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Other Projects / Re: Horn of Balance
« on: May 29, 2023, 08:01:06 am »
Here's a first ever: video gameplay of the new gauntlet items I'm currently implementing.
Now, would it have been simpler and faster to just stick with a rod or something to produce fire? Yes. But! Linden is so young and excitable. Of course the only option available is to produce fireballs with the most badass pose that comes to mind. ;)

As a general update:
I've been heavily focusing on character animations these last few weeks. My goal is to get it all fully completed before moving on to the other aspects again, as I've more or less gotten into a good flow at the moment. Most of it will not be visible in the next demo, but it IS all critical progress for the final game. Special effects and sound effects will have to follow later due to scheduling, but I'm quite excited to be nearing full completion of one of the game's core aspects.  XD

I'll leave it at that for now, with hopefully more good news next weekend.


Progress report:
Code: [Select]
v0.27.27 (20 mei 2023)
* Fixed hardcoded hero name in welcome text. (How I missed that before is beyond me)

v0.27.28 (21 mei 2023)
* Created new character animations for swimming
* Created new character animations for diving
* Created new character animations for getting out of the water
* Next demo will have one less nest and 3/4th health at the start
* Sword charging for special attack now requires the sword to be awakened

v0.27.29 (22 mei 2023)
* Implemented new character animations for swimming
* Implemented new character animations for diving
* Added extra drowning effect
* Implemented new character animations for getting out of the water

v0.27.30 (23 mei 2023)
* Animated magical books
* Created character summoning sprites
* Implemented replacement menu sprites for the medallions
* Started work implementing new summoning animations
* Deleted a bunch of (now) obselete sprites

v0.27.31 (24 mei 2023)
* Made progress creating character animation for using gloves

v0.27.32 (25 mei 2023)
* Made progress adding extra screen effect during boss deaths

v0.27.33 (26 mei 2023)
* Finished adding extra screen effects to highlight boss deaths
* Fixed error in last Murray scene
* Created new sprites for using the rod of Medu in action
* Changed boss naming scheme in desert palace
* Created new character animations for using the rod

v0.27.34 (27 mei 2023)
* Worked with pixel artist
* Implemented new visuals for releasing lv2 charged sword
* Finished creating new character animations for using the gloves
* Started implementing new character animations for using the rod and gloves

v0.27.34 (28 mei 2023)
* Finished implemented new character animations for the rod
* Tweaked glove menu visuals
* Finished implemented new character animations for gloves
* Applied small tweak to the small intro font
* Tweaked medu magic visuals
* Tweaked ice shard visuals
* Added awakened versions of the gloves

Other Projects / Re: Horn of Balance
« on: May 20, 2023, 11:04:19 am »
Just a quicky update this weekend to let you know that I've just released demo 1.1 over on Itch.
Link: https://hornofbalance.itch.io/horn-of-balance-pre-ks-demo

It's a small update containing the following new features:
  • Usable shield for defence against flying projectiles
  • Usable net for catching those elemental spirits
  • Rebind-able gamepad controls (experimental feature)
  • Updated the in-game menu navigation
  • Several small tweaks and bugfixes
Progress report:
Code: [Select]
v0.27.20 (8 mei 2023)
* Worked with spriter on villain group
* Implemented new visuals for other fast travel system
* Added extra sounds and effects to using the staff

v0.27.21 (11-13 mei 2023)
* Upgraded to better hardware
* Upgraded to Gamemaker - LTS version (for a more stable dev platform)
* Video capture and editing proof of concept completed
* Worked on next art commission

v0.27.22 (14 mei 2023)
* Performed demo performance by a lot (= own coding needs dropped from 4+Ms to <1 Ms; system performance remains at 16,5 Ms)
* Removed obselete debug functions
* Fixed intro boss text type
* Fixed small memory leak
* Fixed a few errors resulting from new gamemaker version
* Enemy hurt sounds no longer stack
* Rewrite how spirits are caught with the net (for better visual feedback and better gamefeel when sprites are grouped very closely together)
* Tweaked masking of latest NPC's
* Tweaked intro boss masking slightly
* Create new character animations for using the fire and stone elementals

v0.27.23 (15 mei 2023)
* Created new character animations for charging the sword (+walking with charged sword)
* Created new character animations for the sword release (excl special effects)

v0.27.24 (16 mei 2023)
* Removed (now) obsolete sprites
* Tweaked hero sprites in side sword swing animations
* Finished implementing new visuals for using stone elementals (excl. sndfx)
* Made progress implementing new visuals for sword charging (+ walking with charged sword)
* Made progress implementing new visuals for sword release (excl. special effects)
* Finished implementing new visuals for using fire elementals (excl. sndfx)

v0.27.25 (18 mei 2023)
* Finished implementing new visuals for sword release (excl. special effects)
* Put out new commission for pixel artist

v0.27.26 (19 mei 2023)
* Finished implementing new visuals for sword charging (+ walking with charged sword)
* Added ability to rebind the gamepad controls (= buttons only; excl. select/start)
* The sword beam is now only available when you have the strongest sword
* Did a full demo playtest. No gamebreaking bugs found. (Just one or two small issues)
* Fixed being invincible while running
* Fixed error in terrain debug display function
* Discovered and fixed long standing issue where skulls would be able to damage hero hiding under the bridge in the big chest room
* Added the net, shield to the demo; but disabled sword charging

Other Projects / Re: Horn of Balance
« on: May 19, 2023, 06:44:52 pm »
At your service ;)
Thank you for the many years of support.

