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Entertainment / Zelda Lore Youtube Channel
« on: June 16, 2019, 07:21:48 pm »
Hey guys! I'm happy to announce that I've created a Zelda-centered youtube channel called Zelda Lore.

This channel will be releasing videos every week, centered exclusively on the lore of the Zelda franchise. Whether it is about characters, locations, bosses, the history of Hyrule or even the items, everything will be covered so that both casual and hardcore fans of the series can learn more about everything there is to know about the franchise. I want to share my knowledge and love for The Legend of Zelda with all of you. The goal is to build a channel full of lore from all the games.

Check it out! Also follow me on Instagram and Twitter!

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCh6hsPWmTZD_pIYbpMkPmDg
Instagram: @zelda_lore_official
Twitter: @official_zelda

Entertainment / BREATH OF THE WILD SEQUEL!!!!!
« on: June 11, 2019, 09:03:32 pm »

Ganondorf's corpse reanimated by Malice, possibly with a multiplayer option with playable Zelda! And a close release date? They pulled a majora's mask on us again by reusing the assets and engine of BotW!! I'M HYPED!!!!

The question is, what will the world be like? We already explored Hyrule in BotW, is it going to change a lot, are we going to another land? are we going to have traditional dungeons?? So many questions!!!

I have a lot of ideas in my head to write my own book one day, and I wanted to practice my writing skills by trying to make a novelization of Breath of the Wild (a friend of mine requested it). I have already written two chapters, keeping true to the events and dialogue of the game. I will post them in spoilers because they are quite long and that way is better for everyone to read them. I hope you enjoy it, feel free to criticize it as much as you want (that's the only way I can know my flaws), and expect more in the future :)

