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Zelda Projects / Re: LoZ: The Seventh Sage
« on: April 19, 2013, 03:19:16 am »
Been doing a lot of work on this, but alas it’s not the kind I can really screenshot and show.

-Arrows and bombs can now run out instead of being infinite. Needles and Deku Nuts will also be limited when I'm done rearranging the HUD to fit them.
-Progress on fixing the item use sprites
-Lense of Truth-esque ability is functional (next: need to figure out how to work the magic meter without 1000 picture files)
-Gossip stones can now give information when talked to while using said ability
-Can no longer select items you don't have
-Generic Hylian sprites
-Some tilesets updated
-Sheikah Convent mapped
-Some story details ironed out
-Added some things to the concept art section, particularly this promo I've been passing around

Zelda Projects / Re: LoZ: The Seventh Sage
« on: April 11, 2013, 05:45:46 am »
Yeah, I get you on the art thing. I find the general 'feel' of the palette of LTTP hard to imitate. I'm getting better though, and have plans to tweak Zelda/Sheik's sprites and the general color scheme of Moruge Marsh. Kinda surprised the MC tiles jump out as out of place though---I'm not using anything big and I recolored + reshaded them. Probably doesn't help though that the colors of Moruge Marsh are kinda "meh." That's what I get though for making the palette without checking it against the character who was going to be walking around in them.

Anyway, progress!

-LOTS of spritework lately. Basic Goron, Zora, and Gerudo sprites are done, and a fair share of LTTP sprites have been edited/imported. Some tweaks have been made to Sheik’s sprites.
-“Ankle deep” in water sprites complete
-Moruge Marsh mapping completed
-Snowpeak mapping completed
-Zora’s domain mapping about 85% completed
-Two new items/abilities conceptualized
-Parapa Canyon concept has stabilized. I had 3 different ideas for what I could do with this area and I’ve found a happy medium between them!
-Year system implemented—-allowing more changes to happen over the years of the game while having less of a workload on me


-Implement swimming + new abilities
-Fix menu error where you can select items you don’t have
-Mess around with 2D segments
-Refine quest log, puzzle log, and gossip stone gossip concepts
-Refine mid-game details and side quest concepts

Zelda Projects / LoZ: The Seventh Sage
« on: April 06, 2013, 05:46:43 am »

In the shortest terms possible, I'm making a LTTP styled fangame out of my interpretation of the unseen events of OOT from Zelda's point of view starting from her prophetic dream prior to the start of OOT and ending right before Link arrives at the final battle. This includes her 7 year life as Sheik, discovery of the mystical warp songs, and her own awakening as the leader of the sages. The game will feature areas seen in OOT as well as unseen areas returning from other games/new areas. I aim to have the general tone be a little darker than the series usually goes for, maybe around the level of dark-n-broody that Majora's Mask is at.

Gameplay will be somewhat different than your standard Zelda game. Your number of hearts stays low and enemies will take a lot to bring down---that is, if it's even possible to kill them in the first place. I aim to have 5 main dungeons plus several mini dungeons(plus areas that could be considered dungeons in themselves because of the work it takes to navigate them) and at least one optional dungeon. Zelda will have her own arsenal of items at her disposal, many of them new, but above all else your greatest asset will be your wits.

It's being built in RPG Maker 2k3, based on a LTTP engine crafted by Xfixium but aside from using that as a base the coding, writing, and additional art are all done by me. I am not particularly looking for collaborators, but if anyone wants to offer their hand in the realm of music or dungeon/puzzle/riddle design then my door is open, hah I am also keeping a play-by-play dev blog to keep track of my own progress.

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(most of these are sans the HUD because 1) the HUD is unfinished and 2) I haven't pasted the event that calls the HUD in every map yet, haha. some areas and sprites are still rough.)

Melodramatic screenshot of one of the first dungeons. The tiles are outdated.

A clipping of Moruge Marsh, an area vaguely introduced in Adventure of Link. It lays outside of Hyrule.

Little smidgens of Hyrule Field.

More Moruge Marsh.

Snowpeak Mountain.

Trailers & Gameplay Videos
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