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Other Projects / Re: Horn of Balance
« on: January 22, 2023, 09:27:54 pm »
And another weekend of development is behind us. Progress on the sounds is going swimmingly. Animations are going a little slower, but are coming along as well.

And I "finally" decided on a visual approach for the game's health pick-ups, magic pick-up and fairies. The concept from way back in my design document has always been that all things in this game's world are brought to life via sprites (= as in tiny magical spirits). It's still all subject to chance, but I pictured these sprites as small fireflies, that also acts as the player's basic hp/mp pickups. And spirits can also combine in the wild to turn into larger elemental sprites (which you can capture and carry along). One type (which I now added) will mechanically replace the standard alttp Fairy. Other future sprites will replace potions, a few items, and will maybe also add some extra functions in the future. Maybe I'll tell you some more about it in the future.

And to close out.
Here's the latest list of what's left to do before the public demo:
- 5x enemy visual to replace
- 12x 11x character actions visuals <-- PROGRESS: The pick up / throw animations are now done and implemented
- New Hp/Mp items <-- PROGRESS: Technically finished it this weekend but I want to add some extra detailing still
- Collectable fairies <-- PROGRESS: Technically finished it this weekend but I want to add some extra variations
- 8x effect visuals
- 63x 60x sound effect to replace <-- PROGRESS: With another 11 sounds incoming
- Demo dungeon flow tweaking
- Text engine font update
- Update PC controls to better match industry standards
- Full playthrough for testing

Progress report:
Code: [Select]
v0.26.159 (17 jan 2023)
* Fixed visual oversight during boss appearance scene

v0.26.160 (20 jan 2023)
* Fixed bug where containers could get destroyed multiple types in sequence
* Fixed sound overlap during subboss attacks
* Worked with sound engineer
* Implemented new visuals for hearts and small magic bulb
* Tweaked new visuals for breakable walls further
* Hero now turns around gradually into idle animations and opening master chests
* Replaced one more menu sound effect
* Hero turns around gradually when picking up, or buying, an important treasure
* Phased out one of the menu sound effects

v0.26.161 (21 jan 2023)
* Animated new visuals for picking up containers
* Made good progress implementing new animation
* Spend good deal of time researching the business side of things

v0.26.162 (22 jan 2023)
* Further edited and fully implemented pick up animations
* Created and implemented fairy replacement sprites

Other Projects / Re: Horn of Balance
« on: January 15, 2023, 09:23:45 pm »
The good news this week is that I've contacted a sound engineer and we're now cooperating to replace the large amount of original sound effects still in the game. The bad news: this game be big and complicated joh. I've been spending a large number of hours documenting and describing all the sounds and sound uses that need replacing. So I don't have any visual progress to show of right now.

Code: [Select]
v0.26.157 (10 jan 2023)
* Fixed error while throwing containers

v0.26.158 (13-15 jan 2023)
* Documented all sound uses in the game
* Implemented new sounds for opening and closing the ingame menu
* Found and removed some obselete textengine coding

Other Projects / Re: Horn of Balance
« on: January 08, 2023, 10:48:26 pm »
Just a quicky update today as it's gotten pretty late before calling it quits. Do check out the attached .gif if you want to see the latest new animations added.

Progress log:
Code: [Select]
v0.26.154 (6 jan 2023)
* Edited item spawn system so bushes and rocks no longer spawn bomb and arrows
* Recoded some parts of the textengine to allow for multiple more symbols and more than one foreign language
* Added a little extra pause in the text engine after sentences.
* Expanded textengine and textfiles to show who is currently speaking during the various conversations

v0.26.155 (7 jan 2023)
* Spend the day organizing (and expanding) media presence -- Got totally drained. It's a lot more taxing then game development

v0.26.156 (8 jan 2023)
* Spend the day experimenting to learn some basic functionality in Audacity
* Replaced a few more sound effects (not all for next demo)
* Contacted a sound artist
* Fixed text engine visual oversight
* Implemented extra debug functions for sound testing

Other Projects / Re: Horn of Balance
« on: January 02, 2023, 11:52:15 am »
And here's the latest progress update.

