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Characters / Mr. Wrong - Attorney at STFU
« on: July 12, 2007, 01:37:10 pm »
Hi, my name in ZFGC was originally Weapon, the artist and designer of spells (and certain maps) of Oracle of Life, in work with AoDC. [UNFORTUNATELY I never got around to finishing any sketches I did for the game  :( ]
I had changed my name to Alchemist, as Weapon didn't really "suit" me anymore, and yadda yadda, I'm talking too much.

Anyway, since I had originally planned to enter the character competition but I had no time to do so (due to school assignments...), I whipped up something really quick cuz HoF told me about the odd number of competitors at the moment!

So yeah, here's my character.
Um, you may notice it's almost exactly like "OBJECTION!" scene from Phoenix Wright. Well, that's because it is inspired by that scene, and the man pointing the two fat fingers at you, is based (drawn) off me in real life (yea! even the hat. Check out mug shots if you don't believe me).

I would really include a good story, if it hadn't been for the time constraints and the urgency of my work. Sorry about that, peeps.
But next Character Competition, I can guarantee a really detailed and original character of my own namely "The Alchemist" XD ; but no more from here!
*I'll submit more artwork if people like this*

-Optical mouse, Photoshop 7, Painter IX, 2 hours and good music-
EDIT: Changed the STFU! to SHUT UP. Read it like Bill O'Reilly would say it. PLEASE.


The morning sunlight splashed in through the side window into the packed courtroom, spilling onto wooden chattel and its occupants.
"Objection! Your Honor, although hearsay is allowed, this is corpus delicti, he shouldn't be allowed to submit otherwise evidence!" Lees jumped up and shouted, in alarm.
"What? Sure you can, you !@#$%!" Mr. Wrong retorted.
"Mr. Wrong, you cannot submit a-"
"SHUT UP! THIS IS !@#$%!"
"Your Honor, I call this act of deliberate provocation and-"
"ORDER! I demand order in the court! Mr. Wrong, should you-" the Judge was cut off before he could finish.
"SHUT UP!" Mr. Wrong shouted, clearly enraged.
"Arrest him and file for mistrial, officer" the Judge ordered.
The officer advanced on Mr. Wrong with a baton,
"Calm down Mr. Wrong, just calm down."
But with a movement as quick as a cat, Mr. Wrong leaped across his table and gouged the officer's eyes.  Screaming his trademark sentence, he delivered a swift kick to the officer's nuts, leaving him writhing in pain. Mr. Wrong later went on to win the case by threatening the Judge, and allowing no-one to speak. Not even himself.

Now, hailing from the sandy shores of Bondi where women are plenty and the surfs are large, Mr. Wrong enters the ZFGC competition to spread his infectious personality with only one thing and the only thing that ever stayed in his mind. "Shut up".


Name: [Mr.] Yu R. Wrong
Age: 24
Height: 182cm
Weight: 79kg
Buff?: Yes
Straight?: Yes
Married?!: No
Have my babies?: Shut up.
Occupation: Attorney at Law.
Weapon of choice: A gold knuckleduster with S T F U engraved on it.
Hero: Bill O'Reilly
Hates: Bill O'Reilly
What? You can't do that!: You shut your goddamned mouth.
Favourite quote: SHUT UP.
Favourite food: A nice bowl of shut up in the mornings.
Favourite drink: A steaming mug of shut up in the arvos.
Favourite past-time: Telling people to shut up.
Degree: Law degree from Harvard, got through university by partying hard and telling fat professors to SHUT THEIR F**KING CAKEHOLE.
Superpowers?: Yes
Tell us!: Shut up.
O rly?: No seriously. He tells people to shut up and they go away in utter defeat and regret. Yes, even the most badass people.

Oh, oh, lame, I know, but I had to have something up, sorry :P

EDITTT:: Mr. Wrong's weapon HAD to be added in, for you shall soon see what I have in store.

Graphics / Sunset Fields
« on: April 22, 2007, 10:10:24 am »
Scenery practice... Thought I'd put it up here, maybe for some criticism.

I should've made it bigger, though.

Entertainment / 2D Online games.
« on: April 02, 2007, 01:08:39 pm »
Heya people, I was wondering if anybody could recommend a good 2D MMORPG game for me, mainly to have a little fun for myself and to analyze the game for the development of Oracle of Life.

E.g. MapleStory, Myth War, etc...

**PLEASE do not mention Runescape. I HATE it.**

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