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Author Topic: Morshu's Puzzle Quest  (Read 1562 times)

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Morshu's Puzzle Quest
« on: October 06, 2011, 06:28:42 pm »
This is a little fangame featuring Morshu from the infamous Link: Faces of Evil for Philips CD-i. Some would not call this an actual Zelda fangame since it's based on a non-nintendo Zelda (which some wouldn't even consider as a real Zelda game).

The game is a pretty simple puzzle game where you control Morshu and your goal is to collect all of the rupees from each level. There are also various items such as bombs (you can blow up weak boxes and walls), ropes (you can shoot them to a hook and climb it) and lamp oil (no purpose, yet). King Harkinian, Zelda and Link appear in the game as persons you are intended to save at the end of each episode/levelpack.

The game will feature sounds, music and graphics from the CD-i Zeldas and some other games (such as Hotel Mario). I have programmed this game 3 days now and the engine is pretty far and working well. The other vital parts (gfx, levels) are saved last thing to do, so the game might look still like a skeleton but it is developing fast.

The game is being programmed with Coolbasic (the main game) and C++ (some other stuff) and there are about 1000 lines of code already.

I have also uploaded video of the earliest run of the game in youtube:

The game has already developed a lot from that shown in the video and please note that the graphics are only part-time 'til I finish the engine
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