Progress report:
Code: [Select]
v0.26.149 (26 dec 2022)
* Implemented pallet swapper for bunny visuals
* Implemented new sword menu icons
* Finished implementing new statue enemies and tweaked their stats
* Fixed oversight where you were able to “talk” to more enemies then intended

v0.26.150 (27 dec 2022)
* Standardized and finished the all (=96) new sprites for the character swordsin all common directions
* Implemented new sword visuals during file select / victory animations
* Made progress implementing new sword swipe animations

v0.26.151 (28 dec 2022)
* Replaced a few more sound effects
* Tweaked character animation of file select screen
* Tweaked sword attack animations (+implemented sword and pallet swapping)
* Fixed flint item usage not overriding idle animations
* Fixed terrain overlay visuals reseting between character animations
* Fixed phantom after images during some animations (which were caused by alpha values used on screen surfaces)

v0.26.152 (29 dec 2022)
* Finished implementing new sword swipe attacks (all directions and swords)
* Worked a little on future animations

v0.26.153 (30 dec 2022 – 1 jan 2023)
* Created and implemented new visuals for all the grab, push and pull animations

With the following list left before the next demo:
- 6x 5x enemy visual to replace <-- PROGRESS: One more type of enemies converted
- 16x 12x character actions visuals <-- PROGRESS: The default sword swings for all swords are now done. As well as the grab/push/pull animations
- New Hp/Mp items
- Collectable fairies
- 8x effect visuals
- 67x 63x sound effect to replace
- Demo dungeon flow tweaking <-- Finding it too hard to delete existing rooms so I'll be moving existing rooms too hard for the demo to later dungeons
- Text engine tweaking + font update
- Update PC controls to better match industry standards
- Full playthrough for testing

Other Projects / Re: Horn of Balance
« on: December 11, 2022, 10:58:25 pm »
Sorry, no screenshot this week. There's lots of good progress in several areas, but not everything is fully completed yet. And I don't want to spoil things like the revamped subboss that has now been finished. Also note that I´ve also spend a good while to lay the groundwork for further progress during the rest of the month via new art commissions.

Finally I´m happy to report that my favorite spriter `Kohari` is now an actual teammember. Meaning she´s become THE spriter for this project and will be helping me prepare with the Kickstarter etc when the time comes. We´ve already worked with each other 9 times by now, so I´m quite happy to have been able to make the cooperation a little more official.

For those of you that (also) like to see list shrink over time. Here's what's still left before the next demo is fully done:
- 6x enemy visual + tweaking
- 16x character actions visuals
- New Hp/Mp items
- Collectable fairies
- 8x effect visuals
- 67x sound effect to replace
- Demo dungeon flow tweaking
- Text engine tweaking + font update
- Update PC controls to better match industry standards
- Full playthrough for testing

Progress report:
Code: [Select]
v0.26.138 (5 dec 2022)
* Created animations for demo subboss

v0.26.139 (6 dec 2022)
* Tweaked character tunic colors, to better stand out
* Prepared new art commissions
* Made progress implementing new subboss sprites

v0.26.140 (7 dec 2022)
* Formulated new sprite commissions

v0.26.141 (8 dec 2022)
* Tweaked demo subboss room tiling slightly
* Made progress implementing new demo subboss spritework
* Fixed small visual during appearing of subboss 1

v0.26.142 (9 dec 2022)
* Finished implementing new demo subboss visuals (including scenes)
* Edited subboss entrance scene
* Hero now rotates into ingame victory animation
* Cleaned up some of the coding behind the older character visuals

v0.26.143 (10 dec 2022)
* Made progress implementing new visuals sword attack animation
* Further formulated art commissions

v0.26.144 (11 dec 2022)
* Tweaked new visuals for upgraded swords (about 1/2 of the sword visuals now updated)

Other Projects / Re: Horn of Balance
« on: December 04, 2022, 07:46:38 pm »
Progress report:
Code: [Select]
v0.26.135 (1 dec 2022)
* Create and implement new HUD visual for bombs

v0.26.136 (3 dec 2022)
* Tweaked several colors in the HUD and menu slightly
* Updated menu descriptions for several menu items
* Added new visuals for the bomb capacity upgrades
* Added menu descriptions functionality for a few more quest items
* Added new visuals magic attack rod of Medu

v0.26.137 (4 dec 2022)
* Tweaked visuals rod of Medu magic attack
* All quest page items now display a description text
* Updated text for collecting bomb capacity upgrades
* Visuals for collecting bomb/arrow capacity upgrades now better take into state and amount of bombs/arrows collected
* Implemented replacement item for the mushroom

