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I realize this is probably going to go mostly unanswered, but I'm interested in some input.

Regarding the inbox, would you prefer it traditional style (i.e. how it is now.  You see a list of your PMs in the inbox and can view one at a time), or would you prefer it conversation style (like how facebook displays your message history with a person as a single conversation)?  Conversation style would sort the inbox by most recently active convo.

No preference.  If you want to take up the challenge of coding it, go for it. :D

Conversational style is way easier to follow through with context and is pretty much the standard for electronic communication now, right?

That said, last PM I got was in 2015 so like, doesn't affect me much, lol

I will most definitely be coding up the desired solution, it's for a future forum version ;)

Oh? :P Hopefully said new forum version will be more active.
I've no preference really, and I don't think I've had a PM here before anyway.
If it ain't broke, don't fix it?


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