, or how he's supposed to manage his priorities, and sometimes he just plain mind-rapes people.

Highly recommended. It's on Showtime which I believe is a specialty channel in the U.S., but yay for torrents. It's also got the best intro sequence to any show I can think of. The show was based on a novel, so the first season has some story elements that are cool when you see them but might seem a bit sappy in retrospect - I personally would have saved that story arc for the second or third season.

Audio / Killman
« on: November 09, 2007, 09:43:09 pm »
Killman was a game made around 2004 or so by a former ZFGC fellow and friend of mine named Ultimortal (creator of Castle of Elite, No Friction, Hero, Retrobattle, and others) and is the spiritual prequel to his current opus Iji. Killman was an action/adventure game with two levels that were single screens with multiple areas; all characters were tiny stick figures armed to the teeth. Because the sound and music was borrowed from Doom, the game was never "officially" released, and because of its primitive appearance and depth compared to Iji, there are no plans for it to ever be released.

But between friends, and as a deal to myself to get my butt in gear and practice my musical abilities, I decided to write a new soundtrack for the game so we could have a little piece of art to share. The game will probably never see the light of day around these parts, but here are the songs I wrote, for you all to hear.

Note: These are MIDI rips, that is, MIDI files played in a standard player, but recorded as waves and encoded to MP3. Two reasons for this. One - my production abilities are rather limited and I can't at this time achieve Realâ„¢ sounding music, especially with guitar-heavy songs. Two - MIDI files sound different on each sound card / OS, so I wanted to maintain the sound that I heard while creating them; my palette so to speak.

1. Killman - Title
I wrote this title track with the idea that it could double as Ending music. The guitar solo is probably my fave of the bunch, and the short riff following it is partially credited to my brother.

2. Killman - Level A
I fear this song may take a few listens to "understand", because it's a sum of many parts with a rather quick tempo. I had lots of basic ideas and partly-sequenced sections, but had trouble connecting them all into a full song. Perseverance won and brought you some cool musical treats. The chorus was the result of a few random bits of a guitar work spliced together and touched up.

3. Killman - Level B
Probably my favourite song of them all, I feel like I really kicked my sequencer's ass with this one, especially on the drums and bass. Pay attention to them, they're off the wall.

4. Killman - Results
This is the song heard after levels when your stats are being tallied up. When I showed it to Ultimortal before he knew what it was for, he said it reminded him of Doom, which I guess was the desired effect. The first 25 seconds were written years ago as a character's theme song that I never finished, so I picked it up from there.

Aw crap, I just realised that Level-start and Game Over jingles are needed. Oh well, they're short and should take no time at all.

Anyways, enjoy and feel free to feedback.

Zelda Projects / [Demo] The Legend of Zelda: Two Swords
« on: September 12, 2007, 12:37:15 am »
Since last year's z3 topics fell into a black hole and I haven't worked on the game since then, here's a little repost for the forum's newcomers and a chance to get some more feedback.

Two Swords is a split-screen battle game for two players only, although a single player can explore and test it out on their own. It features a highly detailed engine and some original music as well. Rather than posting a whole topic about the game, I'll direct you to its mini-site with more details, screenshots, and the download:


Last year's most common response was "Make it online!", but keep in mind that could require tons of re-designing and may not be possible. The game intentionally mimics the two-players-to-a-computer style of the old party games it was inspired by. So, I'm hoping for any feedback that will help me decide if the game is worth completing in that style, as well as any suggestions.


Entertainment / Which Nintendo should I get?
« on: March 06, 2007, 02:04:03 am »
You may have seen the note on my Zelda Sounds archive that I don't own any systems from the current generation or the previous... I've been stuck in the N64 era for 10 years. Well I finally have a bit more financial stability and haven't treated myself in a LONG time, so I'm saving up and getting a new Nintendo for my birthday in a few months. Not just because I'm a Ninfanbo, but because they have the three cheapest & most appealing options.

So I need some help deciding. Seems like I've changed my mind every day.

DS looks pretty hot, and because it's handheld I may not be tempted to play it quite as much as a console. This is a good thing because I'm 32?? so I need to manage my time well. Cons are: I'm sort of bored with my Gameboy so I'll need some reminders of why the lowest current technology is still fun. Also, I'm 82?? so angling myself for the best light is not so good for the back, and I lack WiFi.

