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Martijn dh:
Thank you very much! Reading this after a long day at work really made my day!

I'm actually preparing to make this a legit game with fully custom resources. Just need to find one (or more) affordable spriters to round out the team and hopefully next time (in about 8 months from now) there will also be a kickstarter demo for you to check out. ;)

Martijn knows I've been lurking ZFGC on occasion to keep an eye on this game, but I figured I should make a post so my interest is on record. I think I've said it once or twice before, but I hold the same sentiment as Aero88's last post above. I am both amazed and inspired by this project.

I recently started playing the newest build. It had been a while since I played a demo and I had remembered the game fondly, especially the dungeons. The first dungeon is just like I remembered, and my appreciation for the dungeon design is even greater now. I'm really enjoying the new demo, so much that I'm having to force myself not to play it so I can get other important things done, ahaha. XD

Martijn dh:
XD And thank you very much, as well ofcourse!

Martijn dh:
And here is the latest news:
I've pretty much fixed every known bug this weekend. And now I'm trying to figure out how to best add in the new enemy/mechanical variations I wanted to see in the next cathedral level.

Aside from that, the rest of the time has been spend expanding the design document for future developments. I do apologize if the progress reports become a little bit shorter in the coming months. I've found that commisioning art takes a lot of prep work and reference materials, so I'm taking my time with it.

Progress report:

--- Code: ---0.25.22 (9 oktober 2021)
* Started work on new enemy: Cathedral Cyclops

0.25.23 (16 oktober 2021)
* Increased minimal jump distance for ledge jumping from bridges / elevated platforms (for more consistent gamefeel compared to jumping of walls)
* Fixed door to the final boss not opening
* Expanded snd scripting to remove sound stacking for container destruction, item collection (and a few specific other cases)
* Fixed issue where you would spawn in a pile of stones if you entered the area from a staircase beneath that pile and then died before entering another area
* Fixed issue where Link looks to be frozen while pushing some of the outmost corners of masking rectangles

0.25.24 (17 oktober 2021)
* Moving platforms now have a little delay after moving (to allow easier getting on/off)
* Fixed moving platform residual movement effect on character at end of paths
* Made slight progress tiling new cathedral level
--- End code ---

Martijn dh:
Weekly progress report:
Made a lot of progress tiling the cathedral level. Here are some of the intended rooms.


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