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Author Topic: Palette Swapper - Zelda II and LttP Tunic(credit to Pixelated_Pope)  (Read 6750 times)

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Palette Swapper - Zelda II and LttP Tunic(credit...
« on: November 28, 2017, 01:46:49 pm »
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Found this the other day.  Proves extremely useful and easy to use for swapping colors for tunics, weapons, etc. in Zelda fangames.
Although Pixelated_Pope doesn't exactly say how to implement in a project, the best way I found was to create a Parent Object that has a default palette and necessary variables.

So, put everything you need in a Create Event for a Parent Object.

Next, place palette codes(and script calls) in a Draw Event for the Parent.

If you need to override the defaults or Draw, call event_inherited(); first in the child object, then place code for that specfic object after.
The palettes is completely upto you how you want to layout colors.  They have to be descending per image with addition columns that you want to cycle through.  All you have to do is place colors you want to swap in the same row.

The infamous black outline on sprites could always be the first color.  If you want to change it to orange, the point 0,0 in the palette sprite would be black then point 1,0 would be your flavor of orange.  If you wanted a green, point 2,0 in the palette sprite would be your flavor of green and so on.

If you have colors you want to keep between palettes, just copy/paste to the next column.
Anyway, credit to Pixelated_Pope at GMC. 

He claims it is free to use for any type of project.  Don't claim as your own.  Pay the man if you find it useful.  I left the other scripts for tiles, saturation, etc. in the GMZ.

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Re: Palette Swapper - Zelda II and LttP Tunic(cr...
« Reply #1 on: November 28, 2017, 08:57:08 pm »
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Oh, there is a free download version? I paid for this in the marketplace.
Well, it's very nice. He deserved it. xD

He also made a very cool palette generator, especially for this project:

Pixelated Pope makes Youtube videos as well. He also did a small 8-movement engine I like:
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