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I've worked on a Gameboy-styled Pokemon engine previously and decided to restart some work on it because Zelda coding was giving me slight headaches. Some of the features I was working on then haven't been integrated into this current working engine - namely having an overworld Pokemon follow Ash, animating water tiles, and going into buildings. The stuff in this one though is worth putting out now.

Download Link:

Current Features:
- Grid Movement
- Ledge Jumping
- NPC/Sign Text
- NPC Movement

The first two are obvious, the second two I am a little proud of. I got the text engine to animate and work correctly without relying on refreshing the screen in a for-loop, using sleep, and not using keyboard_wait. The entirety of the text can be contained in a single string. When it is drawn, it can go to the next text line, wait for z to be pressed to go to the next line, or wait for z to be pressed then "clear" the lines and keep going. All the NPCs are stopped when Ash reads a sign or talks to an NPC - if they are moving they can even be frozen mid-step appropriately.

The NPC movement is also something cool. An NPC can not move at all and never have to return to a direction (a simple sign), can not move at all and return to a direction (standing Professor Oak), can not move at all but can still change directions, can only move horizontally or vertically, or can move in all directions. The engine shows off all of those kinds of movement. It should be noted that for each NPC the value for such things much be set in the room editor, control + right clicking on the NPC instance, and then setting the creation code. Also even though the NPC movement code checks for the absolute boundaries of the room, in the actual game the rooms are fully bounded by objects so that code can be removed later.

Even though it is not in the engine, getting the menu system worked into this wouldn't be as difficult as the text engine due to the menu text not being animated. Additionally things like doors, stairs, and grass collisions would just be done through checks when Ash is on a 16 x 16 tile (something like grass would only be checked once though otherwise just standing on grass for a while would trigger something). I'll throw in more features later!

I propose Zelda Classic for Pokemon-style games, wouldn't that be fun?

I know this old but it crashes when opened in GM8 pro.

That is odd I made it in Game Maker 8 Professional edition; albeit that last part was suspiciously attained. I guess I could put it out sometime in Game Maker 7 - it really doesn't require any features not found in Game Maker 7 Lite.

I dunno, just about anything I donload from the zfgc's database always seems broken(but downloaded from else where  seems fine)


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