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Author Topic: [MASSIVE] Zelda GBC+ Project Resource Dump  (Read 1692 times)

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[MASSIVE] Zelda GBC+ Project Resource Dump
« on: December 04, 2013, 02:42:27 am »
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I no longer have any time to work on this project, and Doubleteam has pretty much disbanded. Therefore, I am uploading as many resources as I can to this topic from our Dropbox folder. An important note: you will not be able to access the .mfa file without Multimedia Fusion 2, the latest update, and several extensions which can be found here. The project was always meant to be open-source, but very few resources were actually released to the public outside of the .mfa and .exe files. So, here is everything I can upload:

Engine Data Folder - This is the folder we would release in a .zip file each time we updated the engine
Sounds - A .zip file with all the soundbytes used in the current GBC+ Engine. .OGG format.
Engine.ini - An ini file used to keep track of variables in the engine.
Patch Notes - A .txt changelog for each update we released.
ReadMe - A manual for the .mfa file.
GBC+ Engine.mfa - The .mfa file for the engine.

Engine Dev Folder - This is the folder we used for dev files (files not to be released to the public)
Bug List - .txt format bug list.
Bricnic Bugs.doc - A bug list made by a volunteer from the Daily Click website. Bold comments detail possible causes and fixes for the bug.
An image of Link jumping while using the sword. We were working on using items with the Roc's Feather.
To-Do List - Not much, but it's what we would be focusing on in 1.3.0.
Journal.txt - Basically how we spoke to eachother when we weren't on Xfire at the same time.

Graphics - This is a big folder. We had split everything into subfolders, which are .zip files here.
Area 1.2.1.png - The area we would have used for the new 1.2.1 engine release. You can see from the house and shop that we had planned to have NPCs, text, and shopping included in the new release.
Effects.zip - Recolored effects from GBC and LttP. All .gif format.
HUD.zip - Files used for the HUD. You'll find some files in here that show our ambitions for multiplayer functionality.
Items.zip - There are three subfolders: Inventory, Overworld, Quest. Some items have not been recolored yet.
Link.zip - Link's animations. Only Green has all of the animations.
Maps.zip - The maps. Probably our best creations, aside from the engine.
Custom.zip - Includes files for two enemies: Mazaal (incorrectly named Godhan) and Giant Deku Baba.
Marin sprite sheet
Farore.zip - GIF images of Farore, recolored.
Reference.zip - Reference guides we used as we recolored and made custom sprites. The mockups folder has Marin's room--the fairy statue was intended to be used as a save feature, rather than the player having to die to save since he would not be able to push two keys at once to open the save menu in some cases.
Sheets.zip - Has some tilesets and a full sprite sheet for Link. Link's sheet has an added palette set for Four Swords colors.
Spawners.zip - We used these in the .mfa, but they would not be seen in the .exe.
Text stuff - The Excel and Word file show you how we planned to translate Unicode to special symbols.
Tiles and Objects - Random things that Link would interact with in the engine, and thus needed to be active objects--their own image.
Topography.zip - Water animations, portals, and quicksand in gif format.
GBC+ BG Palette - We used this palette for background images.
GBC+ Sprite Palette - We used this palette for sprite images like characters.

NES+ .mfa

Letter to the Staff and Fans:
   This Zelda engine began development in September 2010 when two young minds who met over the internet had a vision. Both were extreme fans of The Legend of Zelda, but perhaps neither fully understood precisely what Shigeru Miyamoto wanted The Legend to be. Two years full of ideas, brainstorming, and hard labor passed to create a close replica of the Gameboy Color engine that The Legend of Zelda games of that era ran on. Myself, along with Link125, Sgamer8t88, and Balloondude2, believed that our project should capture the original feel of those Zelda games and worked to make our engine as close to the original as possible. Just before the second anniversary of our start date, the entire staff of Doubleteam went on a hiatus and the “Zelda GBC+ Engine” became all but abandoned. Now, near the end of the third year, I have come to discover what The Legend of Zelda is meant to be. It is not an art to be recreated and replicated. A Legend such as the vision Shigeru Miyamoto had in 1986 should be continually imagined and expanded on by not only Nintendo, but by the fans who cherish the series so much.
          As stated in his excerpt from Hyrule Historia, Shigeru Miyamoto intends for The Legend to grow with the new technologies of the world, and the adventures in The Legend of Zelda will continue to thrive as long as endearing fans such as us love Hyrule. Therefore I have begun to think about following in Miyamoto’s words. Doubleteam and the Zelda GBC+ Engine may no longer strive to replicate an original masterpiece, but attempt to become a marvelous entertainment value and work of art of its own accord. One of The Legend of Zelda’s strongest points is the power it has to adapt to new possibilities, including motion controls via the Wii. Now, since we have brought The Legend to the PC line, my aim is to consider the new possibilities of gameplay and story to bring Miyamoto’s words even more meaning and proof.

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