Other Projects / Re: Horn of Balance
« on: May 07, 2023, 08:47:48 pm »
I've got some family things going on right and it got pretty late again while writing this. So please do excuse any typo's and such. 😅

The good news is that more tricky hero animations have been completed and implemented: jumping into water, using the net and using the staff. I really spend a lot of time to make those feel good and to not just go for something too generic. I'm keeping it a secret for now, but if you look at the gif for example you can see that the lady is actually holding up her dress in order to walk around. It's that level of detail that I'm talking about.

Speaking of NPC´s. A lot of progress has also been made on sprites for the game´s main villain group. This will (mostly) be like a mercenary group, so expect a wide range of colorful characters. 😉 They will not be shown of for a long while, but I like to work backwards with bosses and such. So starting with the goal and then making sure the rest (like the setting and level) fit it. And thus there is already progress being made on this front.

On the demo side: I had hoped for the next small update to also include the shield and net items (as both have recently been completed). This will fall through though as the required custom sounds are not ready yet (=my scheduling mistake) and I have to wait one or multiple months until I can ask for more. So, for now unless I find good placeholder sounds, those features are pushed back to the next big demo update.

Progress report:
Code: [Select]
v0.27.14 (1 mei 2023)
* Tweaked new NPC's to only look sideways when talking to them from the side
* Improved new NPC's depth compared to hero
* Put out next sound effect commission
* Disabled shield in the demo again, because I forgot I'm still using placeholder sound assets
* Tweaked sprite moon book
* Restructured the way most scenes are set up
* Fixed small visual oversight when moving from titlepage to options menu
* The ice shield now does ice damage
* You can now use the fire elemental to apply 80% extra damage when doing physical (related) attacks
* You can now use the stone elemental only take half damage
* Recoded parts of the keyboard and gamepad controls pages

v0.27.15 (3 mei 2023)
* Created new hero visuals for jumping into water
* Started work on new visuals for using more items

v0.27.16 (4 mei 2023)
* Made more progress on new hero visuals for more items
* Fixed small oversight with the new NPC visuals

v0.27.17 (5 mei 2023)
* Created new hero visuals for using the Staff of Meliae and the net

v0.27.18 (6 mei 2023)
* Worked with spriter on the new villain group sprites
* Tweaked visuals for dress wearing following NPC's slightly
* Slightly tweaked a few menu items
* Implemented new hero visuals for using the net
* Implemented new hero visuals for using the Staff of Meliae

v0.27.19 (7 mei 2023)
* Worked more with spriter on villain group
* Implemented new hero visuals for jumping into water
* Worked on rebindable gamepad controls, but did get my gamepad working for testing, so gaving up for a little while

Other Projects / Re: Horn of Balance
« on: April 30, 2023, 09:07:52 pm »
Hi all,

So you have noticed that the progress logs have been a lot longer these past few weeks. That is because I've taken a few months off from my regular job in order to work on the game (and just enjoy a bit of extra freedom). It was getting a bit much doing both things together and this will buy me some more peace of mind to look at the bigger picture again. I do not have grand plans to do this fulltime. It's just a little something that I've been saving up for for myself. Long story short: expect.

As for progress on the actual game:
- I believe I fixed the random movement issue that was reported. I've been hesitant to release an update yet though as I don't have a tester available right now. If anybody feels like helping out with that, please let me know.
- The next demo will also include the shield as an equipable item. Check out the screenshot. It won't stop enemies from walking into you, but it will stop their nasty projectiles.
- I've also been able to make really good progress with the inclusion of the 6 NPC's originally in your hometown, as well as new visuals for the fast travel system. I don't want to spoil anyone so I'll only be showing screenshots little by little over time.

Progress report:
Code: [Select]
v0.27.07 (24 apr 2023)
* Implemented new visuals for getting shield out
* Tweaked fast travel sequence slightly
* Cleaned up old shield coding/resources
* Fixed error with specific enemy type in the overworld
* Fixed small visual issue after titlescreen
* Tinkered around with bird animations

v0.27.08 (25 apr 2023)
* Edited and implemented new large bird
* Tweaked overworld tileset a little
* Worked with spriter
* Added more variant “birds”

v0.27.09 (26 apr 2023)
* Implemented book menu items
* Put out new sprite commissions

v0.27.10 (27 apr 2023)
* Added more variant “birds”
* Tweaked some overworld tiles
* Put out more a few more sprite commissions
* Fixed new visual issue on the fileselection screen
* Added extra measure to prevent floating point errors in the movement script

v0.27.11 (28 apr 2023)
* Created movements visuals for new child NPC visuals
* Trinkered around with colors in overworld tilesets

v0.27.12 (29 apr 2023)
* Worked with sound engineer
* Made sound for breaking vases quiter

v0.27.13 (30 apr 2023)
* Finished and implemented child movement animations
* Deleted unused non/original NPC visuals
* Reorganised and expanded debugging functions
* Updated the demo to start with the shield available
* Created and implemented florine movement animations
* Fixed boss icon not showing up properly on the demo dungeon map
* Implemented florine laugh animation
* Dropped several (now) obselete sprites

