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A long time ago when I was a teenager who had a dream of creating a Zelda game, I started making one.
I built my skills in Game Maker, and eventually made an engine that resembled what a somewhat Game Boy Zelda felt like,
I was determined to not use any example files, and I was determined on learning instead of copy and pasting.
I created an alpha build of Zelda: Forever Nightfall which featured a text engine, shield, sword, and save features.
After that, I stopped the project and started a project called Silent Echoes. It went from 2d to 3D, and then I gave up on it.
Now, going back to the gameboy style I am used to, I am starting up my Zelda game project once again with improved story, game-play, and feel.

The style is more of a Zelda Ocarina of Time meets Game Boy Zelda games.
This game starts off similar as Forever Nightfall, but without the cringey story I wrote for it.
This game is going to tackle on why Demise have hatred for the goddesses. I already have the intro written out, but I think I won't spoil that until the milk demo is fully completed.

While I have you all waiting, I will link my old cringey Zelda game demo here. The very beginning of gameplay is very similar to this where you have to receive the shop keeper's inventory from the monster.

It's an incomplete buggy mess. You were warned.



(I will properly write the names of the rippers momentarily)

I look forward to what you come up with!

Well, I changed operating systems because it was hard to work on this on Linux, and somehow my flashdrive corrupted after I installed Windows 10... :'( Starting this over. I'll just use the original Zelda OOS or OOA sprites instead of the recolors because it's easier to keep tract on crediting.

Anyways, here's the video of the intro.

I wish you the best of luck.

Concept is promising. I'll hope for its release eventually.


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