Chapter 1: Resurrection
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“…Open your eyes…” a mysterious, muffled voice said to the resting young Hylian.
“Open your eyes,” it repeated, much more clearly, as a golden light illuminated the room, “Wake up, Link,” said the female voice inside his head, and Link opened his eyes.
Link was lying face up in a tub full of a strangle blue liquid. Although he did not look at the water directly, he was sure it was not regular water, as the liquid had a peculiar blue glow to it. Before he could catch a glimpse of the liquid he was floating in, it had all been drained, it had vanished within seconds.
Link slowly sat up from his resting place, soaked in that unusual blue water. He was still adjusting from his long slumber, trying to remember what happened before, trying to piece together why exactly he was there. But nothing came to mind, he had simply forgotten. Link looked around the room, dimly illuminated by a strange blue light coming from above him. Irregular golden patterns decorated the capsule´s lid, alongside blue lights shaped as constellations seen on the night´s sky. However, as Link got up from the tub, he caught sight of a light emanating from a strange pedestal across from him. Link approached the pedestal curiously, the light getting brighter as he approached it, which made him squint his eyes for a bit. He examined the pedestal, adorned with the same patterns as before, and soon noticed that encrusted in it was a strange stone tablet with a glowing blue center. Link had never seen this device before, and yet… there was something familiar about it. He touched the object, and the tablet lifted up, as if asking to be taken.
“That is a Sheikah Slate,” said the same mysterious voice, “Take it. It will help guide you after your long slumber.”
Link, although he had never heard this voice before, nor knowing where it was coming from, felt he could trust her, and so picked up the Sheikah Slate, holding it closely, inches from his face. The tablet made a short noise as it displayed a strange eye symbol on its screen, an eye with three triangle-shaped eyelashes and a single teardrop, surrounded by a round pattern of constellations. As he held the tablet in his hands, the wall began to open up revealing it was a doorway all along, and the tablet its key.
Without any second thoughts, Link ventured outside of the room, where he found two carefully placed stone chests, one beside the other, as if awaiting his awakening. Inside the chests where a set of short-legged, well-worn trousers, threadbare in spots, but surprisingly comfortable; and a short-sleeved old shirt made long ago, coming apart at the seams, though it was better than walking around naked.
Link saw another pedestal at the far end of the room with an orange glow, near a closed gate with strange symbols and the mysterious eye in the center.
“That eye must be of importance,” he thought to himself.
He stepped closer to the pedestal to examine it, when he heard the strange voice in his head once again.
“Hold the Sheikah Slate up to the pedestal. That will show you the way,” the voice instructed him, and Link followed her orders, placing the slate onto the pedestal, as it began to shine in a blue light.
“Authenticating,” said the pedestal monotonously, as if it were a robot, “Sheikah Slate confirmed,” it said, as the eye symbol on the metallic door began to glow blue, opening up with a loud noise, enlightening his face with the bright sunlight reaching from beyond the staircase.
“Link… You are the light—our light—that must shine upon Hyrule once again,” the voice said with hope in her every word, “Now go.”
And so, Link walked up the stairs and into the wild, taking in a breath of fresh air, one he had not taken in a very long time. Link ran towards the end of the cliff, as he contemplated in astonishment the vast green world that lay ahead, rich in wildlife and the ruins of monuments long abandoned, and he looked beyond, to a fiery volcano up north, whose ash and smoke extended to the very clouds, with lava flowing from its crater, as a strange mechanical monster patrolled around it. He also shifted his attention to a mechanical bird in the northwest, soaring the skies of an area hard to view from that far away. He then looked closer, to a hooded old man who was sitting beside a campfire, near where he was, under a small stone arch. He had a very long, lush, white beard that extended downward, which joined to his moustache around his mouth. His black hood covered his eyes, only revealing his large nose and cheeks. He was the first person he had seen since he came out of the cave, and so he must have some answers as to where he was.
Link approached the man, who did not notice him at first, as he was baking an apple in the fire. The smell it gave off was delicious, and Link soon realized he was starving. Link saw with his bright blue eyes a baked apple laying on the floor, and his hunger took over him, picking it up in a flash.
“I BEG YOUR PARDON! I do believe that is my baked apple! You can’t just go about taking whatever you please!” the old man said, staring intently at Link. Link did not know what to do, he was caught red handed, and he was very embarrassed, “Oho ho! Forgive me—I could not resist pulling your leg. Please help yourself. An apple and an open flame make for a succulent treat.”
Link was relieved that the man did not mind him taking his apple, and he took a bite from it. It was sweet and soft, to which Link enjoyed every bite. The old man waited patiently for Link to finish his apple and made a gesture for him to sit beside him.
“It is a bit strange to see another soul in these parts,” the old man said.
“Who are you?” asked Link, who still couldn´t make out the facial structure of the man sitting beside him.
“Me? I’ll spare you my life story. I’m just an old fool who has lived here, alone, for quite some time now. What brings a bright-eyed young man like you to a place like this?” asked the old man.
“Where are we?” asked Link, trying to get as many answers as he possibly could.
“Answering a question with a question. That is fair enough. As I cannot imagine our meeting to be a simple coincidence… I shall tell you. This is the Great Plateau. According to legend, this is the birthplace if the entire kingdom of Hyrule,” said the old man, standing up with the help of his walking stick, which possessed a lantern on its end, and walked to the end if the small cliff they were standing on. Link got up and stood beside him, as he pointed to the north, to a very large temple-like structure in the distance, that was now merely in ruins, “That temple there… Long ago, it was the site of many sacred ceremonies. Ever since the decline of the kingdom 100 years ago, it has sat abandoned, in a state of decay. Yet another forgotten entity, a mere ghost of its former self…” said the old man as he proceeded to sit back down next to the fire.
With nothing more to hear from the old man, link set off to explore the area. Close to where the old man was, there was a woodcutter´s axe, plunged inside a tree stump. Link picked it up, to which he had trouble moving with, for its formidable weight and uneven balancing made it hard to move around. Link strapped it to his back and kept on moving. Not long after he saw a small cliff protruding to a small pond, and just below in the water was a perfect circle of lily pads, which gave Link the sudden urge to dive into. Without a second thought, he jumped into the lily pad circle, and to his surprise it was the hiding place of a tiny wood creature.
“Ya-ha-ha! You found me!” the tiny wood creature said. His face was but a long leaf with holes for eyes and a mouth, covering its small wood body. Its head had branches sticking out, like small horns, or deer antlers. This creature was suspended in mid-air, with the help of a small twig that spun like a propeller, somehow allowing him to fly, “huh? You’re not Hestu! But you can… see me? I didn’t know your kind could see the us the Koroks, the children of the forest! Well, if you run into Hestu, please return this to him.”
The tiny Korok gave Link a small golden seed, that gave off a distinct smell, “oh, and my friends are hiding in lots of different places too! Don´t be shy about poking your nose into suspicious places!” said the Korok, and Link continued on.
Right in front of him was a large boulder which had at the top a small sword. Link decided to climb the mountain to inspect the sword, it might come in handy. Link found a rusty broadsword placed into a small rock. Link decided to take it out and keep it, and moved in the direction of the large temple the old man told him about. When he reached the temple, he immediately saw rusted, spider-like automations, scattered around the temple. They seemed to be made by the same people who made the cave he awoke in. He searched the machines, and found screws and springs made of a very light material he had never seen before, so light in fact they could probably float on water. Link stepped closer to the temple, when the mysterious voice spoke to him again.
“Link… Link. Head for the point marked on the map in your Sheikah Slate,” she said, and Link took out his Sheikah Slate hanging from his hip and looked at the screen. A glowing yellow dot had appeared, as well as a yellow arrow pointing north. He soon realized the arrow was him. Link decided to cancel his exploration of the temple and head to the yellow mark, as instructed by the voice. On his way to the mark, he was assaulted by two terrifying Bokoblins, red pig-like demons who wielded wooden clubs and shields. They had heard link with their large ears and smelled him with their big snouts. Link grabbed the rusty broadsword he picked up earlier and began to swing it in their direction, landing a hit on one of them. The Bokoblin screamed in pain, as the other hit Link in the back, collapsing him. Link quickly got up and hit them with the sword until they were dead, and just as he gave the final blow, the sword smashed into pieces. Although Link was exhausted and hurt, he continued on until he got to his destination, another of those pedestals hidden inside a stone cave, with a peculiar blue stone hanging from above, facing the pedestal.
“Place the Sheikah Slate in the Pedestal,” a robotic voice instructed him, and so he placed the Sheikah Slate onto the pedestal, “Sheikah Tower activated. Please watch for falling rocks.”
As soon as the voice said that, a glowing blue Sheikah eye symbol appeared on the wall just above the blue stone, and the ground beneath Link began to shake, resulting on Link losing his balance and falling on his back. Animals near the area felt the trembling ground too, and began to escape the area terrified. Birds, deer, boars and monsters fled the area, leaving Link alone in that place. All the walls of the cave were smashed to pieces as the very ground Link was standing on began to rise quickly, as well as several other towers scattered across the land. Once it reached the top, the entire tower began to glow blue.
“Distilling local information…” said the robotic voice, and the blue stone began to glow, and a blue eye symbol slowly formed a tear beneath it, which fell onto the screen of the Sheikah Slate, and the once empty map now had revealed a detailed map of the Great Plateau.
“Regional map extracted,” said the robotic voice and gave Link his Sheikah Slate back.
“Remember… Try… Try to remember…” the mysterious voice said, still in his head, but somehow Link knew where it was coming from. He ran to the side of the tower, where he could see an eerie castle in the distance, surrounded by five giant metallic pillars with strange engravings and a red glow emitting from them, “You have been asleep for the past 100 years.”
The ground beneath Link began to shake once again, and a golden bright light began to shine from the castle, as a monstrous red and black mist began to engulf the structure, in the shape of an enraged boar with yellow eyes, whose mouth would open a wide as the castle´s width. “The beast… When the beast regains its true power, this world will face its end,” the mysterious voice explained, while the beast roared before disappearing into the castle, as the light grew brighter, “Now then. You must hurry, Link. Before it’s too late.”
Link took some time to process the information he had just received. He had been asleep for one hundred years? How was that even possible? Why was he still young, why was he not dead? Many questions began to form inside his head. There was nothing for him to do on top of the tower, so he thought it best to descend it. Lucky for him, the tower has small platforms surrounding it, creating a spiral staircase that reached the ground. When Link stepped on land once again, he was greeted by the old man, who glided down from in front of him with the use of a paraglider.
“My, my… it would seem we have quite the enigma here,” said the old man, who took out his walking stick out of nowhere, as if it were magic, “This tower and others just like it have erupted across the land one after another. It is almost as though… A long-dormant power has awoken quite suddenly. If you do not mind me asking… Did anything… odd occur while you were atop that tower?” Asked the old man quite curious.
“I heard a voice,” Link informed the old man.
“Well now! A voice, you say?” the old man was intrigued by this, “And did you happen to recognize this mysterious voice?
“No,” replied Link simply.
“I see. Well, that is unfortunate. I assume you caught sight of that atrocity enshrouding the castle,” said the old man, pointing to the direction of the castle with his cane, “that… is Calamity Ganon. One hundred years ago, that vile entity brought the kingdom of Hyrule to ruin. It appeared suddenly and destroyed everything in its path. So many innocent lives were lost in its wake. For a century, the very symbol of our kingdom, Hyrule castle, has managed to contain that evil. But just barely. There it festers, building its strength for the moment it will unleash its blight upon the land once again. It would appear that moment is fast approaching.”
The old man turned to look at Link, resting his arms on his cane.
“I must ask you, courageous one… Do you intend to make your way to the castle?” the old man asked.
“I do,” Link replied, with dedication in his eyes.
“I had a feeling you would say that,” smiled the old man, “here, on this isolated plateau, we are surrounded on all sides by steep cliffs, with no way down. If you were to try to jump off, well… no death could be more certain. Or more foolish. Of course, if you had a paraglider like mine, that would be quite another story.”
“Hand it over!” demanded Link.
“Oho! Certainly! Why not? But there is no such thing as a free item in this world you know,” the old man answered, “let’s see now… How about I trade it for a bit of treasure that slumbers nearby? Come, let me show you something.”
The old man led Link to the top of a hill, where he pointed to a structure glowing orange, decorated with the same mysterious materials as the various things he has been finding throughout the plateau. The structure had an irregular shape, with a pedestal like the one they found near the tub he awoke from beside what looked to be a locked door.
“Do you see that structure there? The one shining with a strange light? It began glowing at the exact moment those towers rose up from the ground.” The old man said pointing to it, “I would think such a place might house some sort of treasure, wouldn´t you? Treasure for the paraglider. A fair exchange, I believe.”
Link ran in the direction if the structure, bordering a small pond that stood between him and his prize. However, there was a monster encampment right ahead, and his broadsword had broken earlier while fighting those Bokoblins. He was going to make a run for it, when he saw an archer up in a watch tower. If he could get rid of him, he might be able to steal the bow and kill the others without them knowing. Link crouched and began to move towards the tower. There were big wooden crates laying around, which were perfect to hide him from their sight. Without making too much noise, he climbed the ladder behind the archer Bokoblin and took him out with a swing of his axe. He took his bow and arrows and shot the Bokoblins right in their heads before they could realize they were being attacked. Link grabbed all their weapons, which were a large boko stick, a boko club and a wooden shield. He also collected parts of the Bokoblins’ bodies, such as their horns, guts and fangs. Link thought they might be useful in the future. He saw a stone chest on one of the watch towers shaped like a monster skull. He proceeded to open it and found that it contained a traveler’s sword.
"This will come in handy," Link thought, putting his sword away.
He ran to the large monument, and placed the Sheikah Slate on the pedestal, as he has done in several occasions. The pedestal glowed with a blue light.
“Sheikah Slate confirmed,” said the same robotic voice, as a large pattern on the monument´s floor began to glow in blue, “Travel gate registered to map. Access grated,” it said, and the doorway opened up.
Inside there was a small, empty room, so small in fact it was claustrophobic. The only thing there was inside was a round illuminated blue platform with the eye symbol seen before in various places of similar origin. Link examined it closely, and when he stepped on it, it glowed brighter and began to descend. Link was inside a large tube of light, that was the same diameter as the platform he was standing in, and soon he found himself in a very large room, very similar in aesthetic to the room he rested for one hundred years, according to the voice.
“To you who sets foot in this shrine… I am Oman Au. In the name of the Goddess Hylia, I offer this trial,” said a fragile, male voice, that resonated throughout the entire room, “The Magnesis Trial.”
Link saw in front of him another pedestal, with the same type of blue stone he found on top of the tower. He placed the Sheikah Slate onto the pedestal and he heard the robotic voice repeat the same words again.
“Sheikah Slate confirmed,” the voice repeated, “Distilling rune…”
The blue stone, as it did in the tower, began to glow and produce a blue drop of water that fell onto the screen of the Sheikah Slate. The Sheikah Slate had uncovered a rune that gave it a special ability. On the screen, there were six square spaces, all of which were empty, except one, which had the symbol of a magnet. It had a description that read: manipulate metallic objects using magnetism.
Link grabbed the Sheikah Slate, and he heard the voice of Oman Au resonating in the room once again.
“Grab on to metallic objects using the magnetic energy that pours forth from the Magnesis rune. Objects held in the magnetic snare can be lifted up and moved freely,” said Oman Au, “Complete this trial. I am waiting for you at the other side.”
Link began to inspect the area, which was completely empty, when he saw two metal plates on the floor. Using the power of Magnesis, he lifted the plates and moved them, revealing a secret passageway that led to another room. He saw a wall covered with giant stone blocks, but one of them was made of metal. He grabbed the object with his new found power and moved all the blocks aside, opening the way to the final room.
The last room was a large hallway with water on the sides and three platforms, one of which Link was already standing on. However, link was not alone, for there was small version of the spider-like mechanical creations standing right in front of him, and it was active. Glowing with an orange light, he began to shoot link with blue fire projectiles, which Link blocked with his boko shield. He unsheathed his traveler’s sword and began to hit it over and over. With each hit, the three-legged mechanical construction was pushed back, until it fell into the water. It began to twitch and malfunction, as the water entered its circuits, destroying the automation.
Link made his way to two enormous metal gates at the very end of the room, and opened with the artificial magnet. There, there was a blue glowing crystal container where a mummified man sat in the middle. He had the Sheikah logo tattooed to his forehead. Link touched the glass of the container, which shattered almost instantly, as if waiting to be broken. Without opening his eyes or mouth, the man began to speak with Link.
“You have proven to possess the resolve of a true hero. I am Oman Au, the creator of this trial. I am a humble monk, blesses with the sight of Goddess Hylia and dedicated to helping those who seek to defeat Ganon. With your arrival, my duty is now fulfilled. In the name of Goddess Hylia, allow me to bestow this gift upon you… Please accept this Spirit orb,” said Oman Au, as he created an orb of light with only his thoughts, that entered the chest of Link, uniting with his soul, “This spirit orb is a symbol of courage given to those who have overcome the challenges of a shrine. May the Goddess smile upon you.”
The monk, after saying his last words and completing the task handed down to him, disintegrated into particles of light, leaving this world forever.

