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Zelda Projects / Re: Alttp - Horn of Balance [demo 19]
« on: August 03, 2018, 05:16:16 pm »
Yes, I'm using GM:Studio2. Basically it's nice software and an improvement over GM:Studio1. If you're a serieus user that spends time optimizing games and such then I would recommend it. Just be mindfull that it comes with a few quirks:
- It contains annoying DRM where you have to log in (=2-step) every so often. On several occassions I've had to wait hours/a day for the software to recognize a reset password.
- The move from 1 to 2 might require you to up some of your coding habits (like declaring arguments before use in scripts). It'll make you a better coder through, just expect some time investment there.
- The software is constantly being improved which means every 6 months or so might find that you'll have to perform (minor) updates/optimization to previously functioning code.

As for my issue earlier today: I found more people having issues with this latest update so I ended up going back to an earlier version.

Zelda Projects / Re: Alttp - Horn of Balance [demo 19]
« on: August 03, 2018, 12:32:33 pm »
Go figure: I just finished the second to last issue I found and now my fps tanks to 45 (from 58-60) due to the latest GM:Studio update. Go figure ::) I really hate these newer GameMaker versions sometimes.

Anyway, I'll need some more days to fix stuff. I don't suppose any of you have tips to keep the Gamemaker Finish_Frame engine processing value of games in check?

Progress report:
Code: [Select]
0.19.71 (9 juli 2018)
* Fixed character shadow turning blue when walking over over while on a bridge
* Tweaked some doors after more playtesting

0.19.72 (21 juli 2018)
* Fixed a few minor depth issues
* Finally finished final Florine scene in Underwater Prison

0.19.73 (26 juli 2018)
* Fixed case of dissappearing staircase during water raising
* Populated the dungeon with all remaining containers

0.19.74 (27 juli 2018)
* Fixed some small depth issues
* Populated the dungeon with last enemies

0.20.00 (29 juli 2018)
* Finished area around the last of the cells
* Made it possible to collect arrows from chests without a bow
* Fixed blob spawning + added additional spawn state
* Tweaked some more small tweak to the dungeon
* Added extra state to default stalfos so they can now also fall from above
* Fixed issue with Stalfos getting stuck in cell doors


0.20.02 (30 juli 2018)
* Intro cave: Removed unfinished Murray Boss fight
* Intro cave: Flipper item replace by collectable bomb
* Intro cave: Removed door sound if entered from the outside
* Underwater prison: Added last missing containers
* Underwater prison: Removed map/compass pre-collected status (=was for testing; forgot to remove after)
* Underwater prison: Fixed some last tiling issues
* Underwater prison: Fixed blue blobs reacting to you while on a different floor
* Underwater prison: Blue blobs from above trigger sooner if link nearby
* Underwater prison: Tweaked a bunch of smaller stuff
* General: Reorganised how GML room data is stored (=data like bg music to play)
* Underwater prison: Fixed left door of boss not closing based on dungeon action order
* Underwater prison: Collisions with default transition terrain now only trigger if on the same depth plane
* Underwater prison: Fixed boss music not stopping after kill
* Underwater prison: Fixed end scene moving you to a placeholder location on overworld
* Underwater prison: Fixed oversight in escape puzzle once solved and returning
* Underwater prison: Fixed issue when getting flippers from main chest
* Underwater prison: Fixed some area's not getting displayed as flooded as intended

0.20.03 (31 juli 2018)
* Underwater prison: Fixed not being able to use the sword while walking on the walkway over water

0.20.04 (2 augustus 2018)
* Underwater prison: Improved performance for enemy movement
* Underwater prison: Improved performance for container drawing / detection
* Underwater prison: Improved performance further for mini-Moldorm AI when offscreen
* Underwater prison: Improved performance further for enemy sprite drawing

0.20.05 (3 augustus 2018)
* Underwater prison: Fixed some enemies getting stuck in solid action objects and terrain objects
* Overworld: Fixed tiling issue
* Sewers: Fixed tiling issue

Discussion / Re: how to convert images in hq2x
« on: July 30, 2018, 11:46:50 am »
No sweat.
What are you working on if I may ask?

Zelda Projects / Re: Alttp - Horn of Balance [demo 19]
« on: July 29, 2018, 10:20:46 pm »
I promised myself I'd release a new demo by the end of the weekend so here it is:

Note that I have only had time to do final playtesting on parts of the new dungeon. If you encounter any issues, or have feedback, be sure to let me know. I love to hear your opinions so I can keep making things better and better.

As for directions: To access the latest new dungeon walk up two screens from the starting position. You'll see an added entrance in the wall in the upper left.

I'll provide more information when I can.


