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I know I was just told not to gravedig but... I have XboxLive


I have Halo 4 and Battlefield 3 among a few other games that I don't really play like Fable 2, Saint's Row the Third, BlazBlue Continuum Shift, Rainbow Six Vegas 1 and 2, MW3, Tenchu Z SoulCalibur IV and... and... Show content SoulCalibur V

I have a X-Box Live account. It is MSN2Live.

zzz, I've been playing a buttload of league recently, so yeah might as well drop my summoner name here
LoL: lunastune

(Btw, atm this account is a lower level since I didn't want to use my original account)

So just got a Wii U.

Nintendo Network ID is AvatarCrim.

Add me for some mario kart fun.


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