Chapter 2: Revelation
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Link left the shrine now possessing the treasure the old man wanted. Once again, the old man landed before him with the use of his paraglider.
“It seems you managed to get your hands on a Spirit Orb. Well done!” the old man said.
“How did you know?!” asked Link, very much surprised.
“Clairvoyance! Oho, or perhaps just something similar. As one gets older, it can become more difficult to see what is right before one´s own eyes… However, that which was once hidden from view can often be crystal clear. But perhaps that is not true for everyone! Oho ho! The appearance of those towers and the awakening of this shrine… It is all connected to that Sheikah Slate you carry on your hip there.” said the old man pointing that the Sheikah Slate.
“What do you mean?” asked Link intrigued.
“It has been quite some time since I have seen that Sheikah Slate… long ago, a highly advanced tribe known as the Sheikah inhabited these lands. The great power of their wisdom saved this kingdom time and time again. But their ancient technology disappeared long ago… or so it is said. It is interesting, however, to think… how something like that survived all this time, hidden away in a shrine. These shrines are tucked away in numerous places all across this land. On this plateau alone, I believe there are still three more. Bring me the treasure from each of those shrined… and I will give you my paraglider,” said the old man.
“That wasn’t the deal!” Link said angrily.
“Oh? Well, I suppose I changed my mind. I´m sure that won´t be a problem for a young go-getter like you! Since I’m feeling generous, I will also teach you a trick for finding shrines. It’s always best to survey the area by looking around from a high point. Let’s see here… How about you make your way to the top of that tower again?” the old man recommended.
“Are you joking?” Link replied, he was not going to climb that tower.
“Oho ho! I am afraid not. But to not worry! I have another little trick to share with you for your effort. Take a look at the map on your Sheikah Slate.” said the old man. Link looked at the map, which had blue symbols placed on it, “See those blue icons? You should recognize the cave where you woke, the shrine you came from, and the tower. You can travel instantly to any of those places with the Sheikah Slate. Or so I heard quite some time ago… I do not know if it actually works as such.”
Link looked at the map and selected the tower icon. The screen asked if he wanted to travel to that location or to cancel, to which Link selected the option to travel. Link’s body suddenly turned blue and dematerialized, and before he knew it he had materialized atop the tower, on top shining blue markings on the ground, similar to the ones on the entrance of the shrine. To his surprise, the old man was already there, waiting for him.
“I´m surprised it took you so long to catch up with an old man like me!” said the old man.
“Did you…fly here?” asked Link, trying to find an answer to how the old man got there before him.
“Oho ho! So you think an old man like me needs to fly to stay ahead of you? I still have a few tricks left in me. Now then… I wanted you to join me up here so you could use this as a vantage point to search for shrines. Did you know about the scope on your Sheikah Slate? Look through it, and you can stick a pin anywhere you´d like to mark on the map,” explained the old man, “The pins on you map serve as reference points for your travels. Just stick a pin anywhere you’re interested in!
“I got it!” said Link.
“Go ahead and take a look if you feel inclined to do so,” encouraged the old man.
Link, with the use of the Sheikah Slate, began searching for the shrines. He saw the first shrine just atop the cliff of Mount Hylia, to the west, and further north, he saw another one, close to the peak. It took him a minute to find the last one, but it was at ground level, in the Eastern Abbey.
Link marked each shrine with a pin and descended the tower to make his way to the closest shrine in the Eastern Abbey, that was just south of where the tower was. There were surprisingly no enemies around, which made the way to the shrine easier. Link soon got to the Eastern Abbey, which was now just ruins, nothing more than mossy stone walls and gates. There were more of those spider-like machines scattered around the area. Link approached one of them to search them, but to his dismay, the machine was active. The machine, although it was unable to move, began targeting Link with a red laser, charging a powerful beam that could kill him instantly. Link had one option. Run. He ran to the direction of the shrine, and just as he was about to climb the wall leading to the shrine’s location, it fired. The shot missed link by a few inches, which gave Link time to climb the wall as it charged the second beam. Link had made it to the shrine, but that thing was still looking for him. Link placed the Sheikah slate on the pedestal and entered the shrine.
The shrine looked similar to the previous one, yet the placement of objects within was different. Once again, he heard a voice call to him.
“To you who sets foot in this shrine… I am Ja Baij. In the name of the Goddess Hylia, I offer this trial,” said a voice that echoed from wall to wall, “The Bomb Trial.”
Link placed the Sheikah Slate on the pedestal found on the left corner of the room, and received two runes. One was a rune depicting a round bomb and the other was a rune showing a cubed-shaped bomb. Its description said the following: A bomb that can detonate remotely.
“The force of the blast can be used to damage monsters or destroy objects. There are both round and cube bombs, so use whichever best fits the situation,” said Ja Baij, “Complete this trial. I am waiting for you at the other side.”
Link saw cracked stone blocked blocking the way, so he activated the round bomb rune and a bomb appeared in his hands. Link threw it and detonated it, destroying the blocks and revealing yet more blocks in the way. Link kept on detonating every block that was in his way until he reached the other room. There was a moving, floating platform with a blue, glowing Sheikah eye symbol placed on the middle. Link placed a cubed bomb in the platform and detonated it when it reached the blocks, opening the way. Link got onto the platform when it returned and reached the last room.
The last room had large pistons that moved in and out with incredible force. One of them had a small tube that could let pass a small round object. On the other side of the piston there were many blocks of cracked stone, ready to be blown up, on top of elevated ground, blocking the way for anyone to climb up using the ladder placed on the wall. Link used the round bomb and let it slide down the tube to where the piston was. The piston pushed the bomb towards the blocks and Link blew them up. The path to Ja Baij was cleared. Link climbed the ladder and reached the monk.
Link shattered the glass of the container where Ja Baij was located and Ja Baij began to speak.
“Your resourcefulness in overcoming this trail speaks to the promise of a hero. In the name of Goddess Hylia, I bestow upon you this Spirit orb,” said Ja Baij, giving Link his second Spirit Orb, “May the Goddess smile upon you.”
After saying this, the monk disintegrated just like Oman Au.
Link abandoned the shrine in search of the remaining two. He headed towards Mount Hylia, which was found to the east of where he was standing. However, as he climbed the wall to go to his new destination, one of the Decayed Guardians spotted him and began to target him with his laser. Fortunately for Link, there was a wall that blocked the Guardian´s view, allowing Link to flee the area unharmed.
Link soon reached a small wooden cottage at the base of the mountain, and the old man was sitting near a large log, next to a cooking pot. Before Link spoke to the old man, he entered his cottage and began taking everything from him, a woodcutter’s axe he had laying around, various mushrooms and spicy peppers… Not only that, but he also began to read the old man´s diary.
“The old man’s diary… maybe I can learn more about this man, and who he really is” Link thought to himself, as he opened the first page to begin reading, “On this desolate plateau, the only pleasure that brings me comfort is cooking. And today, I outdid myself! Truly, I created the perfect dish. I call it… spicy meat and seafood fry. This recipe not only restores health, but it also keeps me warm, even when traveling in the snowy mountains. With this dish on my side, I no longer have need of that itchy warm doublet. I do not know how I allowed this to happen, but it seems that I forgot to write down a very important recipe. I know it contained raw meat and spicy pepper. However, I simply cannot remember what else I used! My age is catching up to me. Sadly, on this lonely plateau, I have only my own knowledge and memory to rely on. Still… If I find someone who knew the missing ingredient, I would happily reward them with my warm doublet. However, it seems unlikely that such a miraculous wish will ever be fulfilled.”
Link stepped outside to talk to the old man, who was staring at the fire of the pot.
“Oho! Fancy that! So we meet again,” said the old man, greeting Link.
“What are you doing?” asked Link, seeing how the old man was just sitting next to the pot.
“This body of mine isn´t what it used to be. Recovering from a bout of hard work takes a while…” sighed the old man, “If you’re hungry, I have an empty pot you can use to cook yourself a meal.”
“Bye,” Link said.
“Are you tired? You may use my bed if you need to rest a bit,” the old man told him, “Unlike a fireside nap, sleeping in a proper bed should really rejuvenate you.” 
Link listened to the old man's words and slept all night in his bed. When he woke up, the man was cutting down trees near a ravine with an axe. Link approached him.
“Good morning,” said the old man.
“what are you doing?” asked Link.
“I thought this tree here might make for some good firewood. However, getting a tree to fall exactly where you want it to is quite an art. The trick is to turn your hips so that they face where you want the tree to land,” the old man said, looking at Link, “So… I see you found my axe. Why not help me out and give it a few swings? I´m working up quite a sweat here… but these bones could use a break.”
Link had other plans, he wanted to reach the shrine atop the mountain, however, the ravine was in the way. Link then had an idea. If he cut the tree vertically to the ravine, he might be able to cross the ravine by using the log as a bridge. Link took out the axe and began swinging it at the tree, and before he knew it, the tree fell on the direction of the ravine. The tree, as link had predicted, made a narrow bridge, allowing him to pass. Link crossed the ravine slowly, careful not to slip and fall to his doom. When he reached the other side, he noticed a cracked wall on the distance. Link took out his one of the remote bombs and blew it up, revealing a metallic chest inside. The chest contained a bundle of five fire arrows, which may come in handy against some enemies.
Link then began to climb the steep mountain wall. There were several small cliffs on the side, which allowed Link to rest while climbing the tall wall. Once he reached the top, he entered the shrine.