EDIT: As expected (sigh) playtesting is yielding various minor bugs (and a few major ones). I'm already working to fix them (=8 of the 20 found are already resolved). Expect an improved demo in a few more days.

Discussion / Re: how to convert images in hq2x
« on: July 29, 2018, 07:43:27 pm »
One of the users here created image convertion software some years ago. I'll see if I can still find it for you.

Here is the original forum link to the program. This'll likely help you out.

Zelda Projects / Re: Alttp - Horn of Balance [demo 19]
« on: July 26, 2018, 10:07:20 am »
Almost there! My project at work is now well and good of the ground and going strong (after weeks of overtime) so I've finally got some time for a proper breather XD

I've finished the last dungeon scene last weekend. Expect the next demo after this next weekend.

Zelda Projects / Re: Alttp - Horn of Balance [demo 19]
« on: July 09, 2018, 05:21:28 pm »
Well, do try to not get totally burned out permanently. I'm hoping to see this reach completion!

Those are goals that we share XD

I'll probably skip on the NCFC this year so I don't have to rush the overworld after this dungeon. That'll give me the freedom to just add whatever for a while. Like chickens! Or more idle animations. Stuff like that that's fun to add just because I can. Working on a single dungeon for so long ideas have been piling up again.

Zelda Projects / Re: Alttp - Horn of Balance [demo 19]
« on: July 08, 2018, 10:20:34 am »
Just a post to mention that the next release is still being worked on. I got a little burned out on the project, between getting sick again, finding issues with NPC's following you, and getting a new project of the ground at work. But I'm back at it.

Currently the dungeon order is being edited. Players could appearently (to my shock) lock themselves out off finishing the prison through key usage, so that definatly still needs fixing. Not sure how long it will take since tiling, scenes and so on might all need editing depending on the solution I go with.


EDIT: And here is an overview of the latest progress made.
Code: [Select]
0.19.61 (28 mei 2018)
* Fixed funny bug allowing endless NPC spawning
* Did more bugfixing in regards to NPC respawn mechanics

0.19.62 (1 juni 2018)
* Added Florine to Underwater Prison
* Finally made it work with all the various other mechanics: NPC's can now also follow you to other Gamemaker rooms (=different floors/dungeons/etc) uninterrupted.

0.19.63 (2 juni 2018)
* Enemies can now interact with pressure plates (but only turned on for NPC's)
* Tweaked dungeon map some more

0.19.64 (9 juni 2018)
* Fixed character state when instantly changing to opposite direction while stopping to push pushable object
* Added extra intro scene with Murray
* Fixed: Murray not always laughing correctly during some scenes

0.19.65 (10 juni 2018)
* Connected dungeon to overworld
* Adjusted default screen transition to better account for following NPC's (so they get stuck less in closing doors)
* Fixed NPC walking into you if you walk in tiny bursts for a little bit

0.19.66 (17 juni 2018)
* Made more progress setting up Florine's scenes.
* Discovering more issues with NPC respawning that will need to be fixed

0.19.67 (29 juni 2018)
* Fixed a number of issues found with NPC respawning

0.19.68 (1 juli 2018)
* Rewrote Florine dialoog
* Fixed last (?) issues with NPC respawning
* Fixed Underwater endscenes not triggering based on NPC positioning

0.19.69 (7 juli 2018)
* Fixed errors when suddenly switching into the push state (from a walk state without a shield)
* Further tweaked Florine conversations
* Fixed error when a third textbox instantly follows others but has a different display speed.

0.19.70 (8 juli 2018)
* Tweaked breakable walls in prison
* Edited content of most chests in prison
* Retiled a number of rooms slightly
* Tweaked some drops and room layouts to hint at bomb usage at places
* Populated dungeon with containers
* Moved conditional doors, locked doors and keys around, changing the dungeon order a bit

Zelda Projects / Re: Alttp - Horn of Balance [demo 19]
« on: June 14, 2018, 06:02:04 am »
Thank you for the support.
I will be back with a new update next weekend.

Zelda Projects / Re: Alttp - Horn of Balance [demo 19]
« on: June 08, 2018, 07:30:10 am »
Some good and bad news.

Got the Flu for over a week now. It's slowly passing already but game progress is obviously halted shortly.

Since I've been bored so much recently I ordered an SNES mini and a (PC connectable) wireless SNES controller. Why is this good news? Well, I should now be able to look into making my game (better suited for) playable with a controller. Anybody interested in me spending time on that after this next demo?

Zelda Projects / Re: Alttp - Horn of Balance [demo 19]
« on: May 27, 2018, 08:38:50 pm »
And here is another update report:
So basically I'm working on the last major mechanic needed for the new dungeon (NPC's following you around). After all that the dungeon should be finished in a few days.

