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IN a word no... not on anything, not this or the project on which i'm helping. Its  just awful atm, too much work and feeling exhausted
I apologise


I am sorry, work is hellishly busy.
They laid of several people and now there are too few of us to do everything.
I will again though.


Well i've not got in too far.
I've gone into it blind so far to see how it is if one just dives in... SO the first few points may not be all that helpful.

1. I assume its part of the  software that you can it use the mouse to select menu things? SO there's probably nothing to do there?
2. The opening text is nice good i like it (The WW reference works well)  would you consider a slightly more interesting font? Or would that be distracting?
3. The music is working well :)
4. The graphics i can see what you mean it would be nice to have a more individualistic feel Also they feel a little flat, i see shadows on the fence and the trees and the stump bit not on the characters... except Link, and his is quite stark.
5. The font is just fine for dialogue it makes things very legible.
6. Is there any chance for something like a cloud overlay as in LttP or am i too early to tell?
7. Not being able to go off the left side of the screen feels odd as there is no visible barrier... and yet you can when you go down to the road
8. Ordon seems quite spread out for a start
9. Typos in Shad's dialogue ('swamming' with monsters/if 'your' interested)... plus Shad's kind of a jerk :p :)
10. How does one save?

I'll let you know more when i have a chance to really give it some time

Would you like responses here?

Aghhh... i will, i got distracted, but for sure i will


I wish i could help, but the other project is definitely taking my time

I have no idea about the image resize but i will try

OK! I did it :)
instead of [img]

use [img width=   ]
[img size= ] doesn't seem to work
i'm using size=300


Thank you so much for posting this :)
It looks really great, i looked at the video too :).

I really wish i could help, it looks like such a good project and that you have already made a lot of progress. Which is a major plus.

Sadly it also looks like you would need a lot of assets, more than i could help with since I am already helping out with another project (not Zelda, but Zelda influenced)  which is eating up a lot of my time and creativity and i wouldn't want to short change you (even assuming you liked my art).

In addition you need good pixel artists and if its not traditional media (especially pencils or ink) i'm kind of all at sea anyway.

Spelling and grammar and general prose i could probably help with... if that would be useful, and i'd be willing to playtest... on the understanding that i'm not hugely experienced with turn based RPGs.

When i comes to maps... Campaign Cartographer is actually pretty good, if i am understanding what you mean (ie. for creating graphics, not placing playable items), it might be worth a look?

Truly, all the best with this, it looks fantastic. I'll sign up to dropbox and download it.

 Edited to add:
Oh, Oh SpritingBrad's pixel art looks awesome. I don't know if he's working on something else, but maybe you two could talk?
Am i interfering too much... its ok to tell me to stop if needs be.

Feedback / Re: Login/register
« on: June 13, 2022, 03:53:23 pm »
I gave him the discord link. :)

On Zelda Universe he is "Jotari"

Feedback / Re: Login/register
« on: June 13, 2022, 10:02:24 am »
I helped him with the answer, but he's not getting the confirmation email now :(

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