This shrine was but one giant room. Link could see the next monk at the very end, and the puzzles that lay ahead.
“To you who sets foot in this shrine… I am Owa Daim. In the name of the Goddess Hylia, I offer this trial,” the echoing voice of the monk said, “The Stasis Trial.”
Link placed the Sheikah slate on the pedestal beside him and obtained the next rune, whose icon was shaped like a lock. The description of this new rune said: Stop the flow of time for an object
“Stops an object in time while storing its kinetic energy. The stored energy will act upon the object when the flow of time resumes. Making good use of the stored energy can move even the largest of objects,” said Owa Daim, “Complete this trial. I am waiting for you at the other side.”
Directly in front of Link was a giant spinning gear, that rotated the bridge to continue on forward. Using the new rune, Link waited for the opportune moment to stop the gear in time and head forward. He then found that there was a large slope where a gigantic stone boulder rolled down, over and over again. Link waited for the boulder to be right of the edge of the pit to stop it in time and run up the slope before the ball fell down again, crushing him.
He then found himself in front of a giant ball on top of a narrow way. Remembering the words of Owa Daim, Link stopped the ball on time, and began hitting it over and over, until the ball flew off into the wall, bouncing and falling into the pit. Owa Daim was waiting patiently on the other side.
Link liberated him and the monk gave Link the Spirit Orb, fulfilling his duty and passing on.
Link had only one shrine left to complete before he could get his has hands on that paraglider. He checked his map, and saw that the shrine was at the other side of the mountain, beyond the peak. Link began to walk up the mountain, but the more he scaled it, the colder it got and the thicker the snow on the ground became. Link had come too far to go back; he could not give up now. He continued forward, and eventually saw the peak of the mountain, and to his surprise, the old man was waiting for him there.
“Ahhh, I enjoy gazing out at the world from here,” said the old man, contemplating the view.
“B-b-breathtaking view…” stuttered Link, freezing.
“This may be the best place to get a full view of the entire plateau,” said the old man looking closely at Link, “You did well to make it this far without the proper clothing. Please take this warm doublet as a reward for your tenacity.”
The old man handed Link his green warm doublet, which Link did not hesitate to put on. He now felt very warm, and could go on without worrying about freezing. The final shrine was right beside the peak, and Link soon got inside it.
The monk of the shrine, Keh Namut, greeted Link with his thunderous voice.
“To you who sets foot in this shrine… I am Keh Namut. In the name of the Goddess Hylia, I offer this trial. The Cryonis Trial.”
Link downloaded the final rune, shaped like a snowflake. The final description rune read: Create a pillar of ice from a water surface.
“This power builds ice pillars that are very stable. These pillars can be used as stepping stones or as obstacles. Use Cryonis on an ice pillar to break it,” said Keh Namut, “Complete this trial. I am waiting for you at the other side.”
This trial was quite simple, use the rune to freeze the water and get to the other side. Before Link knew it, he had the Spirit Orb. That was it, the final orb. It was time to meet with the old man to obtain his reward. Link ventured out of the shrine, and once again, the old man landed before him, one last time.
“With this, you have now acquired all of the Spirit Orbs from the shrines on this plateau. Oho ho! Extraordinary! That means… it is finally time,” the old man changed his tone of voice to a more serious one, “Link, it is time for me to tell you everything. But first… imagine an X on your map, with the four shrines as the end point. Find the spot where those lines intersect. I shall wait for you there. Do you understand? Where two lines connecting the shrines would cross… there…I will…be waiting…” said the old man before disappearing within blue flames.
Link was absolutely shocked. He could not comprehend what just happened. One moment the old man was there, and the next he was gone. There was no time to waste, Link looked at the map and traced an imaginary line between the shrines, and they eventually lead to the same place: The Temple of Time, the same temple the old man showed talked about when he first met him after his reawakening.
Link looked for a place that would be closer to teleport to, and the Shrine of Resurrection, the cave where he had been asleep for one hundred years, was the closest to the temple. So, without thinking it twice, he teleported to this location and headed to the temple.
As he headed to the temple, he saw a strange light emanating from within. When he entered, he realized that the statue of the Goddess Hylia that was at the center, was glowing. Link decided to pray to the Goddess, and to his surprise, Goddess Hylia talked to him.
“You who have conquered the shrines and claimed their Spirit Orbs. I can offer you great power. It appears you have claimed four Spirit Orbs. In exchange for four Spirit Orbs, I will amplify your being. Se tell me what it is that you desire.” The Goddess offered Link.
“Heart Container,” Link chose.
“You wish for another Heart Container, yes?” asked Goddess Hylia.
“Yes,” reaffirmed Link.
“I shall grant you the power you seek,” Goddess Hylia said, taking the four spirit orbs in exchange for a Heart Container, strengthening Link’s life force, “Go, and bring peace to Hyrule…”
Soon after obtaining his blessing he heard a familiar voice coming from the broken rooftop, who he spotted instantly. It was the old man.
“The blessing of the Goddess has made you that much more resilient, I see… Here I am… Get up here—quickly!”, ordered the old man firmly.
Link did not hesitate, he found a ladder on the left side of the temple and climbed his way to the top of the roof. The old man was waiting for him inside the tallest tower of the temple, surrounded by a blue mist of blue fire.
“Oho ho! Well done there, young one! Now, then… the time has come to show you who I truly am. I was King Rhoam Bosphoramus Hyrule. I was… the last leader of Hyrule. A kingdom which no longer exists.” told him the old man, followed by a flash of light, revealing his true form, the spirit of the last king of Hyrule, “The Great calamity was merciless… it devastated everything in its path, lo, a century ago. It was then that my life was taken away from me. And since that time, here I have remained, in spirit form,” said the King, moving towards a broken window, looking at his former home, the castle, “I did not think it wise to overwhelm you while your memory was still fragile. So rather than that, I thought it best to assume a temporary form. Forgive me. I think you are now ready. Ready to hear what happened one hundred years ago.”
“To understand Calamity Ganon´s true form, one must know the story of an age long past. The demon king was born into this kingdom, but his transformation into Malice created the horror you see now. Stories of Ganon were passed from generation to generation in the form of legends and fairy tales. But there was also…a prophecy. ‘The signs of a resurrection of Calamity Ganon are clear. And the power to oppose it lies dormant beneath the ground.’ We decided to heed the prophecy and began excavating large areas of land. It wasn´t long before we discovered several ancient relics made by the hands of out distant ancestors. These relics, the Divine Beasts, were giant machines piloted by warriors. We also found the Guardians, an army of mechanical soldiers who fought autonomously. This coincided with ancient legends, oft repeated throughout our land. We also learned of a princess with a sacred power and her appointed knight, chosen by the sword that seals the darkness. It was they who sealed Ganon away using the power of these ancient relics. One hundred years ago, there was a princess set to inherit a sacred power and a skilled knight at her side. It was clear that we must follow our ancestor’s path. We selected four individuals from across Hyrule and tasked them with the duty of piloting the Divine Beasts. With the princess as their commander, we dubbed these pilots Champions—a name that would Solidify their unique bond. Her princess, her appointed knight, and the rest of the Champions were on the brink of sealing away Ganon… But nay… Ganon was cunning, and he responded with a plan beyond out imagining. He appeared from deb below Hyrule Castle, seized control of the Guardians and the Divine Beasts, and turned them against us. The Champions lost their lives. Those residing in the castle as well. The appointed knight, gravely wounded, collapse while defending the princess… And thus, the kingdom of Hyrule was devastated absolutely by Calamity Ganon. However… The princess survived… To face Ganon alone.”
Link, still processing the information the king was giving him, heard the mysterious female voice inside his head once again.
“Link… You are our final hope. The fate of Hyrule rests with you,” said the voice.
“That princess was my own daughter… My dear Zelda. And the courageous knight who protected her right up to the very end…” The king looked directly at Link “That knight was none other than you, Link. That knight was none other than you, Link. You fought valiantly, when your fate took an unfortunate turn. And then, you were taken to the Shrine of Resurrection. Here you now stand revitalized, 100 years later. The words of guidance you have been hearing since your awakening are from Princess Zelda herself. Even now, as the works to restrain anon from within Hyrule castle, she calls out for your help. However, my daughter’s power will soon be exhausted. Once that happens, Ganon will freely regenerate himself and nothing will stop him from consuming our land. Considering that I could not save my own kingdom, I have no right to ask this of you, Link…” The king tightened his fist in rage, “But I am powerless here… you must save her… my daughter. And do whatever it takes to annihilate Ganon. Somehow, Ganon has maintained control over all four Divine Beasts, as well as those Guardians swarming around Hyrule Castle. I believe it would be quite reckless for you to head directly to the castle at this point. I suggest… that you make your way east, out to one of the villages in the wilderness.” Link moves closer to the king, as he pointed to a mountain in the distance, “Follow the road out to Kakariko Village. There you will find the elder, Impa. She will tell you more about the path that lies ahead. Consult the map on your Sheikah Slate for the precise location of Kakariko Village. Make your way past the twin summits of the Dueling Peaks. From there, follow the road as it proceeds north…”
“Go on… here is the paraglider just as I promised,” said King Rhoam giving the paraglider to Link, “With that, you should be able to safely fly off the cliffs surrounding this area. And… I think that´s it. I’ve told you everything I can… Link… You must save…Hyrule…” Said the king before disappearing, never to be seen again.