Other Projects / Re: Horn of Balance
« on: November 27, 2022, 10:36:41 pm »
Progress report:
Code: [Select]
v0.26.131 (23 nov 2022)
* Made progress animating another enemy

v0.26.132 (25 nov 2022)
* Created/edited new visuals for hammer, shovels and net items (+ implemented them with flavour texts)
* The shovel can now be bought from the shop near the start of the game
* Made progress implementing new enemy sprites

v0.26.133 (26 nov 2022)
* Worked with artist on new sprites
* Implemented new menu icon replacement visuals for flippers, gloves, boots and rod of medu

v0.26.134 (27 nov 2022)
* Worked with artist on more spritework
* Slightly tweaked menu visuals some more
* Murray now has a single line of description to say for many menu items

Other Projects / Re: Horn of Balance
« on: November 20, 2022, 09:28:10 pm »
There a still a few lurkers on the forum it seems. Good to know!
Here's another screenshot of some progress.

Progress report:
Code: [Select]
v0.26.128 (18 nov 2022)
* Tweaked ingame menu colors some more

v0.26.129 (19 nov 2022)
* Edited and implemented new visuals for one of the old demo dungeon enemies

v0.26.130 (20 nov 2022)
* Fixed small longstanding masking oversight in a demo dungeon room
* Fixed freeze after trying to open big key doors without a big key
* Disabled journal menu page (for now)
* Replaced a few more sound effects
* Fixed missing effect if return warping between worlds after colliding despite using the return warp tile

Other Projects / Re: Horn of Balance
« on: November 13, 2022, 07:22:12 pm »
Not sure how many still follow me on here with my Discord and Twitter channels also existing. (Well, we don't know for how long in the case of Twitter I guess  XD). But here is another screenshot of a new animation frame and some hints for new item visuals.

Progress report:
Code: [Select]
v0.26.124 (8 nov 2022)
* Implemented new item visuals for cloak

v0.26.125 (11 nov 2022)
* Implemented item icons replacements for fire and ice weapons (and updated flavortext etc)
* Implemented new item: flintstones (as pre-firerod item)
* Fixed visuals when wearing monocle in the dark

v0.26.126 (12 nov 2022)
* Put out new sprite commissions
* Made ingame cursor colors conditional

v0.26.127 (13 nov 2022)
* Implemented new character animation for replacement warp item
* Tweaked flint usage to prevent flame spam
* Fixed tiling issue demo dungeon
* Fixed world warping so there is even less chance to get stuck in walls (or exploit the game)
* Made minor visual tweaks to the ingame menu

Other Projects / Re: Horn of Balance
« on: November 06, 2022, 10:42:04 pm »
Progress report:
Code: [Select]
v0.26.121 (4 nov 2022)
* Implemented latest idle animation
* Finished file selection page setup
* Tweaked idle stretching animation
* Dropped old idle animations
* Added new tunic items
* Recoded setup behind tunics to be able to switch between them, with each now having pro and con properties
* Fixed tiling issues in debug areas
* Made progress implementing pallet swapping setup for the main character

v0.26.122 (5 nov 2022)
* Finished implementing character pallet swapping
* Dropped health alarm sound for diagetic feedback via the character sprite

v0.26.123 (6 nov 2022)
* Tweaked menu color pallets
* Tweaked character tunic color pallets
* Made it easier to read and talk via the action button
* Tweaked file select visuals slightly
* Tweaked walking animation visuals

Other Projects / Re: Horn of Balance
« on: October 30, 2022, 08:07:47 pm »
Progress report:
Code: [Select]
v0.26.119 (27 okt 2022)
* Tweaked content of two dungeon 1 rooms
* Changed normal/rusted floorbutton colors
* Experimented with walk animation to make it feel more intuitive while walking north

v0.26.120 (29-30 okt 2022)
* Updated menu colorpallets
* Wasted nearly a day trying out new shader warp effects – not happy with the results just yet
* Made progress updating the pallet swapper shader to also work for the new hero sprites
* Settled on new tunic color pallets

Other Projects / Re: Horn of Balance
« on: October 23, 2022, 08:06:30 pm »
Took a little vacation last weekend, but I'm back to developing again.

