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Author Topic: [Submission] KoT Hero Mode / Forgotten Underground  (Read 3462 times)

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[Submission] KoT Hero Mode / Forgotten Undergrou...
« on: December 06, 2012, 12:16:50 am »
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KoT Hero Mode / Forgotten Underground
This will be an optional place for the player to go to. But this will be one of the most diffcult and challenging place in the game. So if ytting the rewards, you must take the ultimate risk!

What it is about:
It is similar to Cave of Ordeals, however, the rotation of enemy waves vary. So not only it will be a struggle to conquer this place, but it will provide the player with a challenge and replay value.

This area can be entered anytime. There will be 3 types of powerful rewards. They can be earned by completing this place 3 times. But this rewards are optional for the player, if they really want it; so make them work for it :D
The Desert, this area can only be accessable once the player has more then 8-10 hearts.

Items inside:
Healing/Pink Fairy - Only within the starting room.
The pots, bushes and rocks will be limited.

Every enemy in KoT, the more rooms you go through, the stronger the enemies groups get.

Cursed Darknut, the among the final waves of enemies within room 20. This Darknut, gets stronger each time you get to him. After the 3 runs, his stats remain at its peek.

Like I said about the random final end enemy, they can randomly be one of these guys below.
Strong enemies will accompany them in battle, so not only it will be some what of a hardcore fight, but an
extreme challenge for the player, so those bottles better be filled and your life must be up by the time you get there.


Cursed Darknut - A mighty warrior who came back from the Ether to face anyone from the world of Light in combat.

Gnomess - A monstrous fiend who summons bats to do his bidding.

Nightmare - The nightmare, who takes the form of some of Link's most dangerous enemies, and uses their abilities in combat

Dark Link - The Darker, and more dreadful version of yourself. This time, he means business.

Ball&Chain Knight - Covered in his fine armor and wielding his ball and chain, this knight will not go down so easily.

Enraged ReDead Warrior - A warrior of olden times, who came back from the dead to ravaged anyone from the World of Light.

The Swarm - A mysterious shady being who summons multiple copies of itself to do battle, it cannot be harmed until it's puppets are destroy in combat.[

There will be a total of 20 rooms. The enemy waves will be ranked from weakest to strongest, where the last room will not only whole a lot of the strong enemies, but a boss-like version of them as well.
rooms 7,14, and the secret exit room, 21, will have great fairies that will heal you. Room 7, will contain healing fairies, however, beyond this point they can no longer be found.

How waves and rounds are determined:
Each room containing enemies will hold about 4 waves. After each wave, the round will be over, and a portal to the next room will appear.
Among the enemy waves, the types will be different. For example, the first wave in the room might be chus and octoroks, however the next time you enter, it is babas and skulltulas.

Appearance of the rooms:
The first 6 rooms are Green
The next 6 are blue, while the last 6 rooms are red.
The 3 rooms containing the fairy and the exit are yellow.

Blue Portal - Brings you to the next room.
Red Portal - Brings you back outside of the Underground.

Bonus from beating this area:
The player will acquire an enchanted element to their sword if they wish to obtain it.
First Run: Beam Sword
Second Run: +3 Dmg to Sword
Third Run: Double Defense, with a bonus spin attack move.

Energy Spin:
The player must hold their sword for a bit longer, upon release, they create a damaging whirl of energy, which can be directed towards an enemy, like the boomerang in the GBC Zelda games, but with a whirlwind type of element to it.

Similar to Cave of Ordeals, dying/losing will make you start over; go back.
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Re: [Submission] KoT Hero Mode / Forgotten Under...
« Reply #1 on: January 16, 2013, 06:40:07 am »
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This idea isn't bad itself but the rewards are out of order in my opinion. The Double Defense should honestly be the first reward. It could pass as the second, but why the third? After beating the hardest challenge in the game three times, you don't really need double defense anymore... So it becomes pointless.
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