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Author Topic: [Submission] Killer Bees  (Read 3625 times)

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[Submission] Killer Bees
« on: December 20, 2012, 12:05:00 am »
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*Art Created and posted by Eloth of Deviantart*

Venomous bees that are located nearby woodland, tree areas who can be quite dangerous if disturbed.
During the day, they will hang out near flower patches and over puddles. At night, they remain in their hive, and if toyed with, a swarm will emerge to attack you.

The honey that can sometimes be located near the hive can be placed in a bottle, but that will cause the bees who witness you do this to be angry. Bess can also attack other enemies in the woodland area, and or fields.

Their venom is capable of slowing down, poison anyone or anything in its path.
Catching a bee and keeping it in a bottle for 3-4 minutes will make it friendly, and will aid you in a fight.
Afterwards it can go away and or be caught again. Once a bee is friendly, it will be a high-value target to other bees, and as for enemies they will occasionally attack it if annoyed (the same they do to enemy bees.)

In-Game Description:
"Their bites and stings will make any man beg for the pain to go away."

HP: 1


Seeking - When in danger, it looks to the nearest target to attack, and if that target is gone, it will automatically go for the player, if nearby. If no enemy/player is near it, it flees the area. It is best to keep away from them if the question mark appears above it, doing so, the bee will automatically flee, so a fight will not ensue.

Bee Stings - A painful sting that slows down the player slightly away 1/4 of a heart, however, if they are in a swarm, it will rapidly take 1/4 hearts from player.

Bite - Takes away 1/4 of a heart, however, if they are in a swarm, it will rapidly take 1/4 hearts from player.

Fire, Ice, Explosions (Anything to clear them away)

Special Ability:
The Swarm - The more bees that gather to fight the player/enemy, the more damaging their attacks will become.
For example one bee deals 1/4 of damage, but if there is 4-6+ bees, the damage will increase to 2/3 to 1 whole heart.

(Alpha)Queen Bee / Golden Bee / Black and Red Bees - They randomly (Rare spawn) come out of the hive during a swarm, unlike the other bees, their attacks are buffed, and Hp will be 3-4 instead of 1. There attacks can and will poison the player where your Hp is slowly drain if stung by one.
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