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Hello all, I've been absent for quite some time, but today I'm making somewhat of a return lol.
I'm looking for a few spriters to join Rayo, spritingbrad, and myself in turning one of my original mangas titled "Keys to Xerona"  into a game.

We are going for a Minish Cap type game, we want to have a sprite style similar to Minish cap but still original. I was heavily inspired by the Zelda Franchise to write this manga. I thought to myself one day hmmm there aren't really any Zelda like manga out ( this was before I knew about the actual Zelda mangas that are out.

Anyways I'll post a few manga pages below, if anyone's interested feel free to comment here or PM me and we can talk more specifics.

Thanks for your time


Entertainment / DBSQ KickStarter
« on: March 23, 2013, 05:40:54 pm »
Hello I am looking to spread the word on my project on kickstarter , Dragonball SQ which can be found here http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1775666028/dragonball-sq
Dragon Ball SQ is an online animated series based off of a fan comic I created ( it's in the middle of being completely redrawn) which you can find here 
[url]http://moffett1990.deviantart.com/gallery/36113728[url]I'm sharing this with all of you to see if you could spread the word or go to the site and donate for this project even if it's just a dollar every dollar counts.thank you for your time 
- D.Moffett

Check out this DBZ comic I started !  ;) for the colored version click the link

Graphics Requests/Archive / MC graphic request
« on: January 06, 2012, 05:38:45 pm »
I'm looking for the bubbles for the lava in MC style dies anyone have them ? I'm also looking for the dungeon tiles where the lava is I have some but not enough If anyone cam help me it would be appreciated

Zelda Projects / The Legend Of Zelda :The Flute Of Elements
« on: May 19, 2011, 01:08:14 am »
This is a game I have been working on for a while now it uses
Minish Cap graphics and the Game is being made with Sahittam's Engine
I have got some help on the a few sprites and some coding from Rayo
but other then that I have been making the story and maps and sprites on my own :-/

I will be putting up some concept art soon.
Once I get a Good Demo done I will put that up along with some screen shots
(Here is a link to the thread with all the sprites for the game)


Here is the story so far :

Long ago...... when the hero defeated the dark one the lost world of Hyrule was washed away along with the Triforce and the sword of evils bane , when the hero and the princess returned from the underwater castle they set off to find a new land they found that land and they called it new Hyrule the land flourished they built a new castle and towns and everything was peaceful until one day havoc reeked and the hero was no longer around to fight off the evil , the three goddess din Nyru and fore were forced to come lock away the evil their self and before they left they reforged an item just as powerful as the Triforce ( or the Triforce ) and planted it within the blood lines again so that if this ever happened again a hero would arise to stop the evil
then the many yrs later screen
(Black Screen) Father: HAPPY BIRTHDAY SON!!!.... (Room Comes In)
(Player is in bed) Father: Sorry to wake you son,
but i just had to be the first say Happy Birthday to you.
When you get out of bed, come down stairs and talk to me
because i have something for you!.
(Father Walks Down Stairs) (Player yawns and jumps out of bed) (Game Starts)

(After Player goes down stairs) (Father walks up
to Player and gives Player a gift "Item - shield") (Father:
Player you should go into town and talk with everyone!.) you go to leave
and father says (oh yeah son take this too i found this on the beach this morning
i have no use for it maybe you will) player receives bottle(when you walk outside
your house you hear a weird sound ( link looks around then down he then pulls
out the bottle there appears to be something in it link opened it and a fairy comes
out of it and spins around link then says thank you, you don't know how long
Ive been inside that bottle,(.............) how did i get in there its a long story are you sure you
want to know link shakes his head yes then another scene shows i was flying
threw the woods about three days ago when out of nowhere someone jumped
out and caught me in this bottle i screamed for him to let me out but he wouldn't
he then walked to a cliff and threw me off into the ocean the bottle floated here
to the beach where Ur dad found me....do you think i could stick with you I don't know
my way around these parts (you then get the option to say yes or no but if u do
it will basically ask until u do say yes...(When Player enters second part of map)
(Farmer Joe: Hey Player!, Happy Birthday.is that a fairy.pretty neat.well heres a gift
"NPC gives Player "Item - Wallet") (Player then enters town) (CutScene: Guards
walk Zelda through town, Player then gets in the way and Guard pushes Player
out of the way, the fairy then notices something shiny and tells link to check it out.)
(Player picks up object "You have found Princess Zelda's Royal Flute",
you should return this to her immediately!!.)

