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Help! TLoZ NES Sound! (I'm calling you Dayjo!)


I haven't been able to find the sound of the beach on the easternmost part of the map. I tried making one with SFXR but I can't get it to sound as soothing, google turned up nothing, and I remember Dayjo's site from way back.

Would anyone please mind posting a .wav of this sound, or correcting me in my error if I'm mistaken?

I'm posting here because it's not worth making a new topic. Reason being, I was wondering if TLoZ actually had any beach wave SFX at all cuz it's been a while since I played it and Dayjo did not have the rip on his website, but I just checked and yeah, it's in the game and pretty dang loud waves too. So anyway, I went ahead and ripped it as best I could and it's attached (had to zip it because wav is not an accepted attachment format). Unfortunately, the "noise" audio channel is shared with a part of the music and cannot be separated. You'll notice drum clicking in Dayjo's LA rips as well, due to this problem. I was actually able to get rid of the worst of it by doing multiple takes and merging parts together, because the beat hits at different times on different wave cycles.

The reason why I took the time was because I'm actually trying to collect every single sound effect from all Zelda games as a step toward making a massive resource dump that I'm hoping to put together to end most anyone's search for Zelda resources. I know I won't be able to get everything, but I'm targeting MC as top priority and basically figuring out what audio can work with MC style, blah blah blah, that'll be another thread some other day.

So I know I'm likely far too late to help OniShounen, but I did this for my collection anyway so why not share it? That said, LA had 2 different beach wave SFX that fit "enough" with the sound of LoZ and I kind of like the LA one more as it is a little less harsh and stuff (just look for the "LA_Shore" and "LA_Shore_Long" wav files):
So anyone wanting wave SFX in LoZ style might want to compare.

It's been years since I've logged in, and HOLY CRAP my account still exists and I remembered the password.

Anyway , back to the topic. First of all those aren't Dayjo's rips, they're just hosted on his servers. That site and the sound rips are really mine! I'm not complaining, it's actually amusing. Yes, the site says "HelpTheWretched", but take look at the index page's source, on one of the first lines. :P

This shoreline sound has been requested several times before and it's right at the top of my to-do list, along with a couple other missing or needing-an-update LoZ sounds.

FrozenFire is basically right - it uses the NES audio's noise channel, which is also used for drum beats in the LoZ overworld. It'll need to be recorded in several takes and then merged; I might even have to write a script in order to be EXACT in removing the drum beats. But, it won't be hard, and once my 'personal issues' are dealt with in the next couple months, it'll be ready!

Regarding the Link's Awakening shore sounds, thanks for going ahead and cleaning them up. I like to do that when it's severe/distracting, otherwise I supply the sounds 'as-are'. The actual issue though, is the bit-depth of the GB audio. It only allows for 15 volume levels of a given sound, so any fading is subject to the clicks from the volume level suddenly jumping. Minor difference, just wanted to point that out. ;)

Any further questions, please e-mail at the address on "Dayjo's site" because I almost never drop by ZFGC anymore. (No offense, I just don't usually have time!)

Couldn't you just rp the sound from Zelda-CLassic as it uses the sound by itself already?  The music in ZC is midi so it wouldnt interfere as you can turn music off in ZC.

Seems simple to do it that way.


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