GameCube is my leading choice. Although it's 5 years old, it's still new to me so I'll enjoy it just as much as anything else. The few games I've played for brief minutes are worth salivating over. Plus, I can pick up a used one at EB for $70(CDN). Can't lose with the Cube.

Wii is the frickin' Wii. $270 (and I expect it to drop to $250 by then) is the second-biggest purchase for personal enjoyment I've made in years, but it's really not that steep. Also, for the handful of times per year I visit with my brother, he'd be most inclined to play this one with me. The downside is, I really want to start out with some GC games to catch up on that era, and the ones I want to play the most aren't really 'session' games, but longer adventure games like the Zeldas or Prince of Persias. So that extra $200 expense might not pay off for quite some time, not to mention means starting with less games, but if it's worth it then I don't mind.

Okay, now please make my decision. 8)

Coding / Triforce & Wipe room transitions
« on: January 29, 2007, 11:03:54 pm »
Sort of a repost here, but I just realized they aren't posted yet at this incarnation of the board, and they just got converted to GM6.


The first is the "Triforce" transition seen in Four Swords where a triangle circles down on the player when you change areas. No photos available.

The second is a standard "Wipe" transition with a few options.

These are both real-time effects and do not freeze the game. Instructions for using and controling the speed, directions, and colours, are in the Game Information text.

Other Projects / [Completed] UPChucker - huck your own UPCs!
« on: January 29, 2007, 07:36:50 pm »
Presenting: UPChucker 1.2 - huck your own UPCs!

1.0 - intial release
1.1 - fixed a bug, clarified text
1.2 - added a missing sound and arrow-key movement

UPChucker is another illeimate-child of Game Maker 6 and Noproblo Games' application branch. It creates actual, valid North American UPC barcodes from your own custom messages. It's kind of like getting a vanity license plate, except instead of being the pimp of a traffic jam, you can now use dial technology to ironically show your disdain for the anti-individualism machine. That's right, stick it to the man, man.

UPChucker (that's "UPC-hucker", not "Upchucker" ;)) can also scan other UPC numbers to figure out all the possible messages it may contain. You can even select which numbers remain as numbers and which are decoded into text. If those beans weren't cool enough, you can even save your UPC to a bitmap image. (note: GM limitations force the image into this format. Convert it to a 1-bit PNG to cut the file size by over 99%)

http://noproblo.dayjo.org/misc/UPChucker.zip - 0.94 Mb
*added Mar.11: http://noproblo.dayjo.org/misc/UPChucker.gm6 - source

What you see here is not much more than a personal exercise in recursive scripting and menu/layout design, and an attempt at a (short-lived?) forum fad. All coding and UPC research by me, font is a modified 11pt Arial bold, sounds ripped by me from The Minish Cap. Enjoy UPChucker, for whatever it's worth.

And yes, I know what you're thinking:


Coding / Tutorial: Dynamic luck for random items + bouncing items!
« on: January 22, 2007, 08:00:50 pm »
Ever notice how most Zelda games only drop items from bushes if you've encountered that item before?

- You'll only get Deku seeds if you have the Fairy Slingshot
- You'll only get arrows if you have the Hero's Bow
- You'll only get magic pots if you have the sword-spin attack or a Goddess' spell
etc. etc.

Here's how to do that in Game Maker, and also simplify random-item-dropping in general, using a dynamic luck system. I developed this for Two Swords and just now got the crazy idea to share a version of it. There's no downloadable example here because A) There are too many options you can change as far as available items, and B) You need to understand it to use it.

Let's set it up!