Progress report:
Code: [Select]
v0.26.112 (12 okt 2022)
* Minor visual tweakes to map menu page

v0.26.113 (17 okt 2022)
* Made minor tweaks to new incoming tiles/sprites
* Worked more on the new warp transition effect

v0.26.114 (18 okt 2022)
* Worked more on the new warp transition effect

v0.26.115 (19 okt 2022)
* Implemented new visuals for health upgrades (+updated coding to match new terminology)

v0.26.116 (20 okt 2022)
* Tweaked visuals for health upgrades
* Implemented new visuals for wealth in the menu

v0.26.117 (22 okt 2022)
* Implemented new visuals for magic upgrades (+adjusted text when getting them)
* Implemented replacement sprite for mirror item
* Made progress on the file selection screen

v0.26.118 (23 okt 2022)
* Animated (last) idle sequence

Other Projects / Re: Horn of Balance
« on: October 09, 2022, 06:31:17 pm »
Finally finished the updated final boss and even managed to add in a simple intro phase.
Also, playing around with shaders again to build a replacement screen transition for warping between worlds. The attached gif is of the WIP results, using some screenshots I had lying around.

Progress report:
Code: [Select]
v0.26.110 (7 okt 2022)
* Finished implementing all new final boss sprites
* Tweaked a few minor aspects to final boss fight
* Tweaked masking for grabbing/interacting with action objects (=now need to stand closer to interactable objects, but gives better consistency with action button context text)
* Added additional intro phase to final boss fight
* Added transition between final boss phases
* Added extra signaling to highlight boss final weakness (after a little while)

v0.26.111 (8-9 okt 2022)
* Worked with artist on new character frames
* Figuring out how to better record gifs
* Got back into shaders to develop a replacement screen transition for world warping

Other Projects / Re: Horn of Balance
« on: October 02, 2022, 08:39:41 pm »
Quicky update as I'm feeling a little sick atm.
Making good progress on character animations this week. I don't want to celibrate to fast but it seems like I've found 2 reliable animators I might be able to work with more in the future (if there agenda's allow it). Also, put out a commission for the first few tiles needed in the overworld.

Progress report:
Code: [Select]
v0.26.107 (30 sep 2022)
* Worked with artists on a few more animations

v0.26.108 (1 okt 2022)
* Worked with artist on another hero animation
* Implemented few tweaks based on tester feedback
* Fixed HUD button indicators not updating directly after switching controls in the ingame menu
* When interacting with locked doors/blocks without (the correct) keys you now get an explaination text instead of the hero starting to push it
* Made new sprites for the early dungeon treasures

v0.26.109 (2 okt 2022)
* Put out new tileset commission
* Worked with artist on another hero animation
* Tweaked existing character animations
* Tweaked dungeon 1 entrance room
* Recoded parts of destructable objects
* Due to popular demand from testers: added option to cut up the banners in the demo dungeon
* Performed minor fixes and tweaks to final boss AI
* Made progress implementing last new sprites for final boss

Other Projects / Re: Horn of Balance
« on: September 25, 2022, 08:50:32 pm »
Progress report:
Code: [Select]
v0.26.105 (23-24 sep 2022)
* Animated (and implemented) growing health/magic bars
* Recoded logic behind gaining more maximum mp
* Fixed error encountered on title menu
* Fixed issue with max health value not saving properly
* Implemented new visuals for wall master style enemy
* Tweaked wallmaster timing and masking to accomodate new visuals

v0.26.106 (25 sep 2022)
* Updated visuals for currency (after lots of experimentation)
* Changed currency values

Other Projects / Re: Horn of Balance
« on: September 18, 2022, 05:42:18 pm »
Got a little drained last weekend, so I had to skip the progress report. But now I'm back and making some nice progress implementing the latest art commissions.

