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Author Topic: [Revise]Alpha Wolfo/The Pack  (Read 9531 times)

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Re: [Revise]Alpha Wolfo/The Pack
« Reply #20 on: November 15, 2012, 05:37:34 pm »
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Uhm Max, I don't see any difference to the submission from when we rejected the idea the first time. If Linkwolf wants to revise his idea and submit that, than he should alter the OP. So there is not much to say. If you are reffering to the discussion, than no I don't like the befriending either.

Re: [Revise]Alpha Wolfo/The Pack
« Reply #21 on: November 15, 2012, 09:17:41 pm »
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Haha, yeah, I was referring to the discussion, the OP is still the same :D


Re: [Revise]Alpha Wolfo/The Pack
« Reply #22 on: November 15, 2012, 09:26:00 pm »
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Personally, I don't like the befriending a wolfo thing, it confuses me. Why would a creature you attack be friendly after you defeat it? it's a wild animal. I just don't think it would add much positive to the game, when there isn't any particular reason you would need a wolfo to do something for you. Maybe some other moderator has a different opinion?

I think the strength of the wolfo enemy is that they're like a notch down from Miniboss, they're difficult to kill and only pop up as a battle before you can get into an area. Making them into a pack that befriends you and helps you tackle a maze thing takes away from some of this, I think.

Ah ok I'll see what I can do, was thinking about the monkeys from TP when I got the single wolfo befriending you idea.
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