Other Projects / Re: Horn of Balance
« on: April 23, 2023, 08:14:13 pm »
Skipping the bigger status update this week. Just working on a range of things right now as I adjust the plans for the next goals.

Progress report:
Code: [Select]
v0.27.00 (17 apr 2023)
* Fixed masking issue beyond the conveyor belts in the demo dungeon
* Put out new sprite commissions

===== Released update 1 =====

v0.27.01 (18 apr 2023)
* Fixed small issue where one early staircase may appear prematurely
* Fixed placeholder text on left statue in the entrance room
* Fixed a number of shattered typo's
* Restored missing “secret” sound – Gamemaker bugs strike again!
* Fixed collission error between items spawned from flying enemies vs collission grids
* The game now shows gamepad controls in the textengine if you have a gamepad plugged in
* Skeletons now have the shocked sound effect when they discover something missing
* Flipped hitswitch visuals for more intuitive puzzle
* Fixed shield showing up on the first frame of the dying animation
* Slightly lowered volume when breaking containers

===== Released update 2 =====

v0.27.02 (19 apr 2023)
* Dropped the old cane of byrna item
* Added menu descriptions for the hero shields

v0.27.03 (20 apr 2023)
* Tweaked ice elemental sprites
* Implemented ice elementals as usable items

v0.27.04 (21 apr 2023)
* Worked on some new wall tile mockups for future dungeons
* Edited menu navigation (= can now move more freely to/from the tabs with the up and down buttons)
* Fixed quest page right side navigation from the quivers
* Made preparations to implement fire and stone elementals

v0.27.05 (22 apr 2023)
* Created updated version of the side push animation
* Created new visuals for hero during fast travel system
* Worked on refining new visuals shield use
* Made early mockups for fire/ice item usage

v0.27.06 (23 apr 2023)
* Finished visuals for bringing out the shield
* Updated visuals for stone elemental
* Dropped new push animation again
* Implemented new hero sprite for fast travel system
* Made progress implementing new visuals for bringing the shield out

Other Projects / Re: Horn of Balance
« on: April 18, 2023, 12:43:12 pm »
Just a quicky update.

It had come to my attention that the previous demo had issues a good while into the dungeon. I have just uploaded demo version 0.27.01 to Itch. All know issues have been resolved in that one.

Link: https://hornofbalance.itch.io/horn-of-balance-pre-ks-demo

While I'm at it. If you want to see a nice playthrough of the game also check out:

Other Projects / Re: Horn of Balance
« on: April 16, 2023, 11:13:40 am »
More great news this weekend!
The first demo in the new style has finally been completed and is now downloadable over on Itch.io. Here the link: https://hornofbalance.itch.io/horn-of-balance-pre-ks-demo

Please show it some love so it can reach as many people as possible. XD

Progress report:
Code: [Select]
v0.26.210 (10 apr 2023)
* Applied hero pallet shader to new running animations
* Can now also stop running by pressing the run button again
* Replaced three sound effects with placeholder sounds
* Dropped part of the run follow up frames for more responsive controls

v0.26.211 (11 apr 2023)
* Created and implement new boss death sprite

v0.26.212 (12 apr 2023)
* Created and implemented flintstone fire effects
* Added extra check to prevent you burning through your mp too fast using the flintstones too fast
* Created hero water terrain overlay sprites and started implementing
* Improved (optional) text during demo starting room for newer players
* Polished cape usage a little

v0.26.213 (13 apr 2023)
* Finished implemented hero water terrain overlay sprites

v0.26.214 (14 apr 2023)
* Improved overlapping sprites between hero and water-grass
* Tweaked and implemented ice and fire elemental sprites
* Added kickstarter link and references in the demo
* Recolored wind elemental
* Made boss harder
* Cleaned up code behind item menu slightly
* Updated credits

v0.26.215 (15 apr 2023)
* Fixed error when lighting key demo dungeon torches
* Renamed extra control options
* Now auto detects controlers at all times
* Game now works with multiple controls at once (=use whichever you want if you have multiple plugged in)
* Updated credits
* Options to only show a partial HUD now takes effect immediatly when selected
* Shift button now also valid for button mapping
* Slightly edited button mapping process
* Sped up default room transition sequence
* Increased default gamepad stick deadzone
* Fixed visual hickup while falling down to the floor below
* Updated tilework in one of the early demo rooms to better signal sideroom
* Put out next sound commission
* Switched controller A and B button functionality

Other Projects / Re: Horn of Balance
« on: April 09, 2023, 08:54:10 pm »
Before I get into the proper update:
This game now has a kickstarter page:

Even if you have a passing interest in this game be sure to show your support by pressing the little notification button over there. To be notified of when the event actually goes live, but also to make a difference in making my dream a full reality.

