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Title: Test this for me.
Post by: Theforeshadower on December 21, 2014, 12:59:32 pm
Since I know the ins and outs, anyone else care to test my little prototype platformer?
The graphics are not pretty but I never claimed to be a spriter.  I am looking for feed back on the how the movement and physics feel.

Is it smooth?  Is it too strong?  Too soft? or whatever else you might think.

 Arrows move
Z jumps (not full on like older Castlevanias/ it builds the longer you hold it)
C shoots green things for fun

There is one bug I have a hard time reproducing and don't quite know how to fix it as it fixes itself if you keep mashing buttons.  Somehow, if you manage to push the right buttons at the precise time when falling near a wall or something, it disables left/right movement.  As I said, if you keep pressing the buttons, it fixes itself.  Not quite sure what the deal is but it's not high on my list yet as far as I have tried, it's hard to reproduce.

Anyways, how does it feel?

On another note: the new GMS .exe is now a win32 self-extract o.0.  Seems new as I never noticed it before.  Hmm.
Title: Re: Test this for me.
Post by: wildex999 on December 22, 2014, 04:05:56 pm
The movements seems to be smooth. The only thing I noticed is that at the end of a jump you seem to "hang" in the air for a noticeable time before falling down. It feels like I'm going up, suddenly have my velocity set to 0, and then start to fall, rather than having it a smooth transition from going up to going down.

I managed to have left/right disabled while smashing buttons once, and after a single jump they started working again. It happened as I was on the rightmost steps.
Title: Re: Test this for me.
Post by: Theforeshadower on December 23, 2014, 03:12:23 am
Thanks, man.   Both problems taken care of on my end.  I also decreased the jump amount as I felt it was way too high.

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