Chapter 3: The road to Kakariko
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After obtaining the paraglider from the King of Hyrule, Link jumped off from the Great Plateau and into the vast world known as Hyrule Kingdom. Following the directions given to him by the king, Link ventured off to the east, in the direction if Dueling Peaks, seen on the distance. Link landed on Outpost Ruins, next to the Forest of Time. He continued east, passing East Post Ruins, when he saw a shrine through the corner of his eye. Link placed the Sheikah Slate on the pedestal and ventured inside the shrine.
“To you who sets foot in this shrine… I am Bosh Kala. In the name of the Goddess Hylia, I offer this trial,” the monk said, “The Wind Guides You.”
Wind turbines were placed on the walls of the shrine, which created currents that allowed link to soar from one platform to the next. Using the wind currents to his advantage, he eventually reached Bosh Kala’s renting place and received the Spirit Orb.
Having stepped outside the shrine, Link continued on his journey to Kakariko Village, crossing Hylia River though Proxim Bridge. Following Squabble River, he saw another Sheikah Tower to his left. Link started to climb the tower, but the platforms were not placed in a spiral like they were on the Great Plateau Tower, and Link had to climb for a bit to reach the next platform. Once he reached the top, he downloaded the map of West Necluda, but something else happened. The Sheikah Slate continued downloading something.
“Sheikah Slate updated. Additional functionality detected.” the robot voice said. Link was shocked, this was very unexpected, “Sheikah Sensor now operational. The sensor reacts when you are close to shrined that you have not yet visited. If you head in the direction where the reaction is strongest, you should be able to find the shrine.”
With this new functionality, the search for new shrines would be much more easy, and with the newly downloaded map, Link could see the precise location of Kakariko Village, which wasn´t far from where he was. The Sheikah Sensor began to beep. A shrine was near. Link looks around with the Sheikah Slate’s Scope, and eventually he found the shrine within a small island to the north of the tower. Link jumped off the tower and with the paraglider, he flew towards the location. While heading to the island, he found three red rupees and two blue rupees. Today was Link’s lucky day! Rupees were gems that served as Hyrule’s currency. There were six types of rupee, each worth a certain amount depending on their color. Green rupees were worth one, blue ones were worth 5, red rupees 20, purple rupees 50, silver rupees 100 and finally, the rarest rupee of them, all, the golden rupee, worth 300. So Link had obtained 70 rupees in a minute. Once he got the island, he ran towards the shrine, but a woman shouted at him.
“Hey! What do you think you are doing?! You must not harm the flowers!” said the lady, “I planted flowers around the shrine. Please be careful where you step. You don´t want to hurt them, do you?”
The flowers where planted in such a way that they made a path that circled around the shrine. Carefully, Link followed the path, while small Chuchus, gelatinous monsters appeared to harm him. Link avoided the Chuchus and their attacks and kept going until he reached the shrine´s door. Link entered the same way he had entered the five shrines he had already completed.
“To you who sets foot in this shrine… I am Hila Rao. In the name of the Goddess Hylia, I offer this trial,” the monk said, “Drifting.”
The shrine puzzle was simple, Link had to traverse pools of water until he reached the monk. The first two pools had wooden platforms what moved with the current of the water, but the third had none. Link used the Cryonis Rune to create platforms, and the bomb rune to blow up the blocked path leading to Hila Rao. Link received the Spirit Orb and exited the shrine.
Link returned to the Dueling Peaks, where he continued on towards Kakariko, when the sensor began to emit loud sounds. Link soon found the shrine, which was hidden on the inside cliff of the left peak. Link activated the pedestal and entered.
“To you who sets foot in this shrine… I am Ree Dahee. In the name of the Goddess Hylia, I offer this trial,” the monk said, “Timing Is Critical.”
The platforms ahead tilted with the pressing of a large button placed on the ground, letting a ball roll down to a glowing orange hole. Every platform got more challenging, having to step off the button at the precise moment for the ball to reach its destination. With each ball, a glowing platform was activated, taking Link to the next button. Eventually, Link reached Ree Dahee and received another Spirit Orb.
He continued forward, finding Koroks on the way, who rewarded him with Korok seeds to take to someone named Hestu. Link didn’t know who or where he was, but he assumed he was a Korok.
He passed in between the summit of the Dueling Peaks, and crossed the Big Twin Bridge, reaching the Dueling Peaks stable, which had a shrine next to it in a pool of water. However, it was unreachable, due to the fact that it was surrounded by large spikes. Link wanted to get inside the shrine, so he climbed to a tall cliff on the side of the Dueling Peaks and glided down towards the shrine, landing next to the platform. Link entered the shrine to obtain the fourth spirit orb.
“To you who sets foot in this shrine… I am Ha Dahamar. In the name of the Goddess Hylia, I offer this trial,” the monk said, “The Water Guides.”
To reach the monk in this shrine, ink had to use the Cryonis rune to create ice pillars in the water and waterfalls to move forward, and guide a giant ball into its hole, opening the door to the monk. Link entered the monk´s room and received his price. When Link exited the shrine, the spikes had mysteriously disappeared.
Link approached a blond woman standing close to the shrine, who smiled at him, it was the first live person link had seen since he left the plateau. She was wearing a green shirt with white sleeves and a small backpack.
“Good evening. My name is Sagessa. Don’t see a whole lot of travelers passing through here. You know, with how peaceful it is around here, it’s sometimes easy to forget that the world almost ended years ago. But there are still monsters wandering around, and the area near Hyrule castle is especially dangerous. If you’re going to be traveling, you should know a thing of two about elixirs.” said Sagessa.
“Elixirs?” Link asked intrigued.
“You can make elixirs by mixing bugs and other small creature with monster parts,” Sagessa told Link, and he remembered that he collected some monster part while he was on the Great Plateau, “Most of them are no good for refilling your health, but they can have a lot of unique effects… Some elixirs can increase your speed. Others raise your resistance to extreme temperatures. I’m actually impresses that you’ve made it this far without any knowledge of elixirs. I can’t have it on my conscience if something happens to you from here, so I’ll give you one of mine,” said Sagessa giving him a hasty elixir, “Using a hasty elixir increases you run speed, so I use it to escape from enemies or any time I need to hurry. The recipe is just hightail lizard and monster parts, so I usually have a stock of ten or so on hand.”
Link thanked Sagessa for the elixir and headed to the stable. The stable was small, made of orange cloth and wood creating a large tent. On the top, was a giant totem-like statue in the shape of a horse, made of wood and various types of cloths of many colors, where at the top was a small korok, who gave Link a korok seed.
“Hey! I’m Rensa. Come here, mate!” Link heard calling to him from the stable entrance, so he approached him. He was one of the people in charge of the stable, wearing a red uniform with a horse icon on his cap. “They’re wild, so ‘til you calm ‘em, it’s gonna be one crazy ride. But there’s no feeling quite like taming a wild stallion! Trust me—I took second place in the Hyrule Horse-Taming Competition!” Link wasn´t sure why the man called him to him, but he gave him a strange look, “HEY! I saw the look that you gave me! Fine! Let’s go, pal! You and me. Right here. Right now,” Link didn´t know what to say. Did he just get into a fight with a stranger? Link got tense and moves his hand to grab one of this weapons, “You want to challenge the second-place Hyrule Horse-Taming Competition winner to a tame-off?! YOU GOT IT, MISTER!”
Link put his hand down, relieved. All the man wanted was a friendly horse-taming competition.
“Uhh… OK,” said Link.
“That’s the spirit! The only rule is that you must bring a wild horse back to this spot within the time limit! This area is chock full of wild horses. Any one of them will do!” said Rensa excitedly, “My record is two minutes flat, so you need to bring back a wild horse within that time. PREPARE FOR EXTREME TAMING!
Link ran in the direction of the horses, hiding behind trees so not to be spotted by them. When he got close enough, he crouched and moved slowly towards the herd of four horses. Each horse was different. One was a black horse of pure, black mane. Another was brown, with a black mane and white sports on his backside. Then, there was another horse, black in color which white spots, just like the other. But Link had spotted the final horse, a beautiful breed. It was a light brown horse with a white mane, who trotted gracefully through the field, ahead of the rest. Link wanted that horse, and so, when the horse stood still to feed on the grass, link slowly approached it and climbed atop. The horse was startled and began jumping out of control. Link did his best to soothe the mount, until he succeeded. With his new mount, he headed back to the stable to meet Rensa.
“Amazing! But… I can’t believe you beat my two-minute record so easily… I mean, I won second place in the Hyrule Horse-Taming Competition! To be fair, it was just my brother Tasseren and I competing. Anyway, here’s the purse for winning the second official Hyrule Horse-Taming Competition! You earned it,” he said, handing link a purple rupee, worth 50 rupees. Rupees were the currency of Hyrule, so link was more than happy to have obtained such prize, “I guess there’s more competition out there than I knew about, Maybe Hyrule isn’t so bad after all!”
Link took his horse to the counter, where Rensa’s brother greeted Link.
“Welcome to my stable. We deal in all things horse related. We also double as an inn. Huh… I haven’t seen your face before. Do you know about the stable system?” Tasseren asked.
“I don’t,” Link simply replied.
“Then allow me to explain. You can board your horse companions with us and the summon the as you please form out network of stables. You may have come across wild horses during your travels… If you catch one and ride it here to register it, it will become your companion. One person can board up to five horses, and you’re able to swap horses in and out as you please. Do you… know how to catch a wild horse?” asked Tasseren, not noticing that Link was riding one.
“I know how.” Link chuckled.
“Oh, pardon me. Let me start over… Welcome to our stable. If you’ve come with a wild horse, you can register it with us here. Or if you want to stay for a rest, please head to the counter inside,” he explained, “So what’ll it be?”
“Register horse,” Link answered.
“Gotcha. We charge a registration fee to help support our conservation efforts. The fee also gets you a locally made saddle and bridle for your horse, the fee is 20 rupees. Is that OK?” Tasseren asked.
“Yes,” answered Link, handing him the 20 rupees.
“Thanks. Please enter a name for your horse,” said Tasseren.
“I’ll name her Epona,” Link said. He didn´t know why he chose that name, but it just felt right.
“Perfect! Your registration is now complete. Would you like to take your new horse with you?” Questioned Tasseren
 “Yes,” answered Link.
“Thank you. We’ll see you next time,” said Tasseren, “Oh, and by the way… If you get separated from your horse, whistle and it will come running!” Link thanked him for his advice and began his preparations to head towards Kakariko, when he saw a brown, bowl-shaped haired, tanned man with a large beetle-shaped backpack sitting beside the door of the stable.
“Hey! I don’t believe I’ve made your acquaintance!” said the man excitedly, “The name’s Beedle, but you can call me—Actually, let’s just stick with Beedle. But even if you forget my face, you can remember me by my beetle-shaped backpack! Beedle said pointing to his backpack, “Despite these dangerous times, you’ll find me travelling all over Hyrule to fulfil your shopping needs. I stock many special bugs and must-have items for travelers, and I always charge a fair price… or my name’s not Beedle. I also buy all sorts of things, if you’re in need of rupees. Gemstones in particular fetch a high price! How can I help you today?”
“With nothing, not looking to buy” Link said politely.
“Oh… That’s a shame…” Beedle said sadly, “Hope to see you again soon!”
Link then approached a man who was looking at the sky with a serious face, thinking.
“Hmm…” the man soon noticed Link staring at him, “Oh, sorry… I didn´t notice you… I was a bit lost in thought there. I’ve been doing rigorous research day and night to figure out the mystery of that blood moon.”
“Blood moon?” Link asked. He had never heard or seen anything like it.
“You don’t know it?” asked the man astonished, “That’s inexcusable. Listen up and I’ll tell you about it. For 100 years now, every so often when the clock strikes midnight, the sky turns red and a full moon rises… At that moment, monsters that had been previously defeated will come back to life. And that’s what is known as the blood moon! Why do the monsters return to life? Why does it only happen when the sky turns red? No one really has the answers to those questions. It’s a mysterious phenomenon… If you learn anything about the blood moon as you travel, be sure to come back and tell me.
Link headed towards his horse when he heard mumbling from within the stable. Link walked inside to find two people discussing about something secretive.
“I’ve got the scoop on Misko’s treasure, and it’s great! Listen up, Dak…” said one of the men.
“Prissen! Hang on!” said Dak, looking at Link, “Hey, Buddy! What’s your problem? You aren´t being incredibly rude and listening to our conversation, are you?”
“We’re treasure hunters, on the trail of our latest score… The treasure of the great bandit Misko! It’s as good as ours!” explained Prissen.
“Prissen! You’re going to give it all away!” intervened Dak.
“Sorry, Dak… I got carried away.” answered Prissen.
“Anyway, We’re busy here, dude. If you need something, take it up with someone else,” Dak said to Link, but Link wanted to know more about this treasure, so he persisted, “You again? Pay no mind to my little bro’s chatter from before. He’s got a penchant for running his mouth with crazy talk.
“So… Misko’s treasure?” Link asked curiously.
“Ahhh shoot. Welp. Can’t say I didn’t try to throw him off…” sighed Dak.
“Hey, Dak… Why don’t we just tell him? Maybe he’ll leave us alone if we do,” asked Prissen, “I mean, if we can’t figure this riddle out, there’s no way someone like him will be able to.
“…That’s a good point,” said Dak, “We’re after nothing less than the treasure of Misko, the Great Bandit! Finding it would mean incredible riches… I’m not about to give you this information away for free. I’m no fool!”
“That’s the keen sense of the strongest treasure hunter at work! No gold left behind—not by Dominak!” said Prissen, “You’re great, Dak!”
“It’ll be 100 rupees to learn what we know,” said Dak, “The truth is, it’d be a steal to get this exclusive scoop for 1,000 rupees… So what do you say?”
“Deal!” agreed Link, who had the just amount, giving him the rupees.
“Heh. Good deal.” said Domidak
“Way to go, Dak. You did it!” Said Prissen.
“The little twin steps over the little river. My cave rests above that river’s source,” said Domidak, Misko hid the location of the treasure in some kind of strange secret code. I heard this from a former dog walker of one of Misko’s underling’s descendant’s neighbors. As solid a lead as any.
“Just knowing someone with good intel like that? Exactly what I’d expect from you, Dak!” said Prissen.
“The little twin steps over the little river,” Link thought. That must be the bridge that passes over Little Twin river. Link headed south from the stable, past Little Twin Bridge, when his Sheikah Sensor began to react to a shrine nearby. The sensor led him to a blocked off cave, where Link blew the wall up to reveal a shine.
“To you who sets foot in this shrine… I am Toto Sah. In the name of the Goddess Hylia, I offer this trial,” the monk said, “Toto Sah Apparatus.”
This shrine had a few panels scattered throughout. When Link placed the Sheikah Slate onto them, he could freely move platforms to his liking, making way towards the monk. After obtaining the Spirit Orb, he continued his search for Misko´s treasure.
“The little twin steps over the little river. My cave rests above that river’s source,” remembered Link, realizing that the river´s source was the waterfall in front of him. Link began climbing the waterfall until he got to a bomb-able opening. Link blew it open to find a bunch of treasure chests - and with them, Link found an Opal, an Amber, two Sapphires, a Luminous Stone, a Soldier's Spear, and three truffles.
Link returned to the stable to meet with Prissen and Domidak, to tell them he had found the treasure, but they didn´t believe him, continuing their search.
Link got onto Epona and headed up the road to Kakariko village.