So.. I've had the past week off from work and was able to tackle many of the remaining spriting challenges. Which is a great relieve for me as I still do not consider myself a great pixelartist or anything. Each animation is new and a new puzzle to solve. Especially the abstract effects I find hard to wrap my head around before getting started. That being said, once done they are done. Unlike enemies and tiles I´ll only need single variants so that's a relief as well.

Also, after literal days of experimentation I've finally gotten the run animation to be just the way I had envisioned it beforehand. Will anyone care how each wind pixel has a reasoned position? No, properly not. But I like to think all the small details will all add up in the end. To leave people with the impression that this game is more than just the sum of it's parts you know.

Anyway, here's the ever shrinking list of remaining items till the next demo:
- 1x character actions visuals <-- DONE! Just don't ask me how many days I actually spend working on it. It was all worth it okay. 😆
- 7x 3x effect visuals
- 2x sound effects to replace
- Full playthrough for testing <-- One more outstanding playtest request

Progress report:
Code: [Select]
v0.26.204 (3 apr 2023)
* Made progress on new run animation
* Implemented visuals for another new elemental sprites
* Altered enemy crossbow colors for better readability
* Fixed depth issue when subboss destroys northern wall pieces
* Created replacement sprites for 3 more effects: floor destruction and spirit energy orbs and run effects

v0.26.205 (4 apr 2023)
* Tweaked visuals run effects and elementals
* Added new visuals for running in water
* Tweaked hurt and crash visuals
* Added extra debug function
* Added new visuals for landing in water
* Fixed small demo tiling and masking issue
* Tweaked demo dungeon tileset
* Worked on better visuals for another elemental sprite

v0.26.206 (5 apr 2023)
* Tweaked and implemented visuals for one more new elemental sprites
* Implemented replacement visuals for cape use
* Added new item to demo starting equipment: revival elemental sprite
* Made more progress with the hero run animation

v0.26.207 (6 apr 2023)
* Made more progress on the new run animations (with and without carried objects)
* Improved carried object sprite allignment

v0.26.208 (7 apr 2023)
* Recoded and expanded hero movement engine to cut across large corners more smoothly
* Fixed issues with frozen floors connected to moving platforms
* Made more progress on running animation

v0.26.209 (8-9 apr 2023)
* Finished and implemented new run animations

Other Projects / Re: Horn of Balance
« on: April 03, 2023, 06:38:44 am »
Yes it was. Thank you very much. XD

Other Projects / Re: Horn of Balance
« on: April 02, 2023, 08:55:49 pm »
This weekends progress has been small due to a birthday and needing some time to recharge. I will be working a little more then usual throughout this week though, so expect more progress by the end of next weekend.

As always, here's the list of remaining items till the next demo:
- 1x character actions visuals <-- PROGRESS: Got a first draft done for one of the 4 movement directions.
- 7x effect visuals <-- UPDATE: Been tweaking a few things to work up to the actual effect sprites.
- ~~3x ~~ 2x sound effects to replace <-- PROGRESS: A small new batch of sounds has been implemented. My sound engineer is too busy to do more this month, so I'll have to look for the rest elsewhere. While sounds were delivered I found 2 more sounds to replace while playtesting.
- ~~Text engine font update~~ <-- UPDATE: I'm pushing this beyond the next demo.
- Full playthrough for testing <-- Just needs one final pass I think

Progress report:
Code: [Select]
v0.26.197 (28 mrt 2023)
* Configured earlier hurt sprites to work with the pallet swapper (which I forgot to do earlier)
* Played around with an enemy pallet swapper to reduce future implementation time of (complex) enemy visuals
* Tweaked eye spider visuals slightly

v0.26.198 (29 mrt 2023)
* Applied a pallet swapper to (almost all) the containers (cutting out 42 resources and making future additions far easier to add and maintain)

v0.26.199 (30 mrt 2023)
* Applied a pallet swapper to the remaining containers (cutting another 13 supporting resources)

v0.26.200 (31 mrt 2023)
* Applied new enemy pallet swapper to more enemies (to cut another 137 resources)
* Tweaked DW frost pallet

v0.26.201 (31 mrt 2023)
* Found a major issue with the latest changes and rolled back changes to v0.26.196

v0.26.202 (1 apr 2023)
* Fixed the remaining issues resulting from rollback
* Fixed issue with hero shadow after use of revival sprite
* Tweaked sound timing when pushing/pulling objects
* Added destruction sprites for bones, frozen+stone enemies and banners
* Worked with sound engineer
* Finished character revival sequence

v0.26.203 (2 apr 2023)
* Started work on new running sprites
* Implemented a few more sounds

Other Projects / Re: Horn of Balance
« on: March 26, 2023, 09:31:02 pm »
Well, the last couple of days really flew by this weekend. It´s nearly midnight again as well. To quickly summarize: some really good progress was made (meaning I got stuff done and at the level of quality I wanted), but it's also very much clear that a demo will never be ready by April 1st.  Still working my ass of regardless.

