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Zelda Projects / The Legend of Zelda: The Shattered Realm
« on: May 25, 2009, 03:13:52 pm »

The servants of chaos have embittered the land
White knights protect darkening hearts
A twisted world awaits a fate
That the few who stand will spin

-June 21 2009
-Another additional screenshot, this time a teaser from one of the rooms of the 'Bed of the Sun' dungeon. In addition, I have changed the game's title to 'The Shattered Realm', after critique has been given on the original title many times.

-June 16 2009
-Well, a new batch of screenshots can be seen now, this time developmental shots from one of the game's dungeons. At present the whole thing isn't completely textured, but work on that will soon follow. Enjoy :D

-June 5 2009
-Work continues on the importer, making adjustments to ensure that the imported maps function correctly. Work has begun on 2 dungeons, screenshots will be available soon. This first post will be updated to a better format once additional content has been made.

-Well, it's been a while ^_^ Recently, thanks to the hard work of one of the field's brightest programmers, I have at last been able to import an entirely custom map into Ocarina of Time, and it is fully functional insofar as the landscape is perfectly imported. There are a few slight errors in the vertex colours, but it's mostly finished.

It has taken quite some time to arrive at this point, and it is a joy to finally see it realized. With the ability to create custom maps, the Majora's Reprisal project can proceed.

Graphics / Hyrule Field model + title graphics
« on: August 14, 2008, 03:24:53 am »
It's been like trying to restrain a beer gut with a corset, avoiding spreading my time on the internet so thinly between a massive number of sites. However, I return with something of interest.

Yup, I've been making 3D models. Specifically landscapes, I haven't really dipped into objects or creatures yet, but there it is. An incomplete model of a section of Hyrule Field for an OOT modification I'm working on. When an obj to display list parser is completed, I'll be porting it into the ROM and adding actors etc.

EDIT: For the heck of it, the two title graphics for the modifications I'm making. There are more than 2, but these are the completed ones.

Audio / ASitD's Music
« on: March 26, 2007, 05:43:39 am »
Well, with my decision to transfer all of my current projects to 3D, I have decided to spend some time working on the music for the different places in my planned games. I have also decided to showcase some of them here, to give you some idea of the sound of the games that I'm developing. So, without any further ado, here's what I've got. (More will be added as time goes by.)

Heart of Supremacy tracklist
Wastegate Tower - 1st Dungeon

Zelda Projects / TLOZ: Heart of Supremacy
« on: February 25, 2007, 08:07:58 am »

Power supreme.

Well, it's been a while. I haven't posted any progress reports on Three Lances for a long time, and while I haven't posted anything I have been working on the game in both a programming and story related sense. I'm shuffling things around a fair bit, and now this game will begin the saga I'm planning. The title of this one gives away very little about the game itself, and the same goes for the medallion behind the title (no, that's not a certain mirror). Three Lances will follow this game at a later time, so for now I'll be working on Heart of Supremacy.

Dream Developers present

A Zelda Fan Game Central project???

Hyrule has prospered these past centuries, free from strife and disease. Under the careful and wise ruling of the King, the land has enjoyed a time of plenty. Harvests have been full, and Hyrule???s sister lands have kept peace with her.

But a foul stench is rising from the deserts of the south. A pestilence creeps forth from the tainted lands of the old wars where blood was spilled in the name of power. Already its black influence is leaking back into the land from whence it came. Beware, for evil is returning to Hyrule.

Link is the adopted son of the Thief King Arcaith, one of the last carriers of the blood of the Gerudo. A well traveled man since the almost total genocide of his people, Arcaith has recently returned from an expedition into the wastelands just south of Wastegate Garrison to the killing fields of the old times where he searched for anything he could possibly use or sell.

Feel free to speculate and such, I'll be releasing more details and screens soonish, and some stuff at z3 this year.

Entertainment / Opinions wanted.
« on: January 08, 2007, 12:55:08 pm »
Well, I'm somewhat of a writer. I'm gonna post the beginning of the first chapter of a novel I'm working on. This is the best draft of it so far, and I'd like some public opinion on 1) How it smoothly reads and 2) general other criticisms.