(Player then goes to the castle) (Guards: NO ONE IS ALOUD THROUGH!!!!
(Player then tells Guard about the item) (One Guard then goes inside)
(Guard: Princess Zelda says that she wants to thank you face to face.)
(Guard then takes Player into castle to Zelda) (Guard tells Zelda that Player is here)
(Zelda: Thank you Player for returning my Royal Flute, that means a lot to me,
that flute has been passed down through my family for many years and i
would hate to lose it. My Mother was the last to carry it but she then grew
very sick and gave it to me to remind me of her, she then passed away....
... I would like to give you a gift for returning this to me.
(Zelda gives Player "Item - 50 Rupees") (Zelda: Well that should help
, there's a few stores around town, why don't you go buy something nice
with that money!, heheh.) (Player leaves the Castle) when he gets to castle
town theres
a cut scene ( a swords man is offering lessons and ask link if he wants to take em
link nods his head yes..take lessons on how to fight..after that he says if u
can hit him a certain amount of times in a certain amount of time u will get a gift u do and
he gives u a the hero's sword..player leaves town (Player then meets up with Farmer Joe again)
(Farmer Joe: Hey Player!!, i saw some really weird people walk by to you're house!,
i think you have some visitors) (Player "assuming there's visitors" goes home)
(Cutscene: House is trashed and Player finds Father on floor, Player goes to talk to him)
(Father: Player!! Player!!!!! I thought they got you, they said something about a
Flute, A.... A....M - a - g - i - c - Flute!!!!!......and faints...... (fairy PLAYER!!!, LOOK OUT!!!!)
(Player looks behind him and sees a monster smack the fairy to the ground link rushes
over to the fairy then the monster swings at link he uses his shield ( u play this part)
u get Ur sword and fight the monster when u defeat it, it runs off after all the
excitement link faints
black screen link, link, link wake up (link wakes
up on the couch the fairy is next to him and Ur father is upstairs in bed ) she says
we should warn princess Zelda right away ......... when u go tell Zelda she takes you to her father
and she tells him what has happened ahhh yes i know of the item they seek it is the flute of elements it is guarded here they must have thought the flute u found was the flute of elements and went to Ur house to take it from you .the fairy !!!!!!!!!Player Player I know who is looking for that flute his name is (.......) hes a sourcerer he seeks the power of the flute to awaken a evil power and take back what is his what ever that means ....how do u know this ask the king well because when i got captured in the bottle i was listening to a man talk about it and i heard them say it !!! if what the fairy says is true we must act now (player) go down to our dungeon give the guards this letter get the flute when u get it come back to me ! ........( First dungeon ) in it u get the boomerang!!!
when u return with the flute the king notices that the Triforce on it is glowing and that there is a triangle glowing on Ur hand ...hmmmm player would u mind if i asked you to do something for me link shakes his head no ... king ask him to obtain all of the elements of the flute  and put an end to this madness link accepts king gives him a map of where all the elements are and tells him where the closest one is ...Dragon Roost island ....link gets flute .... and a letter from the king to show any one who gives him trouble ...link leaves the castle Zelda runs up to him and says Link wait before u go i want u to have this, my mother gave it to me when i use to woke up from a nightmare she told me that if i was every in danger i could use this and it would take me to the safety of the castle...this item only works one time so make sure u really need it at that time !!.once he gets into town (cutscene) human mail man walking back and forth like hes waiting on something n getting scared its not coming .... game starts back up u walk past him and he calls u two him and ask if u want to know something u say yes but if u don't he just ask if Ur sure until u say yes mailman tells you that the mail hasn't been delivered in a
while and that the ritos usually are never late dropping it off, maybe someone should go
check it out on dragon roost island i would go but i have to stay here and
wait just incase they do show up ..will you do it yes or no u of course
click yes then he says thanks and ask u to take a letter to them from him.
.when u walk out of the post office the fairy says hey isn't that a coincidence we had to go there for (wind note) but link how are we going
to get to dragon roost island without a boat?? (so some little mini mission to get a
boat happens)then when u finally get to dragon roost island as u approach it gets
darker and darker then a water sprout shoots up in front of Ur boat when it comes
down theres a big octo thing there u have to beat that when u do a heart container
appears where it was at link jumps off the boat and swims up to the heart he gets it
swims back to his boat and then theres a cut scene(Thanks!!!.... u see a shadow of
something coming to u its a rito it explains how the thing wouldn't let anyone come in
or go then u tell him u have a letter for them he invites u in ...
when u go in the king of ritos is down stairs accompanied by two rito guards the king thanks him for defeating the monster then players gives the king the letter he reads it and then says once again id like to thank you and tells him what the mail man said(????)
then he tells players that they fear that the octo thing was just the beginning then he tells players to follow him the king goes to his throne room when playersarrives the king tells him a story..legend has it that the ritos evolved from the Zora's ......long ago the Zora's where attacked by Moura gohra a evil Zora who possed dark magic and immortality , he obtained this power from none other then ganon the king of evil...Moura wanted revenge on the Zora's for kicking him out of their domain and he decided he wanted the sea to himself he planed to get rid of all sea life and he had gotten rid of all the sea life except for the Zora's and the few fish they protected and his monsters of coarse so he headed to take over Zora's domain and kill all of the Zora's , a few of the Zora's got away along with lots of other fish they protected and where forced to live on land those are the Zora's that became ritos and the types of fish you see in our waters today with the help of lord valoo's (that dragon) magic...as for the other Zora's they all died in the clutches of (????) after he killed all the Zora's in Zora's domain the gods had enough and came down and sealed him away at the bottom of the lake before he got locked away he swore that one day he would kill all the Zora's that got away....we fear he has escaped and is after us last time he got out he killed the few remaining Zora's that lived in greatfish isle then he dissappeared and now we fear hes coming for us.......somehow he ask for players help of corse u accept it ...
that is where the item u seek is the monster guards it ( so they thought ) he really guards the frozen Zora he eats one every time he wakes up ....... this isn't moura tho its a monster he left behind to take care of his dirty work and that is who killed the Zora's from greatfish isle......task takes u to dungeon u can get to at greatfish isle thats where the monster lives u go threw dungeon then u fight him .... this is where u meet unnamed gerudo ...you fools ..... you really think you can get in our way ....then he appears .....fairy says something and he tells them the plan .... to bring back the great ganondorf .. and he says how they aren't gonna get in the way anymore because hes gonna finish them now he goes to attack and fairy tells link to use (item)that takes them out of their .......