Chapter 4: Reunion
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Link soon reached the ruined, mossy, stone Kakariko Bridge. It was still stable, but the sides of the bridge had collapsed and there were gaps here and there. Link continued on the path, until he saw, in the distance, a large Korok standing near a tree. He was larger than Link, both in length and width, with a large mask the size of Link’s body and big wooden eyebrows on top. His head was shaped like a baobab tree. The Korok looked sad, even though he didn´t have a face expression.
“Shalaka?!” the Korok shouted, shocked that a Hylian was speaking to him, “You! You can see me?!”
“I can see you,” Link replied.
“Shala-zah! Shala-kah!” the Korok sang, “it’s been 100 years since anyone has been able to see me! I’m Hestu, and I need your help! Those monsters over there stone my beloved maracas!” said Hestu, pointing further up the trail, “I think they’re still there on the other side of those rocks. I can’t use my powers without them. Shoko… So please! PLEASE get my maracas back from them!”
Link nodded and headed up the trail towards an encampment of monsters. Link took out his axe and destroyed the Bokoblins who stole from Hestu. On top of a wooden watch tower there was a stone chest containing Hestu´s maracas. Link headed down to Hestu, who was waiting patiently for him.
“SHALA-KALA! Those are… Those are my maracas!” Hestu exclaimed overjoyed, “Please giiiiiive them to meeeeeeeee!”
Link took out the maracas and gave them to Hestu.
“SHAAAAAA-LAAAH-KAAAAAAH!” he sang, “But wait! There’s something wrong with my maracas! The Korok seeds inside are gone! How am I supposed to dance now? Shoko… If I had just one Korok seed, I could sing, dance and use my powers to help you. You see, I have the power of inventory expansion! So let me know if you find some Korok seeds!” requested Hestu, “The children of the forest must have taken the Korok seeds from my beloved maracas. I never thought I’d be the target of one of their pranks. Shoko… But wait…” Hestu said, sniffing Link, “Do you have a Korok seed?! You do! You got a Korok seed from one of the forest children! If you’ll give me just one Korok seed, I’ll increase the space in your pouch in return!”
“Yes, please!” said Link, giving him a Korok seed.
“OH, YEAH! Shaky sha-kah!” sang Hestu, as he began to dance as he shook his maracas rhythmically, “Dah-na-na-na-naaaaaaaa! Your pouch has been expanded, now you can carry more items in it! Shalaka! I still smell Korok seeds in you. Want me to expand the space in your pouch again?”
“OK!” said Link.
“Shokay! said Hestu, “I’ll just need two Korok seeds. Deal?”
“Yes!” said Link, giving him two Korok seeds, and Hestu began to dance again.
“Oh! Look at the time! I need to get back before Grandpa yells at me. Shoko… Sorry, I have to go. But I still need Korok seeds, so bring some to Korok Forest if you find any!” Hestu said, and he began to make his way to the north.
Link continued up the trail until he reached a wooden arch decorated with a metallic eye in the top. He had reached Kakariko Village. Kakariko was a moderately sized rural town in the mountains. Small wooden plaques with writings on them hanged on ropes that where placed all across the village, and nine thatched roof houses scattered on several stair-like cliffs, divided by a thin river that lead to a small pond in the center of the village, surrounded by four torches, where a miniature version of Hylia's Goddess Statue stood in the center. A larger house atop a cliff lied surrounded by a lake, facing a group of waterfalls, with a large wooden stair leading to it from ground level. Right beside the gate, an old woman moaned near a lit campfire. She appeared to be hurt. Link approached her to see what was wrong.
“Traveler! I’m sorry, but I seem to have twisted my ankle…” the old lady said trying her best to stand up, “I’m sorry you had to see me like that… Say, traveler… Where did you get that… object hanging from your waist?”
Link explained what the object was, and where he found it, to which the lady immediately knew who he was.
“Yes. I see… That Sheikah Slate is a symbol. It means you are the hero of legend. Though there are few who know of such legends anymore…” the lady explained, “But we Sheikah have been waiting for you for a very long time. Please…before all else, I must insist that you meet with our leader, Lady Impa.”
“Ok, will do.” smiled Link, ready to meet with Impa.
“In any case… It was a real honor to meet you. Heh, I suppose you’re used to that, having lived as long as you have.” she said.
Link headed towards the large building at the end of the village. Two Sheikah guards stood on the way, protecting the area from any intruders who would pose a threat to their leader, who stopped Link on his tracks the moment he stepped close to them.
“You there! Who are you?! How dare you trespass upon Lady Impa´s abode!” asked one of the guards menacingly, “Hm? Is that…a Sheikah Slate? But that would mean you are… No, it’s not possible. Can it be?
“Please forgive us for behaving so rudely,” said the other guard in a calmer voice, “Of course we have heard the legends from Lady Impa herself. Please, friend… Go ahead and step inside.”
The two guards stepped to each side of the staircase, allowing Link passage. As Link saw a young, white-haired Sheikah girl scrubbing the floor of the entrance to the house. She had a red Sheikah eye symbol tattooed on her forehead, with the tear running down her nose. The girl soon caught notice of Link, to which she began to shake uncontrollably.
“A man?!” she exclaimed, shyly covering her face, peeking through some fingers, “Huh? Is that—?! It’s… a Sheikah Slate! Could you be the hero my grandmother told me about? What was his name? Li… Lin… Ummm… Oh, it’s not that I forgot… I’m just bad with speaking. As for me, my name is Pa… Paaa… Paaay… Oh! My name is Paya! Phew! I got it out… I know I should be able to say that easily, seeing as how it’s my own name and all,” Paya uncovered her face to look at Link, “I´m so… sorry. Anyway, my grandmother’s been awaiting your return ever since I was little. Plea…Please hurry inside.
Link opened the doors, revealing a large, candle-lit room where a very old, small woman wearing a large, straw hat with the Sheikah eye symbol imprinted on it, sitting atop three red pillows. A blue Sheikah eye symbol was tattooed on her forehead, just like her granddaughter.
“…So you’re finally awake,” said Impa smiling at Link, “It has been quite a long time… Link. I am much older now, but… You remember me, don’t you?”
Link stood still, looking at Impa through the door, trying to remember who she was. For some reason he had forgotten everything before his awakening from the Shrine of Resurrection, so she was just a stranger to Link.
“What is the matter? You are looking at me as though I am a stranger to you. Those eyes… They lack the light of familiarity. It is I, courageous one, Impa. Surely you must at least remember the name Impa?” she then realized what was going on, “ I see… So you have lost your memory. Well, it matters not. In fact, that may actually be a blessing in disguise for the time being. Dearest Link… Please come a bit closer.”
Link approached her, as she rested her arms on her crossed legs, closing her eyes.
“A hundred years ago… Yes… A hundred years ago, the kingdom of Hyrule was destroyed. After you fell, Princess Zelda’s final wish was to place you in a sacred slumber. And then… all alone… Alone she went to face Ganon. Before Princess Zelda went to nobly meet her fate… she entrusted me with some words she wished to say to you. I have been waiting 1000 years to deliver the princess’s message. However! These words, which the princess risked her life to leave you… well, if you are to hear them… You must be prepared to risk your life as well. But I am afraid that burden may be too much to bear while you are still without you memories. I leave the choice to you. When you feel you are ready to receive the princess’s message, return to me.”
“I am ready,” Link told Impa.
“Ha! Not a memory to your name, yet you are as intent as ever to charge forward with only courage and justice on your side. You have not changed a bit. Once a hero, always a hero,” she laughed, “Very well. Since you have lost your memory, I will recount for you all that has happened… The history of the royal family of Hyrule is also the history of Calamity Ganon, a primal evil that has endured over the ages. This evil has been turned back time and time again by a warrior wielding the soul of the hero, and a princess who carries the blood of the Goddess. With the passage of time, each conflict with Ganon faded into legend. So listen closely as I tell you of this ‘legend’ that occurred 10,000 years ago. Hyrule was then blossoming as a highly advanced civilization. Even the most powerful monsters posed little threat to the denizens of the realm. The people thought it wise to utilize their technological prowess to ensure the safety of the land, should Calamity Ganon ever return. They constructed four mechanical wonders that came to be known as the Divine Beasts. They also built a legion of autonomous weapons called Guardians. The Divine Beasts were piloted by four individuals of exceptional skill from across the land. And thus, the plan to neutralize Ganon was forged. Upon Ganon’s inevitable return to Hyrule, the princess and the hero fought alongside these four Champions against this ancient evil. The Guardians were tasked with protecting the hero as the Divine Beasts unleashed a furious attack upon their terrible foe. And when the hero wielding the sword that seals the darkness delivered his final blow… The princess used her sacred power to seal away Calamity Ganon. A hundred years ago… in preparation for the foretold revival of Ganon, we strove to follow the lead of our ancestors of 10,000 years prior. But… in the end… Despite our best efforts and careful planning, we underestimated his power. In order to avoid ever making that gave mistake again, the princess left you these words… Free the Divine Beasts. That is what she said.”
“Four Divine beasts?” asked Link.
“The four Divine beasts are the ancient Sheikah weapons wielded by four Champions who Ganon defeated,” began to explain Impa, “The Divine Beast Vah Rudania, controlled by Daruk of the Gorons. The Divine Beast Vah Medoh, controlled by Revali of the Rito. The Divine Beast Vah Ruta, controlled by Mipha of the Zora. The Divine Beast Vah Naboris, controlled by Urbosa of the Gerudo. It would be extremely ill-advised to face Ganon without the power of the Divine Beasts to help you… You must infiltrate the Divine Beasts that were stolen away by Ganon 100 years ago and bring them back to our side. More information about these Divine beasts can be found by location the four races scattered across Hyrule. The Sheikah Slate will guide you on your way. You must go where it tells you and meet with each leader there,” Link looked at the map on his Sheikah Slate, which now possessed glowing yellow markers on each corner of the land, “…It seems to me that your Sheikah Slate is not yet complete. The device princess Zelda left you is your guide and also you memory. Now, let’s see… Someone at the research lab in Hateno Village might be able to help you…”
“Hateno Village?” asked Link, as another yellow marker appeared on the Sheikah Slate, to the east of their location.
“The location shining on the eastern edge in Hateno Village. It is a small village… One of the very few places that avoided suffering damage during the Great Calamity. You are Princess Zelda’s only hope… and Hyrule’s, as well… You cannot turn you back now. Follow you heart and seize your destiny!”