   The pitter-patter of rain against the grimy windows of his flat was not enough to wake the figure that lay huddled beneath several layers of blanket. As he rolled over, the small army-issue alarm clock on his bedside table woke Modus with its shrill, D sharp whine. Reacting instinctively to the sound, Modus extended a furry arm and flicked the switch on the alarm???s metal top. With a great yawn, he sat up and swung his legs over the edge of his cramped four-poster and stood with slow deliberation. Bones cracked as he stretched his lanky body and his eyes whisked around his mildly warm, gloomy room in search of clothing. Modus was a big fan of morning amnesia; it gave him time to remember that he was out of the armed forces. Unfortunately, as a side effect he could never remember where his clothes were for a short period of time. He kept his alarm clock, not as a memento of the bad old days, but because it was sturdy and reliable. The former Major selected a pair of earthen brown trousers and a shirt that had once been white, but was now adopting the colour of his pants in a washed out kind of way. He shrugged them on, cursing every so often when an arm or leg became caught in one of the folds in the fabrics. Buttoning up the tail gap, Modus exited his room with a quiet shuffle; a far cry from the man he had once been.
   Squeezing between the boxes that lined his hallway, Modus carefully made his way into his miserably cramped kitchen. It was the saddest excuse for a food preparation area that Modus had ever had the displeasure to cook in; tiny benches, tiny cupboards, tiny sink ??? everything was too small. Modus opened his pantry and peered inside at the contents. There wasn???t much left, and what was there was getting dangerously close to the expiry date. In fact, many of the assorted foodstuffs were just beginning to grow mould. Selecting a loaf of bread that was still all the same brownish colour, Modus examined the tag on it.
   ???24th???close enough,??? Modus muttered to himself as he closed the doors to the pantry. He blessed the fact that his muzzle was shorter than most others of his species, it meant that he could open most of the cupboards in his kitchen without knocking himself. Of course, in some circles a small muzzle was seen as a sign of a small penis; but Modus didn???t care. He knew plenty who could defend the strength of his virility and his physical dimensions. As he stood and munched on his breakfast, some beans smeared between two slices of bread, he looked out of his kitchen window as the 6:15 Spein Express monorail clanked its way past. It was the earliest train that went past Modus??? flat, and it signified that he was on schedule. Sweeping last week???s unfinished breakfast off the countertop and into the bin, Modus left the kitchen. The maggots in the lettuce spread out to explore their new feeding grounds.
   Modus??? next port of call was the bathroom. He always bathed at night rather than in the morning as his showers often tended to go on longer than he expected. But every morning he went in to check his beard, rinse out his mouth and take his medicines. He looked at himself in the mirror, orange eyes glowing slightly in the reflection. Black fur covered him from head to foot, except where his grey-white hair sprang out from his scalp and his similarly coloured beard emerged from his jaw-line. He picked up a bottle of mouthwash and gargled with it, after which he spat it out and moved on to teasing at his beard with his fingers. After popping a few nondescript pills he left the bathroom for the front room where he picked up his keys, put on his gloves and boots and strode out his door, slamming it behind him. A few bills still in the letterbox cascaded onto the floor.
   Outside, everything was drawn in pastel shades of grey. The sky was blackened by swirling storm clouds, trying their hardest to obscure all of the golden rays of sunlight that might have made the beginning of the day just a little more cheerful. A haze poured forth from the chimneys of industrial buildings, a blanket of decaying airborne particles that choked the life out of the air and made vision a luxury; the falling rain was acidic enough to sting exposed flesh. Modus coughed again, his black figure bending over slightly. Turning to deadlock his door, he spied a small rectangle of cardboard wedged between the exterior wall and the framing of the door. With a small smirk, he lifted it from its resting place and placed it into his breast pocket. As he inhaled to sigh, another spate of coughs wracked him and he locked his door after he had cleared his esophagus of its irritation. As Modus descended to ground level, the clattering of his boots on the stainless steel steps almost mirrored the sound of Szcema???s monorail; the six forty-five Rook???s Point rushing past on his left. It passed into the obscurity of the other sounds of industry as his boots touched the gravel of the parking lot. Such was the industrial nature of the Drenin District.
   As he made his way towards Szcema station he looked around at all the similarly clothed individuals making their way to their places of employment. Of all the nations in the world, Omsk had been the only one to continue the practice of indentureship after the period commonly called ???The Enlightenment???. The continuation of the practice had been the cause of several small wars and a smaller number of large wars, one of which Modus had fought in for four years. After that war had drawn to a conclusion, Omsk withdrawing its wish to have a seat on the Allied Nation-States Council; Modus had been indentured into the business of designing and making weapons, his tests showing a natural aptitude for design and manufacturing. He would have preferred designing and building furniture or computers, but his army service record also showed an aptitude for weapons technology. When in the service of Neizdet Arms Modus had become reacquainted with Julai, a husky anthromorph who worked as a receptionist. She and Modus were born and raised in the same small village in Heima Valley and she had recognized him. The two had dated for a while, and had grown close but had not seen one another since the commencement of the war. The two of them were married not long after meeting again and had two children, Carmine and Epher. During the years that followed, Modus and Julai began to attend secret meetings where sedition was planned in order to change the nation. The two of them had volunteered to lead the marches on the government complex. The resulting riot had many casualties on the part of the activists, Julai among them. Carmine and Epher were taken into state care, aged 6 and 5 respectively. Modus had sold Julai???s house and moved into Szcema, where booze and sex eventually claimed him as their puppet. After a year of loneliness, a 32 year old Modus was offered a position as the head of a new top secret project at Neizdet. His job would be to create the world???s first teleportation system. He accepted the post, taking with it a 24 hour guard and a substantial payrise that would allow him to pay off his indenture to the state and Neizdet. It would mean custody over his children, and another chance at getting out of Omsk. Not even a year later, the project was nearing completion.
   The wind was fairly strong this morning, tousling Modus??? hair about on his head; he growled and pulled out a band of elastic, tying it back into a ponytail. People scurried past him as he approached the train station, the Hienzalt train preparing to depart. Presently, it did so with a deafening screech and the beginnings of the usual clattering. Buying a ticket at the ticketbox for the North Drenin Flyer, Modus stomped onto the platform, coughing and wheezing. He???d seen better days than this.