I have been in contact with a few animators that maybe could help out with the effects animation, but it's still too early to say if it's going to result in anything, let alone anything usable.

Here's the list of remaining items till the next demo:
- 3x enemy visual to replace <-- DONE! It feels good to fully close this chapter
- 4x 1x character actions visuals <-- PROGRESS: Lots of progress on this front as well. Now it's just the hardest animation left.
- 7x effect visuals
- 10x 3x sound effects to replace <-- PROGRESS: Replaced a few more sounds and dropped another. The next sound batch is getting worked on this week.
- Text engine font update <-- PROGRESS: Added characters for a custom foreign language. I'll likely leave it at that for now and replace the font itself in a later demo.
- Full playthrough for testing

Progress report:
Code: [Select]
v0.26.189 (17 mrt 2023)
* Tweaked skeleton sprites
* Replaced a few more sounds
* Had another playtesting session
* Added shine to key drops, to make them more noticeable
* Tweaked item drop rates
* Tweaked intro hinttexts
* Fixed small masking oversight
* Flintstones usage requires magic again
* Tweaked music calls a little
* Further tweaked hinttexts and a few more visuals

v0.26.190 (18 mrt 2023)
* Simplified coding behind the ingame menu navigation (also to slightly simplify usage)
* Fixed small visual hickup when equipping uncollected items
* Player starts with a one time usage caught sprite
* Tweaked existing skeleton soldier sprites
* Created sprites for another skeleton enemy type
* Cleaned up some old skeleton/skull movement scripts
* Finished implementing new visuals headless skeletons and floating skulls
* Added extra effect for soldiers when noticing the hero
* Floor indicator stays visible slightly longer in the HUD
* Worked on hero hurt sprites

v0.26.191 (19 mrt 2023)
* Cleaned up the coding for default soldier enemies further
* Created (and almost finished implementing) new visuals for skeleton bowman enemy type
* Worked with sound engineer to replace another sound effect

v0.26.192 (20 mrt 2023)
* Made some progress implementing sprites crossbow wielding skeleton
* Created new visuals for crossbow
* Tweaked some hinttexts
* Dropped bombs from the upcoming demo (for now)
* Tweaked some demo container contents

v0.26.193 (21 mrt 2023)
* Tweaked final boss color pallet
* Updated foreign language font
* Updated credits

v0.26.194 (24 mrt 2023)
* Finally finished implementing new visuals crossbow wielding skeletons
* Added new visuals for skeleton thrown projectile
* Nearly finished work on the spider eye enemy visuals and AI

v0.26.195 (25 mrt 2023)
* Finished work on the spider eye enemy visuals and AI
* Cleaned up a pallet swapper issues with the latest enemies
* Worked on new hero hurt sprites

v0.26.196 (26 mrt 2023)
* Finished and implemented new visuals for: getting hurt, getting shocked (for now), wall crashing, and the dying starting frame
* Fixed error when trying to use non-existent weapon
* Implemented one more new sound effect
* Disabled a few sound effects (for now to be replaced later)
* Implemented visuals for another elemental sprite

Other Projects / Re: Horn of Balance
« on: March 12, 2023, 09:31:04 pm »
A quicky update this weekend. I've got some good and bad news to share.

The bad: It has become clear that the last required sound effects will not be available by the end of March, as intended (due to personal circumstances for the sound engineer). Despite the challenges that exist he did deliver more sounds this week and expects to deliver more by mid  April. There are more challenges still to tackle so it´s not all due sound effects (!), but it is what has made clear that the next demo will have to be delayed past April first. By how many weeks is still unclear.

The good: Massive progress has been made on the enemy visuals. I had expected it to be a fairly easy affair, but ended up spriting over 50 frames this weekend. Complete one boss battle (including small tweaks) as well as two regular enemies. With the spritework for two more enemies already progressing quite nicely.
Also, another playtesting session has been completed and the demo is proving to be quite stable.

Here's the list of remaining items till the next demo again:
- 5x 3x enemy visual to replace <-- PROGRESS: Two more enemies finished. Spritework for two more has already been started.
- 5x 4x character actions visuals <-- UPDATE: Dropping the net item from the next demo to save time
- 7x effect visuals
- 14x 10x sound effects to replace <-- PROGRESS: Yet more sound effects replaced
- Text engine font update
- Full playthrough for testing <-- PROGRESS: Yet another session finished.

