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Author Topic: Horn of Balance  (Read 372592 times)

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Re: Horn of Balance
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Progress report:
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v0.26.57 (20 juni 2022)
* Fixed issue with mp bar not refilling in certain circumstances
* Fixed small tiling depth issue in dungeon 1
* Fixed issue with door not opening after coming back to subboss 1 after defeating boss 1
* Fixed issue with sewers entrance not triggering
* Fixed issue with sewers masking not loading
* Fixed item menu navigation oversight

v0.26.58 (22 juni 2022)
* Fixed Murray talk animation directly after opening the item menu and not having a valid item available under the cursor
* Further implemented setup to add menu descriptions per collected item
* Fixed issue with interaction torches vs fire magic
* Tweaked masking of small torches
* Fixed incorrect cannonball animation speed
* Tweaked walllight animation speed

v0.26.59 (25 juni 2022)
* Tweaked and implemented new sprites for big cannonballs

v0.26.60 (26 juni 2022)
* Demo now limited to only the first dungeon
* Implemented the new boss music
* Implemented some new sound effects
* Recoded and cleaned up credits (= contributers, of content that I can't leave in the final product, have been moved or removed)
* Tweaked and implemented new sprites for tall torches
* Made adjustments so my engine actually plays nice with the new gmlive extension
* Tweaked credits speed and added speedup option
Join the "Horn of Balance" Discord community here: https://discord.gg/redHXyZ2Gc
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