Entertainment / Slow down here!
« on: January 02, 2007, 03:01:45 pm »
I don't know about you, but I thought Anouma said that TP happened only decades after OOT. Unless I've missed something here.

Discussion / TLOZ: The Mute Bell
« on: November 02, 2006, 07:35:47 am »
No, I haven't abandoned Three Lances or anything like that, I'm just giving the community a little taste at one of the games that will follow on from Three Lances. Three Lances and this game form part of a large storyline that is played out over an extended timeframe, much like Nintendo's own Zelda games. The main difference here of course, is that my series has a definite ending ^^ Anyway, here are the details that I'm releasing, enjoy ;)

Locked away ???neath Hyrule???s soil,
The end result of Subrosian toil;
A bell of power though mute it be,
Its chime resounds through history.
Of magic stuff its clapper made,
The end result of faerie trade;
The master rings, the clapper rolls,
Ask not for whom the bell tolls.

You are an orphaned stonemason's son, living alone in your family's old house. You awaken after a strage dream, in which you recieve instructions to go to a temple and ring an ancient bell that supposedly lies in two parts; one in your house and one in the temple.

This game features a different hero to the one in Three Lances, one who is considerably older. The gameplay will not be amazingly different, however there will be a few interesting features in this game. I won't spoil any more, but be sure to look at this thread once Three Lances is completed.