Progress report:
Code: [Select]
v0.26.185 (6 mrt 2023)
* Tweaked small tiling oversight in demo dungeon
* Worked with sound engineer

v0.26.186 (10 mrt 2023)
* Created new sprites for common skeleton enemy actions
* Created various skull sprites

v0.26.187 (11 mrt 2023)
* Tweaked skeleton sprites to make the movements more readable
* Replaced visuals (+tweaked) Murray boss fight (NOTE: not in upcoming demo)
* Fixed credits not triggering at the end of the demo
* Fixed incorrect music playing after boss fights
* Made various more smaller tweaks/fixes based on the latest playtest session
* Boss helper death now brought more in line with regular boss deaths
* Made more progress on updating character death sequence

v0.26.188 (12 mrt 2023)
* Created and (almost fully) implemented new visuals for two more skeleton enemy types
* Implemented new sound effect

Other Projects / Re: Horn of Balance
« on: March 05, 2023, 10:21:52 pm »
Last week I said we were on track with the sound effects. This week I decided to really make sure of that. So basically spending a lot of time finding (and creating) sound effects on my own to bring the remaining work down as much as possible. I'm quite proud of the jump in remaining work, given how challenging sound engineering is for me (and how time consuming asset hunting can be). The sound engineer should easily be able to complete the remaining work this month. And if not, then I've already picked out 4 sounds that can be pushed back to the next demo without too many players really noticing.


Here's the list of remaining items till the next demo again:
- 5x enemy visual to replace
- 5x character actions visuals
- 8x 7x effect visuals <-- PROGRESS: New enemy death visuals finished and implemented
- 38x 14x sound effects to replace <-- PROGRESS: Good progress has been made. One batch of sound effects is already being worked on by the sound engineer. With another smaller final batch planned during the rest of the month.
- Text engine font update
- Full playthrough for testing  <-- PROGRESS: Expanded the pool of early playtesters a little. Tweaked the demo based on their feedback


Progress report:
Code: [Select]
v0.26.180 (26 feb 2023)
* Finished implemented death and revival sprites
* Disable sword charging (for the upcoming demo only)
* Added extra demo boss impact effect
* Fixed potential visual issue when switching windows while dying
* Made progress working on the new death sequence
* Implemented new batch of sound effects
* Put out next sounds commission package

v0.26.181 (28 feb 2023)
* Created and implemented two sound effects

v0.26.182 (3 mrt 2023)
* Fixed and tweaked a number of small points after playtesting sessions
* Reversed descision for some health and magic items to not dissappear after a certain time
* Tweaked hinttexts slightly
* Expanded collission coding behind ledge jumping
* Player can now push objects while standing on small stair tiles
* Worked with sound engineer

v0.26.183 (4 mrt 2023)
* Replaced more sound effects
* Fixed issue where thrown containers would break against “the floor” before falling into an abyss or deep water

v0.26.184 (5 mrt 2023)
* Replaced more sound effects
* Implemented new enemy death visuals

Other Projects / Re: Horn of Balance
« on: February 26, 2023, 11:02:18 am »
I'm not sure how much time I'll be able to spend on development today so here's an early update post. Also, I'm not completely tired while writing these for once. Yay, progress!

So I've finally been able to finish spriting the character death and revival animations. It took a long time to get it to feel all nice and smooth so I'm really happy about it. All the remaining items are the toughest things that are left so each step feels like a big triumph. The animation ended up being a nice nod to the original SNES Zelda while still being different.

Also, I've finally decided to cut the demo scope a little bit by excluding sword charging (and thus also the sword release and wall poking). I don't want to rush things and go for a lower quality, just to get the demo out there sooner. So these features will be included in a second demo way later in the year. Depending on how things progress during March I might cut down the scope a little further.

And finally the progress on sounds: development is back on track for this week and the next. Which is great because I can focus more on other things again. The progress during March will be slowed down significantly however due to scheduling and life. This was taken into account beforehand this time so I should be able to complete the sound needs by myself via sound packs and edits. If not then I might consider placeholder sounds to not let the demo development get pushed into April.


Here's the list of remaining items till the next demo again:
- 5x enemy visual to replace
- 11x 5x character actions visuals <-- PROGRESS: I've pushed back a few character actions (like sword charging) and finished the death/revival animations
- 8x effect visuals
- 38x sound effect to replace <-- STATUS: The last batch of 8 sounds are practically done. The next batch of 8 will be commissions within the next few days.
- Text engine font update
- Full playthrough for testing


Progress report:
Code: [Select]
v0.26.176 (21 feb 2023)
* Improved sprites elemental sprites

v0.26.177 (22 feb 2023)
* Worked with sound engineer
* Shortened wall crash sound effect a little again

v0.26.178 (24 feb 2023)
* Tweaked and implemented visuals various elemental sprites
* Tweaked visuals new conveyor belt
* Tweaked audio levels
* Animated Linden death and revive character animations

v0.26.179 (25 feb 2023)
* Worked on sound effects and started work on next commission pack
* Tweaked music volume levels
* Started work on the new death sequence

Other Projects / Re: Horn of Balance
« on: February 19, 2023, 09:27:19 pm »
Just a quickie update this weekend as (like clockwork) I'm pretty beat from working on the game all day again. You would think I'd change my ways by now, but when I get started I tend to go until I'm done.

