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Hi guys! I'm currently working on another Lttp fangame. This is being made with Gamemaker:studio just like Horn of Balance.
I here to recruit some people to help work on it. Its not a serious recruit, but just to see if anyone can help rip sprites or give me gml tips. I am also planning to add new bosses, just like Horn of Balance. I can rip sprites as well, but if someone can help, it would be greatly appreciated. So far I have the HUD 95% finished, Link has a couple items, (boomerang, sword, bomb, Pegasus boots, bow and arrow). All of link's collisions and movement are completed. What needs working on is Link's sword input when moving diagonaly, boomerang to return to link if link walks away, Pegasus boots dust animation. Enemys are needed, and the Lttp font. I have tilesets and stuff done. If you can, I would greatly appreciate it if some one can make the "blueprints" of new dungeon designs. If you have something you want to give me, plz email me. Here is the video of what is currently done. See ya guys! Hope to make this a great fangame!  :)

pxl_moon (dotyue):
First of all: Why didn't you post this in the "Recruitment" Section, as you clearly look for people... but i don't think you'll find somone as this isn't "a serious recruit"

Then: Don't compare your Project so much with other Fangames and think about what "you" want to do! It sounds like you have plenty done, but don't know what you want to do yourself... many people here have to learn themselfs what to do about gamemaking.

I don't really know what kind of Link "diagonaly" Sword Animation you want, the only one i can think of is the Whirlwind attack, as for most Rips you can find are on ""
If you want to learn Dungeon Design, you can look at the BOSS Keys Series on youtoube: BOSS Keys Playlist

If you want to make a great fangame, you need to make a plan what you want and learn what to do for it.

What you have so far looks great, looks very much like the original LTTP, as for having the boomerang return to link, just have it go towards the player in the step event instead of just back the way it came from:

--- Code: ---if instance_exists(obj_player) {
    direction = point_direction(self.x,self.y,obj_player.x,obj_player.y);

--- End code ---

Not sure exactly how your boomerang mechanic works but i hope this helps anyway, gonna keep an eye on this project.

Martijn dh:
Here is the default alttp font that I personally use.

Thanks for everything guys. Maybe I might do  a serious recruit!


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