Audio / TLOZ: Three Lances - OST sample (Everything must change)
« on: October 13, 2006, 12:51:24 pm »
I've posted this piece on my recently acquired FurAffinity account, as they are one of the few art websites who allow the submission of music. The link is here, so download it and tell me what you think of it. I know the melody is a little repetitive, but you're not really supposed to listen to it per-se. In the game, you'll be more glued to the dialogue ;)

Coding / [Request / Linking] Replicating a transition from GM 5
« on: June 29, 2006, 12:05:19 pm »
Just recently, I've noticed an interesting difference between GMs 5 and 6. Game Maker version 5 has 18 room transition styles, whereas Game Maker 6 only has 14. The four that are missing are 'Push from (top,bottom,left,right)'. This is interesting. I noticed this when running an old Zelda engine I have, the rooms have a transition style identical to that of Zelda. The only issue with the transition was that the HUD was visible in the 'to' room, and the 'from' room during the transition, though this could be solved by making the HUD temporarily invisible.

What I wanna know, is why Mark removed this transition and whether or not it would be possible to make a script for it, a-la Da-Huntha's 'draw_text_sprite()' substitute script.

Zelda Projects / TLOZ: Three Lances - MUSIC SAMPLE NOW AVAILABLE
« on: April 27, 2006, 02:36:40 am »

The Legend of Zelda: Three Lances

From the depths of time,
A tale of a Hero has been kept,
Guarded by the Royal Family,
And revered by the common folk.

The story tells of a hero named Link,
Who, whenever evil threatens Hyrule,
Will rise up and destroy the evil,
Or so the legends say.

From a parallel dimension known as Termina,
Ganon was able to circumvent the barriers,
Which divided the Sacred Realm from Hyrule,
And was able to dominate the land.

With an army of Terminians and fell beasts,
Ganon's mastery of Hyrule was swift and ruthless,
However, before Ganon could destroy them,
The Princess Zelda and the Master Sword vanished.

Ganon sought these two with all his power,
But he could not find the location of either.

The only thing that Ganon could find,
was a stone tablet.

On it, the words DIN, NAYRU, FAROE.

STORY (a.k.a Opening of Game):
Link and Arc are at Link's grandfather's house, listening to a tale being told in Old Terminian. They leave after the tale is told, but Arc leaves something behind. By the time Arc gets back it is very late. Travelling through the Greywood, they are attacked by Moblins. Link attempts to fend them off with his sword, but there are far too many and Link is too inexperienced. Link is knocked unconscious and Arc is dragged off kicking and screaming.

Link is later woken by a faerie who calls himself Pach. Link asks Pach to help him find Arc. Pach agrees to help if the Great Fairy in the Lost Woods will let him. As Link has had all of his possessions looted by monsters, he goes home to get his spare shield and then ventures into the Lost Woods.


The new HUD and part of a new map.


The entry to Pagus Village, the home of Link's grandfather

Outside PLAYER's house

Checking a postbox (engine not fully implemented)

In another area of the Greywood

Getting a sword

Main Programming: A Storm in the Desert (a.k.a Daniel Kennedy)
Main Spriters: Thomas Kennedy, A Storm in the Desert (a.k.a Daniel Kennedy)
Original Music Composed by: A Storm in the Desert (a.k.a Daniel Kennedy)
Beta Testers: 2awesome4apossum, seannet

Bearer for his shield engine and the inspiration I had for the 'Omega Engine'
Captain Goodnight for his MM Clock Engine and OOT Heart Engine (bless his little heart XD) and for the other part of the 'Omega Engine' inspiration
Hero of Fire for LTTP styled OOT houses
GearGOD for the Luminaire engine
Talman25 for the Big Poe sprite
aab for the Deku Baba sprite
No BODY for the Phantom Ganon sprite
Gourry Inverse for his Gossip Stone and part of his Clock Tower Clock Face sprite

2awesome4apossum for his support of the game while it was in its early stages. Without his support the entire project would have been derailed at an early stage.
Bearer and Captain Goodnight for inspiring the 'Omega Engine' and making me envious enough of their skills to begin to sucessfully carry it out.
My brother Thomas (Hoodlum4hire) for nagging me to 'get on with writing the code'.
aab for making a Deku Baba sprite and giving me a real challenge in coding the engine for it.

Engine v 3.7


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