So the biggest news this week is probably that I've finally found a suitable name for the main character: Linden.

Why do I find it to be such a suitable name? Well, the Linden is a type of European tree. Clever right? Well, it gets way better: back in the medieval days it was considered a holy tree by some pagans and the early church. Being seen as a symbol of truth, peace and justice. And if you add the fact that it matches quite well with the HUD tree and has heart shaped leafs... it's just too perfect not to use XD.


Here's the list of remaining items till the next demo again:
- 5x enemy visual to replace
- 11x character actions visuals
- 8x effect visuals
- 38x sound effect to replace <-- STATUS: The next commission batch is still delayed due to scheduling issues.
- Demo dungeon flow tweaking <-- PROGRESS: Now fully done
- Text engine font update
- Full playthrough for testing


Progress report:
Code: [Select]
v0.26.174 (18 feb 2023)
* Further refined coding behind breakable floors
* Further tweaked hint texts in demo dungeon
* Added extra type of converyor belt
* Tweaked masking tall torches (+ added extra variant)
* Finished coding latest demo dungeon rooms
* Added 2 additional NPC's from later in the game to the demo dungeon for extra (optional) player guidance
* Switched to different HUD font
* Tweaked menu controls a little

v0.26.175 (19 feb 2023)
* Worked with Kohari on new visuals
* Tweaked demo boss and cape stats
* Started implementing new shield (menu) sprites

Other Projects / Re: Horn of Balance
« on: February 12, 2023, 10:42:01 pm »
So here's this weekends update post. Man, it's gotten late again. I've been sick for over a week (nearly fully recovered now) and I just couldn't help myself from trying to squeeze everything out of the time left before sleep and work again.

But anyway, let's talk game development progress:
The focus his been on two aspects lately: adding in more custom audio effects and improving the demo dungeon rooms slightly. It was only a few weeks ago when a whooping 60+ audio files still needed to be replaced and now (with the latest batch outstanding) we're almost at half. I don't want to go for too generic or arcade style audio so a lot time is going into finding the right direction and overall feel. Which stressful at first, but now that more and more sounds are getting replaced it's feeling very rewarding to hear things working together.
The dungeon tweaks I describe a little more extensively in next weekends update, when it's fully completed.


And here's the list of remaining items till the next demo again:
- 5x enemy visual to replace
- 11x character actions visuals
- 8x effect visuals
- 49x 38x sound effect to replace <-- PROGRESS: Another batch has been implemented. The next one is already started, but might take a week or two due to scheduling
- Demo dungeon flow tweaking <-- PROGRESS: Mostly finished. It's just some coding left to update and testing.
- Text engine font update
- Update PC controls to better match industry standards --> Finally DONE
- Full playthrough for testing

Progress report:
Code: [Select]
v0.26.167 (30-31 jan 2023)
* Finished preparing next audio commission batch

v0.26.168 (3 feb 2023)
* Moved three demo dungeon rooms down to a later area
* Restructured some code concerning area room data

v0.26.169 (5 feb 2023)
* Prepared next batch of sprite commissions
* Made good progress designing 2 new rooms in the demo dungeon

v0.26.170 (9 feb 2023)
* Changed default keyboard controls
* Made some progress adding in the new rooms into the demo dungeon

v0.26.171 (10 feb 2023)
* Made slight tweaks to coding flying tiles and most doors
* Tweaked switch sounds
* Tweaked fountains sprites
* Made progress replacing more sounds with sound engineer

v0.26.172 (11 feb 2023)
* Finished implementing last batch of audio files and put out new commission batch
* Tweaked door and switch audio files slightly to work together better
* Made more progress on latest demo dungeon rooms

v0.26.173 (12 feb 2023)
* Tweaked coding behind flying tiles
* Finished tiling and masking latest demo dungeon rooms
* Updated breakable floor to break via more methods
* Tweaked some more demo dungeon components slightly

Other Projects / Re: Horn of Balance
« on: January 29, 2023, 09:39:43 pm »
So I made a few additional changes to the mp/hp items this week. (In an effort to set my game slightly further apart from the original Zelda game). One thing let to another and it kinda sorta ended up taking the entire weeks development time to fully complete. I AM very happy with the results though. It feels polished and consistent now. XD

My journey down the rabbit hole went a little bit like this (for those interested):
I added the ability to fly to the small hp/mp items and in different ways to help colorblind players. Next I realized it would be inconsistent to let players only catch larger spirits, so I rewrote a good chunk of coding to also allow mp/hp items to get caught in your net. Which let me to having to update the saving system. But I also wanted to add in more larger sprites so that could be done together as both types where now handled the same. But to add those bigger elemental types I needed to update the item spawn rates to take them into account. And to do that I needed the game to tell which spirits would be suited for which cases. (To prevent a fire enemy to spawn an ice spirit down the line). And to do that I needed to add an element stat to enemies (and objects). And so on...

