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What new forum features would you want to see?

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Given the age of ZFGC's current software (11 years), it's obviously missing some modern features. None of which we can guess would be the most beneficial. From the user's perspective, what features would you see as the most useful that we don't currently have?

Hot or Not rating system

Oh baby ;)

not so much a feature but a modern, simpiflied clean theme so that the place looks more fresh/alive and aesthetically pleasing. otherwise, some forum software has a question/answer or resolved topic feature which would be really nice for request topics here.

A new look is definitely in consideration, because yea this 2006-theme is gross. 

So for q/a and resolved topic, do you mean like a special kind of thread like a poll, but can be used to ask a specific question (or request) and can later be marked resolved when said question has been answered?


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