that is all I have for the story right now other than little twith i have in my head !!

Coding / request : i need help coding for this enemy
« on: February 17, 2011, 05:16:56 pm »
Ok ill start by saying hi ... I have been working on a 2d fan game(loz: flute of elements) for quite some time now using gm8 pro but I've mostly been working on sprites and a story, because I'm not to good at coding, but I found a pretty good engine n I've been using it to start my game ...I have this enemy tht I have no idea how to make work here's the sheet I did for it , I call it the flower baba


So all it really does is hides in the ground and when link gets close it comes out of the ground and rotates to what ever direction link is in ....it only attacks in up,den,left,right because I figured tht would be easier to code and sprite :-P...when it dies just the root and head explode then the hole closes up and leave a spot for a seed to be planted  ... can anyone help me with this enemy 

Graphics / Moffett1990 sprites/artwork
« on: January 12, 2011, 12:07:44 pm »
Here are a few sprites I worked on for my zelda game " The Legend Of Zelda , Flute Of Elements" a while back havent done much work on it in atleast a year or two so i decided to show some of the sprites as for the project I think ill be picking it up again soon :D

concept art

Potion shop keeper & Black Smith

Deku scrub

Wisp both red and blue

Rito tribe and my main villian

water octorocks


Stal child

bush scrub boss

Bokoblin (Redo) WIP

elephant thing (wip)

orca (wip)

Ill put more up later

Recruitment / The Legend Of Zelda: The Flute Of Elements
« on: May 25, 2010, 06:31:13 pm »

Download link

the first thing i want to say is hello to everyone on ZFGC.

 Second i want to confirm that I'm using Crispys engine so nobody has to ask.

I have posted a demo of the game and a few screen shots no story was put into the game itself yet, but the story is posted below.

I'm looking for a team to help develop this game I'm looking for a people who are good at spriting, tileing,scripting/programing in gamemaker,and even story writers to help develop the story
If anyone is interested or has any suggestion leave a comment below, Ive done alot of spriting and planing myself but i really cant do it alone Ive had some help from Kman Productions with some of the things like trying to fix bugs and simple stuff but i need more people

To view credits press f1 during gameplay

Recruitment / the legend of zelda and the prince of darkness
« on: September 08, 2009, 08:55:56 am »
i have been working on this game for quite some time now and i cant get anyfurther i need help and nobody seems to want to help im looking for spriters programers anyone wo wants to help in anyways
i dont know how to ge my game on here so im just going to put a link up of my game
actually my games if anyone wants to help on any of them comment/pm or email me


(thats the 3d one im working on) im using gamemaker 7 pro for the both of them


and there is the other one

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