Status report:
Code: [Select]
0.19.57 (22 mei 2018)
* Fixed error when NPC tries to follow you to another floor
* Corrected NPC animations while following

0.19.58 (25 mei 2018)
* Improved NPC movement visuals furthers
* NPC now stops following if you walk into deep water
* Interacting with NPC's is now displayed as more then just “read”
* Finished map menu details for underwater prison
* Added extra secret room to underwater prison

0.19.59 (26 mei 2018)
* Added NPC respawn mechanics (=they follow you to another room and can still be found in that room if you leave them there – unless leaving a dungeon / area entirely)

0.19.60 (27 mei 2018)
* Added some prisoner messages for light lore
* Did some bugfixing in regards to NPC respawn mechanics

Zelda Projects / Re: Alttp - Horn of Balance [demo 19]
« on: May 22, 2018, 06:02:37 pm »
A friend asked me the other day as well. I'm kinda had two anwsers for him:

This next demo (end of next month hopefully) I'll have the third major dungeon done. After that I plan on reshuffling the overworld and making it feel more like a 1.0 release by the end of the year. It'll end on a cliffhanger storywise, but it should feel more like a short but full game.

After that... I think I might start on some dark world dungeons ideas or continue adding to the light world. Not sure yet. Honestly I've got so many idea's that I can spend many more years on this. I've also been thinking about quiting after version 1.0 to turn the engine into something completely original, but that might be a bridge to far without an actual  team.

Zelda Projects / Re: [Screens] The Legend of Zelda: Triforce Saga
« on: May 17, 2018, 05:31:59 pm »
Those gifs are impressive. Nicely done.

Zelda Projects / Re: Alttp - Horn of Balance [demo 19]
« on: May 13, 2018, 04:03:12 pm »
And here is another progress update:
Made lots of progress finishing the new dungeon and adding NPC's that can follow you (like Zelda in the lttp intro section). Also, I added some more NPC's. I made custom graphics for the right one (=Florince) since she'll play a larger part in the game and I needed something memorable. Feel free to give me some pointers as I feel there is still plenty of some room for improvement..

Progress made:
Code: [Select]
0.19.51 (30 april 2018)
* Made some more progress populating dungeon rooms with various objects
* Added various push objects / puzzles to the dungeon
* Fix issue: invisible Link if you jump out of the water instantly after coming up for air
* Now also correct depths while diving under the floors
* Fixed issue: jumping out of the water for a fraction if damaged by an enemy while swimming

0.19.52 (6 mei 2018)
* Added yet another room draining animation. (Almost done with these for thios dungeon)
* Redesigned my garden this weekend and achieved both enjoyment and soar hands and knees :)

0.19.53 (10 mei 2018)
* Added last remaining water flood and draining animations
* Populated dungeon with metal floors

0.19.54 (11 mei 2018)
* Added NPC reactions after text (like starting to follow you)
* Finished more areas of underwater prison
* Finished all minor cells in underwater prison
* Implemented some more minor room goals

0.19.55 (12 mei 2018)
* Added the ability for NPC to follow the player (although I still need to expand the NPC movement animations for this)
* Made progress designing the last prison room to add

0.19.56 (13 mei 2018)
* Almost fully implemented new NPC: the damsels from lttp
* Almost finished custom visuals for new NPC: florine
* NPC's will now continue to follow you as you walk to other rooms on the same floor

Current progress on underwater prison: 9* / 16
* Meaning all enemies / objects / grids / scenes / etc finished for that room

Audio / Zelda chords explained
« on: May 04, 2018, 07:47:53 pm »
Not my area of expertise, but maybe interesting for some of you:

Zelda Projects / Re: Alttp - Horn of Balance [demo 19]
« on: April 29, 2018, 08:26:59 pm »
And yet another update:
Code: [Select]
0.19.47 (22 april 2018)
* Made lots more progress on underground prison
* Tweaked ledge jumping (so less placement limitations remain)

0.19.48 (23 april 2018)
* Made more progress on underground prison rooms

0.19.49 (24 april 2018)
* Expanded save/load script so I can save more digits per variable (so I can also fit room coordinates when needed)
* Found a (gamemaker?) visible bug when an object depth becomes 4.699.880. No solutions in mind apart from redoing the entire depth system :S

0.19.50 (28 april 2018)
* Fixed some tiling oversights
* Added the last of the flooding animations
* Fixed oversight in game loading script
* Character can now walk over water if on a bridge
* Added visuals for waterfall stopping
* Added raising waterlevels for all other switches in waterprison
* Added first of the water draining sequences

EDIT: Screenshot of diving under bridges attached

Zelda Projects / Re: Alttp - Horn of Balance [demo 19]
« on: April 15, 2018, 08:51:58 pm »
Another progress report for those interested.

