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NOTE: This applies to PIXEL ART ONLY. Concept art, refer to http://zfgc.com/forum/index.php?topic=39991.0 for more information

This applies to just the Artwork branch of King of Thieves. I am tired of seeing almost every Minish Cap Resource that are submitted anywhere on the internet in an unsuable, unoptimized fashion. I am officially announcing that from here on out, all assets intended for use for King of Thieves in-game, has to be properly formatted for use in game. I'll be happy to work with anyone who needs help with meeting the requirements. And just a note, this doesn't include conceptual art or anything that isn't going to be used by the engine, for in-game use. That is all.

Any questions?

Tile size for Minish Cap are 8x8 for an individual tile.
Sprite "Cell" Size: I personally recommend making every cell frame 32x32 just to be safe, but exceptions can be made as sprites are different.

EDIT: And by formatted, I mean they have to be sprite or tile sheets. ;p

EDIT #2: Alright guys, I feel the following is the perfect example of what is expected of submissions in sprites/tiles! http://zfgc.com/forum/index.php?topic=39748.0

I think we should post somewhere all of the basic format requirements.

Edit: And by that I mean the basic size for each tile or animation frame of something.

Yeah, I put that in there. Sprite cell sizes are going to be inconsistent mostly because of the fact that each sprite is a different size. So as long as the sprite sheet remains constant for the entire resource, then you won't hear any complaints from me. :)

I suggested 32x32 since that seemed like a reasonable "universal" size. But again, that all depends on the particular resource. I'm only going to enforce a size on tiles and that's because each tile for Minish Cap _are_ 8x8 cells. As far as cell padding goes, there's really no need for a 1 pixel border for padding purposes. That can be debated in this topic, however.

For animations of sprites, I'm thinking we should go in intervals of 8.


--- Quote from: Shadow宇宙の神 on July 04, 2012, 06:09:00 pm ---For animations of sprites, I'm thinking we should go in intervals of 8.

--- End quote ---


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