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Author Topic: [Submission] Morpede (Forest Temple)  (Read 2269 times)

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[Submission] Morpede (Forest Temple)
« on: December 02, 2012, 10:07:04 pm »
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Name: Mordapede
HP: 6
Location: Atop a canopy within the Kokiri Forest/Forest Temple

EDIT 2: I re-imagined a lot of the battle, making it simpler as well as less "boss battle-y" and more "mini-boss-y".

Description: A rare species of massive centipede which resides within and around the walls of the crumbling and largely overgrown structure of the forest temple. It has hundreds of small legs which allow it to traverse the varied terrain with ease. Its hard black carapace and the thick beige hide of its underside make it virtually impossible to harm. It has three sensitive eyes on the front of its head, which it can individually cover with movable plates of carapace, and also has a pair of large mandibles for crushing its prey.

(Contact damage 0.25 hearts)

Bite - The Morpede lashes forward with its massive mandibles, dealing 0.5 hearts of damage to Link. This is relatively easy to avoid, except when used in combination with Ensnare. During the attack all three of its eyes are open, and it is possible to harm it with a sword slash.

Ensnare - The Morpede spits out a thick strand of fiber which, upon contact with Link, wraps him within a powerful grasp and deals 0.25 hearts of damage. Can be escaped by pushing some button(s?) a certain number of times. This attack is typically followed up with Bite (making it harder to avoid, however it is still possible to do so).

Burrow -  The Morpede burrows beneath the canopy, leaving behind a hole in the arena which the player can fall through. If they do so Link takes the designated game-wide fall damage (0.25 hearts? 0.5 hearts?) and is reset to the last solid section of the canopy they stood on. However, after a designated amount of time (10-15 seconds), the hole closes up.

Burst - The Morpede bursts from below the canopy in a flurry of leaves directly below the player, and rushes head-first towards them on a linear path. Getting hit by the head deals 0.5 heart of damage, as well as launches Link back a bit; contact with the rest of the body still does 0.25 hearts of damage and only knocks him back a tiny bit. Similarly to Burrow, a hole is left behind at the beginning of the attack, and closes up again 10-15 seconds later.

Battle Flow:
The battle takes place on top of a large canopy somewhere outside the dungeon, with the arena interspersed with impenetrable bunches of foliage (they serve as obstacles). The Morpede enters by bursting up from below the leaves in the center, and proceeds to crawl aimlessly atop the canopy. If it sees Link, it will, if close enough, attempt to use either Bite and/or Ensnare to harm him. All three of its eyes are open during this period, and a simple sword slash will harm him. Three of such are required to advance the fight.
After three hits, the Morpede becomes enraged, becoming much faster and targeting Link much more. In combination with Bite and Ensnare, he now utilizes Burrow as well as Charge in an attempt to  expel the player from the canopy. During this phase his two outer eyes become covered, leaving only his large middle-most one exposed. The only way to damage him is to roll-thrust straight through said eye, and that attack must be repeated twice more (for a total of three times) in order to defeat him. Upon his death a chest appears, containing the Hookshot.

Player Countermeasures:
Sword: Damages the Morpede for 1 heart. A slash and roll-thrust are the two ways that it can be hurt using the sword.
Shield: The shield is entirely ineffective against the Morpede. Evasion and the boomerang are the only defense against it.
Boomerang: Stuns the Morpede for a second upon contact with its eye(s).

Thoughts? Criticism? I personally feel as though this is still an incomplete concept mini-boss, and I would love if you could go in-depth with any issues you have with it. If you're confused about how the battle works in general, refer to the MC boss "Madderpilar."
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