Progress report:
Code: [Select]
v0.26.101 (10-11 sep 2022)
* Worked with artists on several new sprites and animations
* Refined “mirror” replacement animation

v0.26.102 (16 sep 2022)
* Tweaked final boss sprites
* Put out new animation commission

v0.26.103 (17 sep 2022)
* Implemented new visuals for falling into abyss and falling to a lower floor
* Implemented new visuals for victory animation on file select screen
* Recoded parts of the code behind drawing the main character on the file selection screen
* Implemented new visuals for victory animation upon collecting dungeon goal items
* Dropped old dancing idle animation (=new game will have 1 less replacement idle animations)

v0.26.104 (18 sep 2022)
* Implemented new visuals for king NPC
* Tweaked and implemented new frames for reseacher NPC
* Tweaked dungeon 1 goal collection scene
* Fixed visual issue with new Murray visuals
* Fixed NPC's not correctly looking sideways while talking to them
* Fixed error after the scene to close off the demo dungeon
* Made progress implementing more new sprites for final boss
* Replaced a few more sound effects

Other Projects / Re: Horn of Balance
« on: September 04, 2022, 08:37:18 pm »
Changed the HUD some more. Also, you can see the new item that replaces the book (and will replace the lantern lateron).

progress report:
Code: [Select]
v0.26.98 (31 aug 2022)
* Replace a few more sound effects
* Added better quality versions for a few sound effects

v0.26.99 (2 sep 2022)
* Implemented new visuals for Book of Mudora
* Fixed error in text engine for text longs texts that need to be displayed instantly

v0.26.100 (4 sep 2022)
* Combined lantern light effect into the new translation item
* Reading ancient languages now longer requires you to use the translation item. Just reading while having the item is now enough.
* Cleaned up old book coding
* Updated visuals text engine cursor
* Repositioned HUD item boxes

Other Projects / Re: Horn of Balance
« on: August 28, 2022, 03:45:11 pm »
Had the week off so quit a bit of progress was been made over the last couple of days:
- Murray has been redesigned to better fit with the new artstyle. (Still has the same personality though. Some things are just impossible to fix)
- The makeover for the final boss is now halfway done (with the next batch of art to be commissioned soon)
- Implemented new animations. Our hero can now walk, carry around items and transition between rooms with the new assets.

Progress report:
Code: [Select]
v0.26.93 (22 aug 2022)
* Tweaked floor button sprites while pressed
* Implemented new visuals for stunned effect
* Tweaked final boss visual indicators
* Reorganised number of custom sprite resources
* Tweaked HUD fonts
* Money counter now also shows up when collecting something while at max value (to show that you are at max value)
* HUD counters now show green numbers when at maximum
* Counters on equipable items now also turn green when at maximum
* Switched HUD hp and mp bars
* Added option to flip HUD element placement horizontally
* Finished “Enter name” screen edits

v0.26.94 (23-24 aug 2022)
* Created new sprites for Murray and his family

v0.26.95 (26 aug 2022)
* Implemented new visuals for Murray and his family
* Spend some cleaning up the stable unavoidable syntax error warnings as part of using GMLive extension
* Added facial expressions to Murray (during scenes)
* Replace sprites for dark world dungeon treasures

v0.26.96 (27 aug 2022)
* Restructured how new character animations are stored and implemented behind the scenes
* Tweaked and implemented new sprites for walking
* Added some extra debug functions that will help with future .gif creation
* Worked on sprites for walking while carrying

v0.26.97 (28 aug 2022)
* Tweaked and implemented new sprites for walking down winding stairs
* Implemented new sprites for ledge jumping
* Implemented new sprites for picking up items / opening chests
* Implemented new sprites for walking while carrying
* Simplified character shadows: now drawn as semi-transparent sprites, rather then via sprites with color manipulation based on collisions with underlying terrain types

Other Projects / Re: Horn of Balance
« on: August 23, 2022, 10:47:39 am »
Just a quicky update to let you all know that I am now also present on twitter: https://twitter.com/HornofBalance

It's still brand new, so feel free to share any good follow recommendations related to game development.

Other Projects / Re: Horn of Balance
« on: August 21, 2022, 09:41:51 pm »
Progress report:
Code: [Select]
v0.26.89 (18 aug 2022) – GML update
* Replaced a few more old sound effects
* Upgraded to the latest GML version

v0.26.90 (19 aug 2022)
* Wasted almost a full day due to new encounter GML debugger bugs
* Tweaked and expanded new final boss spites
* Started work on implemented final boss neck sprites
* Fixed final boss depth issue

v0.26.91 (20 aug 2022)
* Implemented new final boss neck and head visuals

v0.26.92 (21 aug 2022)
* Encountered a very severe bug in the GM:Studio version 2022.6.xx instance_create_layer function. Rolled back to 2022.5.2.13 and that seems to be able to continue development
* Finished work on final boss so everything is tuned to the (first batch of) new visuals
* Put out next animation commission

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