After playing breath of the wild, I was thinking where this game takes place in the timeline. There are various things in game that point it to one place, yet there are others that point it to other.

The most solid placement is 10,000 years after twilight princess. This is because Zelda herself mentions the Twilight invasion. There are also many references to Majora's mask too, such as the statue of Darmani in Goron City.

But then there are elements and mentions of other events from games in other timelines.

They mention "The Hero Who Sailed The Seas" and the inclusion of the Rito in the game, who as explained in The Wind Waker AND Hyrule Historia, they are the evolution of the Zora after the Great Flood happened, to prevent them from discovering the ancient kingdom of hyrule.

There is also a common item found everywhere in Breath of the Wild called Rock Salt, which is crystalized salt from the "Ancient Sea". This confirms that at some point before Breath of the Wild there was a great flood, because this mineral is found even on the top of mountains.

And the connections with the decline timeline are also present, as enemies, locations and armor are present.

So with all the elements from every timeline are present in Breath of the Wild, I thought of the prefect placement.

I strongly believe that this game unifies all the timelines.
Nintendo wanted to break conventions, to take the franchise to new places. With unifying the timelines, the posibilities to make new games after breath of the wild are endless. I also believe that this game is "The end of the cycle of Demise". When you fight Dark Beast Ganon, Zelda states that Ganon gave up on reencarnating in human form, and that he only wants to destroy the world. And I believe that Dark Beast Ganon is the physical embodiment of Demise's hatred, as his title is "Hatred and Malice Incarnate"

I think that when Dark Beast Ganon is destroyed, the Cycle is gone too.

So where do you guys think this game takes place? Do you agree or disagree with me? And why?

TFS Edit: Spoilers, bro.  :)

Sprites/Tiles / Celestial Clock Tiles [WIP]
« on: August 10, 2016, 06:54:13 pm »
I attempted to do the tiles for the Celestial clock. The map I did is just to test them out, but h main idea is to have a giant clock in the middle of the room, and gears in each corner (imagine them where the crystals are) turning.  There are four rooms, each room is based on the previous dungeons, and you have to use the dungeon item to beat it. You have to beat the dungeon bosses again. (This is inspired on Wind Waker´s Ganon´s tower mostly)

This is just a WIP, and the layout can be changed in the future, but the wall tiles are the main reason for this post! (I took inspiration from the Twilight princess temple of time for colours, White stone and gold.)

Sprites/Tiles / Earth temple
« on: June 29, 2016, 07:01:06 pm »
So I was looking around the dungeon designs and I came across Kami´s attempt on the Earth temple. It was incomplete and I liked where it was heading, and since I was already making the Earth temple dungeon tiles, I said, Hey, I will finish it!

So the temple, as Kami said, it consisting of three floors:
F1-Basic Temple Theme, Entrance is on this floor
B1-A mix between a Volcanic Cave and Basic Temple Themes.
B2-Volcanic Cave Theme, Boss is on this floor.

I added magnetic walls where link can latch to and move around on with the magnetic gloves.
I made pushable stone statues resembling gorons.
I made a room where you first meet the Carbonite. You have to run from it and then latch to the magnetic glove to get out of the way for it to fall in the lava. Once he falls, you can use its body as a rolling platoform (much like skyward sword) to move on top of the lava.