I love game development at times like this. To stumble down a hole like and crawl back out without loose ends feels great.


Anyway. Here's also the list again of what's left to do before the public demo:
- 5x enemy visual to replace
- 11x character actions visuals
- New Hp/Mp items <-- Now fully done
- Collectable fairies <-- Now fully done
- 8x effect visuals
- 60x  49x sound effect to replace <-- PROGRESS: Implemented the last batch and started detailing the next one
- Demo dungeon flow tweaking
- Text engine font update
- Update PC controls to better match industry standards
- Full playthrough for testing

Progress report:
Code: [Select]
v0.26.163 (23 jan 2023)
* Implemented 11 more sound effects

v0.26.164 (27 jan 2023)
* Cleaned up coding behind common items more
* Finished implementing new common mp/hp items
* Small mp/hp items can now also be captured with net
* Small mp/hp items will no longer be picked up if you are already fully restored
* Added more (placeholder) fairy replacements
* Started implementing replacement items for bottles

v0.26.165 (28 jan 2023)
* Finished implementing new bottle replacement visuals (with sketches for demo excluded items – for now)
* Game now also tracks and saves # uses of new bottle replacement items
* Updated the credits end page to also show stats new bottle replacement items
* Updated shops to sell nests instead of bottles (=not in demo)
* Went through all text to rename rupees in gems
* Big magic bulbs have been removed. The fairy replacements will now offer you bigger mp or hp restoration than normal mp/hp items
* Random item generation (like from bushes/enemies/digging) can now also spawn sprites with a small change of occuring
* Updated the overall item spawn rates in the game to reflect these latest changes
* All enemies now have a stat for connected element(s) to determine what type of sprite could potentially get spawned upon defeat, if any

v0.26.166 (29 jan 2023)
* Switched up what type of sprites spawn in dungeons
* Tweaked allignments of text on credits page
* Prepared next batch of audio commissions

Other Projects / Re: Horn of Balance
« on: January 22, 2023, 09:27:54 pm »
And another weekend of development is behind us. Progress on the sounds is going swimmingly. Animations are going a little slower, but are coming along as well.

And I "finally" decided on a visual approach for the game's health pick-ups, magic pick-up and fairies. The concept from way back in my design document has always been that all things in this game's world are brought to life via sprites (= as in tiny magical spirits). It's still all subject to chance, but I pictured these sprites as small fireflies, that also acts as the player's basic hp/mp pickups. And spirits can also combine in the wild to turn into larger elemental sprites (which you can capture and carry along). One type (which I now added) will mechanically replace the standard alttp Fairy. Other future sprites will replace potions, a few items, and will maybe also add some extra functions in the future. Maybe I'll tell you some more about it in the future.

And to close out.
Here's the latest list of what's left to do before the public demo:
- 5x enemy visual to replace
- 12x 11x character actions visuals <-- PROGRESS: The pick up / throw animations are now done and implemented
- New Hp/Mp items <-- PROGRESS: Technically finished it this weekend but I want to add some extra detailing still
- Collectable fairies <-- PROGRESS: Technically finished it this weekend but I want to add some extra variations
- 8x effect visuals
- 63x 60x sound effect to replace <-- PROGRESS: With another 11 sounds incoming
- Demo dungeon flow tweaking
- Text engine font update
- Update PC controls to better match industry standards
- Full playthrough for testing

Progress report:
Code: [Select]
v0.26.159 (17 jan 2023)
* Fixed visual oversight during boss appearance scene

v0.26.160 (20 jan 2023)
* Fixed bug where containers could get destroyed multiple types in sequence
* Fixed sound overlap during subboss attacks
* Worked with sound engineer
* Implemented new visuals for hearts and small magic bulb
* Tweaked new visuals for breakable walls further
* Hero now turns around gradually into idle animations and opening master chests
* Replaced one more menu sound effect
* Hero turns around gradually when picking up, or buying, an important treasure
* Phased out one of the menu sound effects

v0.26.161 (21 jan 2023)
* Animated new visuals for picking up containers
* Made good progress implementing new animation
* Spend good deal of time researching the business side of things

v0.26.162 (22 jan 2023)
* Further edited and fully implemented pick up animations
* Created and implemented fairy replacement sprites

Other Projects / Re: Horn of Balance
« on: January 15, 2023, 09:23:45 pm »
The good news this week is that I've contacted a sound engineer and we're now cooperating to replace the large amount of original sound effects still in the game. The bad news: this game be big and complicated joh. I've been spending a large number of hours documenting and describing all the sounds and sound uses that need replacing. So I don't have any visual progress to show of right now.

Code: [Select]
v0.26.157 (10 jan 2023)
* Fixed error while throwing containers

v0.26.158 (13-15 jan 2023)
* Documented all sound uses in the game
* Implemented new sounds for opening and closing the ingame menu
* Found and removed some obselete textengine coding

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