First of all, somewhere around the beginning of the game, set your variables that affect which items will drop from bushes. Then, after those, call a script that's about to be made. Example:
Code: [Select]

Now, you need a script to initialize what items are available from bushes, and the "weight" given to each one. Note: weights are not percentages. If you have two items with a weight of 50, then each will have a 50/100 (50%) chance of being dropped. But if you have three items, all weighing 50, then the chance for each will be 50/150 (33.3%). This lets you adjust individual weights without having to fix all the others. Weights should be whole numbers.
Code: [Select]
// scrLuckInit

var i,ii;

// random item declaration:
global.luck[i,0]=300; global.luck[i,1]="none"; i+=1;
global.luck[i,0]=50; global.luck[i,1]=objRupeeGreen; i+=1;
global.luck[i,0]=18; global.luck[i,1]=objRupeeBlue; i+=1;
global.luck[i,0]=6; global.luck[i,1]=objRupeeRed; i+=1;
global.luck[i,0]=3; global.luck[i,1]=objRupeeBigGreen; i+=1;
global.luck[i,0]=22; global.luck[i,1]=objHeart; i+=1;
global.luck[i,0]=8; global.luck[i,1]=objHeartPiece; i+=1;

if global.got_magic {
    global.luck[i,0]=15; global.luck[i,1]=objMagic3; i+=1;
if global.got_bow {
    global.luck[i,0]=40; global.luck[i,1]=objArrow1; i+=1;
    global.luck[i,0]=16; global.luck[i,1]=objArrow3; i+=1;

// random item preparation:
for (ii=1; ii<i; ii+=1) {
You can have as few or as many of those declaration lines as you like, but I strongly recommend keeping "none" as the first item. Note that the last three fall under conditions, so they'll only be included in the total if you have magic and/or the bow.

The first line of preparation saves the number of different random items (including "none"), since you'll need to know that for later. The loop following that accumulates the weights in a way that:


And so on. This is done to "tier" the items so that you can easily find which range a random number falls between. The last line also records the highest tier number to a global variable, so that a random number can be chosen between 0 and that number.

To make luck dynamic:
At any point in the game where you gain a new item or ability that would change which random items are available, just call the script scrLuckInit() again, and luck will be re-initialized.

So how do we use this?
Ah, I see you're a sharp one, we still need a way to turn a random number into an item. Make a new script called scrLuck. This script will be called from a bush's Destroy event, or any other event where a random item should drop.
Code: [Select]
// scrLuck

var lucknum,i;

for (i=0; i<global.luckitems; i+=1) {
    if lucknum<global.luck[i,0] {
        if !is_string(global.luck[i,1]) { instance_create(x,y,global.luck[i,1]); }
lucknum is a random whole number, between 0 and (global.lucktotal-1) inclusive. What's argument0 doing there? Just an extra feature I added that I'll explain in a moment.

The loop then checks through each of the random items available, and sees if the random number falls under its tier. If it does, and the item is something other than a string ("none"), then it will be created. The break just ends the loop, since no more checks need to be made.

So don't forget:
scrLuckInit(); at the beginning of the game and any time when different luck items are available.
scrLuck(); any time you want to drop a random item. (it appears at the same position as the object which calls the script)

Back to that "extra feature":
argument0 allows you to offset the random number, making it more or less likely that you'll receive an item. In most cases you won't need to worry about entering an argument, since typing scrLuck(); is the same as typing scrLuck(0);.

The number you enter as argument0 is how much will be added to the first teir of items (this is why I recommended that "none" by the first). In Two Swords, you will be less likely to get a random item if the bush is burned, rather than cut. So if the bush is burned, it's Destroy event will contain: scrLuck(200);, which adds an extra 200 to the weight of "none" (not permanently - only for this random draw). Conversely, if you want to make sure that you always get an item, and the normal weight of "none" is 300, then do: scrLuck(-300);.

So that's about it. I'll post a few mods shortly and answer any questions.

Feel free to use, please give credit, and do me proud!

Entertainment / Minish Cap question relating to Gorons
« on: December 30, 2006, 05:11:33 pm »
Some of you have played this, right?

How do I get to the Goron cave in Lon Lon Ranch? Every guide says to take the whirlwind from across the road and land on top of the cave, but said whirlwind doesn't lift me far enough.

Graphics / /me draws a Master Sword
« on: June 20, 2006, 07:45:33 pm »
Here's my version of a Master Sword, just finished a few minutes ago. Every picture of one is a bit different, so I did my own thing with the hilt and handle. Not true pixel art, but close. Anti-aliased on the inside only, so it will work as a game sprite.

This will be used in my game, so please do not take without permission (which may be granted with good reason ;)).

C+C is welcome, this is my first art attempt, well, ever.

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