Code: [Select]
0.19.43 (6 april 2018)
* Added spiked rolls to underground prison
* Tweaked some collision grids
* Added new object: cracked blocks (destructable with bombs)

0.19.44 (7 april 2018)
* Transition objects are now also detected while in water
* Added transitions for swimming or diving to another screen

0.19.45 (14 april 2018)
* Added the ability to swim “under” some floors/walls while diving – still need to iron out some depth issues
* Redesigned underwater prison puzzle room

0.19.46 (15 april 2018)
* Added more room flooding animations
* Fixed visual bug due to mini-moldorm spawned at unintented specific positionings

Current progress on underwater prison: 3* / 16
* Meaning all enemies / objects / grids / scenes / etc finished for that room

Dungeon rooms done:
- Entrance room
- Final treasure room
- Final water trigger room

Progress report:
Code: [Select]
0.19.36 (24 februari 2018)
* Fixed red bari not splitting correctly

0.19.37 (18 maart 2018)
* Edited various rooms in the underwater prison dungeon

0.19.38 (25 maart 2018)
* Fixed glitch: visuals pushing containers not triggered

0.19.39 (26 maart 2018)
* Finished several rooms in the underwater prison dungeon
* Expanded functionality obj_waterfall_sprite
* Implemented new GML cleanup events
* Fixed room design where you could ledge jump into a wall
* Fixed a masking+depth issue for locked cell doors

0.19.40 (27 maart 2018)
* Water objects now better destroy attached objects when destroyed themselves
* Fixed forgetting to refresh water collisions ds_grids in some circumstances
* Found and fixed GML warnings: “ds_grid out of bounds during initialisation”

0.19.41 (28 maart 2018)
* Added sound effects to rooms filling up with water

0.19.42 (2 april 2018)
* Added new variant of conditional doors: cell doors without keyhole
* Made a serie of redesigns to underwater prison (=tiling, objects, enemy placements, etc)
* Added dungeon shortcut warp
* Improved deep water collisions
* Added water filling animation for more rooms
* Slowed down room flooding animations
* Added simple end scene for prison dungeon
* Tweaked some collision grids

Current progress on underwater prison: 2* / 16
* Meaning all enemies / objects / grids / scenes / etc finished for that room

Dungeon rooms done:
- Entrance room
- Final treasure room

Hi everybody. Sorry about the long absence. Aside from a brief vacation I got swamped with new projects at work and really needed to focus on that and other things for a while. That being said: no worries, the project is not dead.

The last thing I promised was an updated demo so I'll share that now. Basically it's exactly the same as the last demo, but with less glithes and a ton of performance improvements. You'll see fps counter at the top while in-game to keep track of the second one. If you feel like helping me out then please report any instance the fps drops below 60 fps so I now what area or actions I should try to improve further. Bugreports or other kinds of feedback are (as always) also always welcome!

New download
Demo version: 0.19.40
File Size: 19,24 MB (Zipped)
Screen Resolution: 320 x 240 (Changable)
Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/oljka3zb73puydo/Horn%20of%20Balance%20version%200.19.40%20Performance%20Test.zip

Zelda Projects / Re: Alttp - Horn of Balance [UPDATE ON DEMO 19 RELEASED]
« on: February 18, 2018, 11:08:02 pm »
A started I planned to release an improved demo today so people could help test performance, but a small glitch in the boomerang's bouncing behaviour bothered me so much (because I couldn't find the cause) that I ultimatly ended up spending the better part of the day just rebuidling the entire bouncing mechanic from scratch (also improving performance for that script by about 60% so it's not all bad). It's all about that polish.

Expect the improved demo by the end of next weekend. Sorry about the delay for those looking forward to it.

Weekly progress:
Code: [Select]
0.19.32 (12 februari 2018)
* Greatly reduced the use of (inefficient) view functions (that got in due to the Gamemaker migration)
* Increased efficiency some more collision scripts
* Tree drawing made more efficient

0.19.33 (13 februari 2018)
* Replace more of the inefficient view functions from the gamemaker migration
* Made more trees more efficient

0.19.34 (17 februari 2018)
* Various more coding improvements to boost performance
* Fixed tiling issue in the sewers
* Fixed issue in blob AI; now correctly only chases you if close enough
* Fixed collision magic powder vs anti-faerie

0.19.35 (18 februari 2018)
* Improved red boomerang wall bouncing performance and fixed bug where it would rarely bounce backwards
* Fixed boomerang being able to destroy walls (in specific situations)

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