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ZFGC has had a pretty solid graphics section for a number of years, but I feel like we've kinda been lacking in audio resources.  I see there are some archive threads here, but they're probably outdated.  Sooo that said, I want to get an audio resources page up on the wiki.  So if you've got something you'd like added, post it here!

Are you looking for music? Or like audio effects? I can help generate audio effects and stuff if you end up needing some. Music is a bit trickier because of how much effort it takes.

Anything and everything! Any zelda sounds or music you got lying around you want to share.  Primarily looking to build up our audio library for game developers.

To be honest, you might run into digital distribution copyright issues if you post music. Sound effects, though, might be harder to compile, but easier to get past those laws. I personally do not recommend hosting copywritten music.

(On a side note, T-B-H still gets auto-replaced to "tight butthole" . Why...)

Do you have any idea how much copywritten crap we have here?  We're not looking for mp3s necessarily as far as music goes.  midi suffices for 99% of fan projects.


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