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How about an update?


Hey, I received your message this morning but haven't gotten a chance to reply yet.

It's a really nice logo, you do great work!  However, we're not looking to pay for the logo (we have someone who offered actually).  I know it sounds like a DICK move and I'm very well aware of the time and effort spent on graphic design, but our revenue for the site is pretty small and it goes towards our contest prizes.  We actually are mostly capable of doing the logo ourselves having some graphic design background, but we want to let the community get involved.

But, we do appreciate the effort so thanks for that!

It's no problem! :P I was gonna say you could have it for free since I posted it here already. ^^ Can even make it in pixels for ya. :P But since you already working on another design, it's cool. ^^

We'll definitely keep it in mind!  The other guy offered to do work for the Facebook logos, so we could still use a new site logo.  Maybe once we start making new themes.


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