So this is how the temple works for now:
-You enter and you see there is a locked door, so you go to the room on the right.
-There is a small puzzle where you have to move the blocks to hold down all switched in order to open the door on the right.
-In the third room you have to move blocks to make your way, use your hookshot to move from one side of the room to another (you cannot return the way you came), grab the key from the chest, and activate the switch to open the door. Again, go through the door on the right.
-In this room, there is a big pit with moving floating tiles. There are magnetic walls, so latch to them and move throuh the walls and fall on the platforms on the right moment until you reach the door on the top.
-In this room you simply have to move some blocks and get on the minecart to get to the next room on the left.
-Really simple room, use either hookshot, bow and arrow or boomerang to hit switch for a bridge to appear. There are small enemies in this room, simple to get rid of (Keese, chuchus, ropes). The small chest contains 5 rupees. Go up the stairs to the upper level and opn the chest to obtain the Compass. Fall down to the second room of the temple and backtrack to the entrance. Open the locked door with the key to go down B1.

-Once you get to B1, there is a dodongo waiting for you! kill him by hitting his tail. Use the bomb flowers to blow up the cracked blocks and move the normal ones. There is another dodongo just chilling, kill it (this is a "defeat all enemies" room, the door will open afterwards) and use the magnetic walls to move over the lava. The small chest contains either 5 rupees or a collectible. Enter the door on the right...
-Once you enter, a small cutscene shows up, revealing the Carbonite growling on the wall and breaking free, ready to roll and run you over. He is quite stupid, so he wont turn until he hits a wall or an obstacle. Run down the path and before the Carbonite runs you over, latch to the magnetic wall on the top so the Carbonite falls into the lava. The Carbonite becomes a rolling platform that allows link to move over the lava. Still latched onto the wall, you can move to a small platform where there is a small chest with 20 ruppees. Use the new Carbonite Ball Platform and move yourself across the lava to reach a small chest containing a key. Now, There is a room on the left, but you will need the Bomb Cannon to proceed, this takes you to the Dungeon Map, which is on F1, on the big chest on the right. Enter the hole where the Carbonite once was and it takes you to a room there there is a locked door on the left. ----This room just takes you upstairs :P

-back in F1 you enter a room with a bunch of fire wizzrobes, the door locks behind you. use the magnetic walls and moving platforms toget to them and kill them all. Once you do, the doors will open.
-You are on a small room with a red chest, open it to get a small key and enter the room on the top.
-There are bokoblins here and there is a locked room on the top, unlock it to enter the miniboss room. Here you fight a Mighty Darknut. Once you defeat him, a key will fall from the ceiling. Open the locked door on the left and obtain the Bomb Cannon!
-Back track all the way to B1 to the room I mentioned before where you can obtain the Map (this is not mapped yet) Use the bomb cannon to get through.
-On the room where the bokoblins were, head up the stairs and launch a bomb to blow up the cracked blocks. Fall down to the room and defeat the two wizzrobes to open the door. This door leads to B1.

The rest is still to be decided. There will be more Carbonites on B2, Armored dodongos and other enemies.

What do you guys think on this?? It still need some work, obviously, but I think that the puzzles and everything pretty much works, right?
Give me your opinions!

Sprites/Tiles / Gerudo Desert and Fortress
« on: June 03, 2016, 08:20:52 pm »
I attempted to do the Gerudo fortress with the tiles from the wind palace from minish cap. The roof and palette is from a screenshot I found of ZC.
This is just a wip, I was just messing around with the tiles to see what I could make. :P But it looks good, so if you guys like it, we can use it.
What do you guys think of this?

EDIT: I made the area surrounding the fortress. Note that this is not the desert itself, and there is still a lot of free space to put a desert area, and we also have to make the Valley of death, so both will be to the right.

Sprites/Tiles / Water temple tiles
« on: May 08, 2016, 01:31:59 pm »
I put something together for the water temple! I added water fountains of the walls to change the water level, or simply for decoration, depending of what route we decide to go.

I made a little mock-up of what it might look put together.

Friendly & Neutral / [Submission] Birds
« on: December 08, 2015, 02:43:03 pm »
Wouldn´t it be cool to have birds around the field and on different areas to make them more alive?
They will arrive in a small bunch from 1 to 4 birds and when link gets close they fly away.
Like in Skyward Sword, only here they are only animals you can only scare off.
I really liked those little birds from Minish Cap on the wind ruins and I thought we could make them come back as normal birds.
I put the sprites from Minish Cap on the attachment.
What do you think?

EDIT: And maybe when the player is still, A bird lands on link´s head? That would be pretty funny! Once you start moving again, it flies off.

Music / [Submission] Goron mountain theme
« on: December 08, 2015, 12:13:06 am »
I couldn´t resist!! I personally like this one a lot! Although it can be improved, I think it sounds great!
What do you guys think?

I added both .mp3 and .ogg files for whoever wants to listen to it.

Music / [Submission] Celestial clock theme
« on: December 06, 2015, 11:30:23 am »
I was inspired by Max´s town theme to start working on music also. I have never used Fl Studio before, so the song might not be good, but I like it!
I was testing it and I made the celestial clock theme just for fun!
I used Celesta to make a tick-tock sound which resembles that of a clock, mixed with a choir of Ganon´s theme, since he has taken over the tower by then.
I inspired this to the Hyrule castle theme from Twilight princess, since it had Ganon´s theme playing with it.

So what do you think? Any help to improve the song and my skills on Music making will be appreciated! :)

Sprites/Tiles / Zora throne room
« on: October 11, 2015, 06:09:02 pm »
I made this beautiful room for the Zora.
I think that it is one of the best mapping I have done, its trully beautiful. Look at this while listening to the twilight princess Zora´s domain, trust me.

I think that this can most definitely be accepted?

If you look in the Zora´s domain map of the overworld, there is a cave at the bottom of the domain, just beside the last pond. This is where Zora village will be.

Sprites/Tiles / Overworld so far
« on: September 27, 2015, 09:18:49 am »
This is here so you can see how the whole overworld looks put together.
And also because while I worked on the basin and the domain I changed some things on the field so they would fit together. But they are minor!
I have only added the accepted ones, so the swamp is not there since it is not done!
So here they are in the attachment!

I will update this post when we complete other areas of the world.

Sprites/Tiles / NPC Sprites
« on: September 08, 2015, 05:57:47 pm »
OK! Lets start spriting this guys out!

I made Tilo (based on Ghostblade), Aladdin, Charlie and Aveil (Based on the town children from Minish cap)!
Abu was made by Darklink45.

NPC List:
Aladdin (he will just be still)
Angelo the Sculptor
Bob and Esther
Boken the Slayer
Daphnes Nohansen Hyrule
Dimitri (the sprite might be lost though)
Korko the Dreamer
Post Man
Pyroki the Firestarter
Sam and Charlie
The Chemist
Tilo (we could have a still figure that floats looking down)

Sprites/Tiles / Link animations (using cogs)
« on: August 16, 2015, 04:05:50 pm »
I made link using the wind cog animation. Link charges it up and then throws it towards the direction he´s facing. I will attempt The other ones too.

Sprites/Tiles / Forest dungeon Tiles
« on: August 11, 2015, 05:40:12 pm »
I decided to make a completely new forest dungeon tiles for KOT. The walls of the inside rooms are made of wood, depicting the trunks of the trees. The floor of the inside rooms for the 2nd floor and up will be a treetop, implying that it was built on top of the trees. The outside (which will be 2nd floor and up) will be treetops with things on top like fences and such.
I made a little example of what the first room would look like, and added the tree floor so you see how it would fit together.
Tell me what you think of this!

Sprites/Tiles / KOT Enemy Sprite Topic
« on: August 06, 2015, 03:05:55 pm »
I´m adding this topic to start doing the enemies for the project.
I will add the ones already done here (That I can find).


KOT:Armored Crab
KOT:Armored Dodongo
KOT:Black ChuChu
KOT:Blue ChuChu
KOT:Demonic Dodongo
KOT:Door Mimic
KOT:Fire Keese
KOT:Fire Wizzrobe
KOT:Flying Tiles
KOT:Green ChuChu
KOT:Grey ChuChu
KOT:Ice Keese
KOT:Ice Wizzrobe
KOT:Iron Knuckle
KOT:Like Like
KOT:Mad scrub
KOT:Mighty Darknut
KOT:Overgrown Keese
KOT:Red ChuChu
KOT:Redead Knight
KOT:Rock Wasp
KOT:Rupee Like Like
KOT:Sand Glider
KOT:Shadow Guard
KOT:Shadow Keese
KOT:Shiekah Warrior
KOT:Stalfos Elite
KOT:Stone ChuChu
KOT:Thunder Keese
KOT:Thunder Wizzrobe
KOT:White ChuChu
KOT:Yellow ChuChu

Sprites/Tiles / Chuchu types
« on: August 05, 2015, 07:34:16 pm »
I put a sheet together with all the chuchu types.
I know that you guys have the green one already, but I added the rest ready to be coded!

Sprites/Tiles / Carbonite
« on: August 05, 2015, 10:40:17 am »
I read about this guy and wanted to create him sooo badly!

I still need the front and back roll, since I am basing it on the rolling rock that link pushes in MC. but I can´t find any spritesheet of them. I ripped the small ones from the game, but I still haven,t found the from and back ones... I will try to rip them once I find them! But if anyone wants to rip them then OK! It will save me a lot of work.

The Carbonite still needs arms an legs.

Sprites/Tiles / Castle Interior
« on: August 03, 2015, 09:39:34 am »
I tried to tile the castle interior based on Max´s concept. It is not finished, but it´s a start.

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