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Zelda Projects / [Engine Demo] tLoZ: Echoes of Aurelia
« on: June 23, 2012, 11:22:11 pm »

 - a 2D Zelda fangame in the tMC style -

By Bermuda Productions


This is one of many tales Hylian lore speaks of...

Every night when stars rose upon Hyrule, the Dreamkeepers watched over the slumber of the Hylians, from their place beyond the edge of reality.

But one fateful night, when the dreamers where heavy with worry, the Nightmares ascended from the darkness.

The Nightmares plagued the people and soon all hope was lost. With the source of their power withering, the Dreamkeepers began to dissappear.

That was when destiny had a chosen hero...

Traveling beyond the borders of the waking world, the hero felled the nightmares and brought back peace upon the dreams of the people.

The hope returned in the hearts of the Hylians.


Goal of this project is to create an authentic 2D "tLoZ" fangame with a Gameplay experience similar to that of Nintendo's 2004 Game Boy Advance title "tLoZ: The Minish Cap".
The game is created with Gamemaker 8.1. "Echoes of Aurelia" takes place in a surrealistic setting that is meant to make players wonder and immerse themselves in the world we have imagined.
The game does not try to fit anywhere in the Zelda timeline, though it does use content that has been introduced in the official Zelda titles.

The Dreamkeepers of Aurelia watch over the slumber of the Hylians. Their task is it to feed the realm of Hyrule with hope.
As Aurelia is formed by the dreams of the Hylians, it is not only a happy place.
The nightmares that plague the Hylians are threatening to bring peril over the Dream Realm.
An evil imp by the name of Alp is summoning ever more nightmares in the sleep of the Hylians bringing more and more danger to Aurelia.

Through a twist of fate, Link and Princess Zelda end up being torn into the realm of Aurelia. To save the princess, Link has to awaken the Dreamkeepers and learn a mysterious melody that has the power to drive the nightmares away: the Echoes of Aurelia.

Aurelia is the Realm of Dreams, guarded by the Dreemkeepers.
The world of Aurelia is created by the dreams of the Hylians and thus you can come across basically anything, nothing is really impossible in Aurelia.
Its landscapes are floating islands with elemental themes. For example, one continent is made of forests whereas another is shaped by great amounts of sand.

Echoes of Aurelia centers largely around the use of music to interact with and navigate through the world.
The Ocarina will see an comeback, in all its OoT glory with many new melodies and some old and trusted ones! Much like its sucessor in spirit, the Ocarina will be played by pressing different buttons. Play your song and Aurelia will listen!

.:Feature: the Whispering Woods:.
The Whispering Woods is the first continent Link travels to on his quest to save the realm of dreams.
It's a number of areas that consists of different kinds of forests. Deep within the Whispering Woods, Skyforest Shrine, lies hidden.

TLoZ: EoA features custom music. Original score written by Bermuda Productions own composer, InvertedMean.
Featured Songs @ Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/invertedmean/sets/th...zelda-echoes-of


Engine Demo - Download Link!

Gameplay Trailer, first look:
<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MXuPWnlcbPI" target="_blank">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MXuPWnlcbPI</a>

.:Final Comments:.
The game lays great emphasis on the gameplay experience by putting lots of devotion into well written lore, intelligent coding, artistic map design, and wonderful music.

Nintendo(the Legend of Zelda franchise, various sprites and sounds from various official Zelda titles), Moffett(sprite ideas), Linkus(various sprites), HelpTheWretched(sound effects), Desgardes(sprites), ndchristie(plant sprites), Xfixium(coding), Migokalle(sprites).

.:Support Bar(s!):.

Just copy any of these codes into your signature!:
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This topic will keep you updated with news and progress, more screenshots will be added over time and new music will be uploaded to our channel.

Graphics Requests/Archive / [MC] Mulldozer enemy rip
« on: April 11, 2012, 02:21:30 pm »
Have someone ripped these enemies from Minish Cap? I tried to search but found nothing, I also tried to create this topic in the MC/FSA Forum but it didn't let me.

Thanks in advance

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