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You guys have been asking, so we're delivering!  Ash is a fancy-pants and created us a nice little Trello board to keep track of priorities.  It's still being populated, but here's the link:


Priority indication:
purple: blocker
pink: critical
red: high priority
orange: middle priority
green: low priority

I've got dibs on the dongle task

All yours, captain!

Cool! This will help a lot!
I think that the goron village design is good to go. I am working on the cave systems of the village which are pretty straight forward.

So how is this thing read as a priority list? The middle column is what we are currently working on, but does that imply finishing it is a priority? What do the colors mean? Once the middle column is finished off and moved to the complete column, we start of things from the backlog column?

Spritonic, as far as Goron village, I'd like to hold off until we can do a couple more designs, I think it could still be a bit better. I at least want to try a couple other things. I'll try and work on the Kokori forest/village ruins today so that can get finished. Feel free to do some town interiors in the mean time? ; )


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