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Author Topic: [Submission] The La'Taro  (Read 4803 times)

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[Submission] The La'Taro
« on: December 04, 2012, 10:05:10 pm »
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Been a while since I posted something, was busy XD

Name: The La'Taro

Trait Stealthy, Surprise Attacks

In game Description:
They are an unknown bunch who are very territorial of their land.
The Green(Tribe of De'Sol) ones do not attack, and they are friendly, while the
brownish/green(Tribe of Lamiro) ones attack to kill.

Tribe of De'Sol - Neutral, good guys kinda, they accompany Link within the village and woodland area.
Tribe of Lamiro- Bad Guys

"There use to be a nice village somewhere in the forest, until one day, a wizard attempted to brainwash the people there."

"They managed to kill the Wizard, and seal off there village from intruders."

"LA'Taro corpses can be seen within the Forest Temple, this reveals not only their presence, but in the past, they have killed people nearby the temple."

They are humanoid like, with an average height of 5.7-6.0 ft. They are covered in woodland appreal, resembling Ghille Suits. They have a worn out bandanna that covers their mouth and nose and wear a hat(Chinese straw hat look a like).

I would draw something, but they will resemble like this, minus the covered head, and replace with a hat like what I mention above. Plus a bit less covering as well, revealing parts of their under leather armor.

Ya i know, but this is what I can find atm
Show content

These people were born and raised in a dark part of the woods, and has never came into any contact with people in Hyrule.

Not added ATM, working on an idea for a forest area connected to where the fores maze/temple is.
The concept is that their village has been hidden way/sealed off within the forest area. You can only go there once you get the side-quest to get their the huge moss covered boulder.

Race: Unknown, most likely human/Hylian.

Weapon: A Bamboo Bow with weighted Arrows. A worn, partly rusted dagger with Bamboo particles.


(They will function kinda like the guards in LTTP when they pop out of a bush to shoot arrows, but with these guys, after coming up, they stay out and are mobile.)

They will not move, or attack until you are really close. Once you pass the location they are in, they will pop out of the bushes to strike you with a few arrows, and at times rush towards you to attack.

Shooting- A silent but deadly shot that takes away 4-5 hearts. The weighted arrows may be powerful, but they can be dodged easily and or deflected with your sword. If it hits you while using a shield, you will move back a bit.

Rushing- If they are close enough, they will fight you using a dagger, taking away 1/3-1 hearts on contact, hitting them with anything will push them back, giving them enough distance to ready another arrow.

They fall to the ground, and somehow vanish. They disappear as if the ground had sucked them up, however, this means they have retreated from battle.

The weighten arrows can damage nearby enemies and or another La'Taro member.
Hp - 3
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